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I didn’t get a lot of stitching done this week. I’m still in my whirlwind that I promise to tell you about this week. I’ve got the all-clear to talk about it but now just need a couple of pictures to tell the story. In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with a cross-stitch update and not a life update.

I worked on And God Saw. Here is where I was last week. I was bound and determined I would make some big progress on this piece during the week…NOT. I ended up plagued with counting errors and ripped out some.

…and sadly have to rip out more. UGH.

I was stitching along and thought I was far enough along the bottom but ugh. I wasn’t. I had closed up the bottom rectangle portion but I was one triangle too narrow. Thankfully I realized my error and was able to start fixing it. Then I decided to finish stitching the border triangles along the bottom to make sure everything was in place. I think I’m one stitch too wide but I’ll deal with that later and won’t be doing anymore ripping out of the borders….but, I do have to rip out everything to the left of the flower by the center flower. UGH, UGH, UGH. Wasting too much time but good to find it early.

See the portion between my fingers? All of that has to be ripped out. AHH!!

I’d like to be upset but even with that setback, I still made progress.

I’m really going to need to get going if I am going to finish that bottom section this month. Go Jo Go!!

It seems setbacks often happen to me when I’m stitching a Teresa Kogut piece. Remember all the problems I had with Come to the Garden. I just need to put on my big girl pants and plow forward. Fingers crossed everything will go more smoothly next week.

I saw that Judy at Patchwork Times is stitching this. It’s so fun to watch as she started at the top…me at the bottom.

Here is where I was on my Miriam Dowd Sampler. I am loving this one. The only thing I don’t like is that I’m using two strands of floss. I’m stitching it on 28 count linen because I want it to be really big. This is very easy stitching as the holes are easy to see and letters typically aren’t hard. The motifs are all easy too. This is my “I’m tired and really should go to bed but want to accomplish something stitch”.

I didn’t stitch a lot on it but enough that I’m making a little progress. I finished the band, added the O through T, and got the next band started. At this pace the piece will take awhile but that’s okay. I’m having fun with it.

I am stitching this with Picture This Plus Wren on 28 count linen with the called for colors.

This is where I was last week with my Stitcher’s Alphabet from The Scarlett House. I am stitching mine with the called for colors with the 40 count linen Boston from Seraphim.

My goal this week was to try to get the letters done so I could get to the good stuff. I was plagued by errors stitching the W and the Q. Seriously, my concentration is so off. How can stitching a Q or a W be problematic? It sure was. I ripped out the Q twice. Apparently, the third time was the charm.

Here is where I am now. Nope, the alphabet didn’t get done. This week it will for sure.

Part of me would love to concentrate on this and finish it this week. Part of me knows I’ll be busy and don’t want to set myself up for failure. We’ll see.

Between the new news in my life, planting flowers, and spending time with family, I don’t foresee a lot of stitching time but I’ll be thankful for whatever I get. It’s the time of year where priorities change to planting and outdoor activities. It’s all okay!! With that I’m headed out the door to go do some plant shopping. I love plant shopping so much!!

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Oh gosh, Jo! I am sure I am not the only one speculating! Looking forward to the news!
    I love your cross stitching on the high count linens and tried to participate when you did the “Blessed” stitch along. I bought the high count linen that you used, the ball point needle, the hoop, special magnifiers for my glasses. But I didn’t get very far on my cross stitching. It was not fun AT ALL. Everything was so tiny and I REALLY wanted to be stitching something with an alphabet on it (a classic type of sampler). (My husband collects samplers, believe it or not!) Seeing this one that you are working on with the lower count linen makes me want to try again. So while I was hoping to read your “reveal” post today, I am still glad you wrote this one because now I am more hopeful that I will find a linen that will make cross stitch doable for me.

    1. Back when I started cross stitching in my younger days with younger eyes, I tried 22 ct. Hardanger & never did it again. I can’t even fathom working on linen. I’m a 14 ct. Aida girl…..I can see the holes and totally enjoy stitching whether watching TV or stitching my big project on the floor frame. I don’t do samplers, but I’ve seen really nice ones charted for higher count fabrics. Might be worth a try to make it enjoyable for you again.

  2. I do love the Stitcher’s Alphabet. In fact, I love all of your progress, even if it seems so little.
    We have company in our RV – Mike’s mom and later today my dd and wife. 5 in an RV. :-) Wow. We’re here for a wedding. So, I have had little time to stitch myself. Next week tho… :-D
    Love and prayers

  3. Plant shopping is THE BEST spring activity. Have soooooo much fun! Looking forward to life news :-)

    Happy Friday Jo!!

    1. Yep, plant shopping is right up there with LQS and LNS shopping! There’s so much promise enveloped in those pots! Looking forward to seeing your goodies as well as hearing your big news. Have a fun weekend.

  4. Whatever is new in your life that we all are waiting to hear about must be something big if you are having difficulty concentrating on your stitching! I know, I know, the two may not be connected. It is good to see the progress you made on these different pieces. I hope you found the plants you needed. Hubby and I shopped today for plants too.

  5. April in Iowa

    GO JO GO!!!!

    Well, remember when i said i might like to get back into cross stitching – and you offered to meet me at your favorite shop, but i couldnt cuz my husband is newly retired/adjusting and seems i dont wander far for a while???

    Well, i finally ordered a pattern i fell in love with online. Stacy Nash’s Animal Cracker Series – Scarlett – its little and SO CUTE! Reminds me of one of my dogs. But of course, since i have been out of cross stitch for over 32 years (since i discovered quilting) i needed EVERYTHING and more! Spent my allowance for the month but im ready now! Going to stitch on 36 count linen. This is a good project to start cuz its small!

    Thank you for encouraging me to get started again!

    Love, April in Iowa

  6. Hi Jo, this is out of context, sorry. I erased before I wanted to in another post if yours. Loved your post of the “large” box, some beauties in it. Don’t feel bad about whats ahead in thise boxes. Here’s my story… i am currently just finished with ironing of 52 q’s, have been backing, batting, sewing around outside,( right sides together, turning , pinning, tying, top stitching around any/all borders, decorative stitching edge of all 52. Size range : 4 babies, 45 x 55, 21 throw sizes, ( min: 55 x 60 to 60 x 70), 15, large full spread size ( 75/85 x 90/100), 5 queens ( 100 x 110), 7 kings, (120 x 130). I sell at a local farmers market from mid June to Halloween. Rain or shine! Price range $ 24 up (baby), throws 35 to 42, fulls 55 to 68, queens t8 to 89, king 98 up. All are wash /dry, spread size. Started quilting/ selling in 1975 with best friend, ( stiil best , 50 yrs in October). The living room in my mobil home looks like a LARGE bomb went off. HAHA. I do them in stages, sew all winter, (tops) , april till ??? Tie, market all summer ( Tuesdays), keep tying, all summer, start again in October. I throw ones just for me here & there. I have mine longarmed, & I’ve signed up to rent time on lgarm locally. AND. I am sure I have more fabric than you, (in a smaller room, no less), my excuse is I’m 20 yrs older! You would be gobsmacked if you saw this room, be glad you can’t! I enjoy your posts, wush I could learn how it’s done. Not smart enough to learn , though. Off to turn some Q’s.

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