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I got in more cross-stitch time than normal this week. It’s been rainy here and that means I can’t do any of the stuff outside…although I did manage, with my son Karl’s help, to get all the mulch done outside. YAHOO!! One less thing to do once the weather clears up.

Enough of that…onto what I was stitching.

I had two planned new starts for May 1st. With the timing of the writing blog posts, it was hard to have a real start on two pieces on the same day so I’ll admit. I cheated. I started a few days ahead of time on And God Saw. Well then I loved it so much…I ended up stitching on it a second night too. It was just too tempting not to keep working on it.

I am using the called for colors and stitching it on Moon Shadow from Seraphim. So far, I love the combination. I’m trying to stitch the borders as I go to cut down on the time that I’ll get it finished in.

If you remember, this is a stitch along piece. The assignment is more or less to do a “rectangle” each month. Right now I am working on the bottom rectangle. I thought it was the biggest so why not start big…right?

I am very excited about stitching this and am happy others are joining it.

I made copies of the bottom row and put them together for a working copy.

My plan is work to try to get this assignment stitched and then set it aside until next month because I have another Teresa Kogut piece in the works too.

This is Serenity. I am using the color Sand Dunes with all of the called for colors. I had this with me the night I babysat my daughter Kalissa’s boys and her husband didn’t come home until late. That left me with extra stitching time. Here is where I was before.

Here is where I am now. I did a little more along the bottom and side borders and made a little progress on the vase of flowers. Right now it’s slow stitching with lots of color changes.

Typically I do the whole border first but this one being it’s different on the sides and bottom is easy to fudge if I’m off a stitch so for now, I’m not worrying about it too much.

Look at the pattern and look at the my stitching of the vase. I have to stitch a small butterfly image into the vase. It’s classic Teresa Kogut…Lots of detail and lots of color changes!!

I’ll be working on this as much as I can in between working on And God Saw. I love both pieces…both were 2024 Nashville Market Releases. So pretty!

The other stitch along piece was Stitcher’s Alphabet by The Scarlett House. I see several people have started. This piece is small. I started it one night when I only had a small bit of stitching time. It’s going pretty quickly though. Alphabet letters always seem fast.

This was another 2024 Nashville Market release.

Can you believe I started yet another new piece this week? Who am I? I don’t even recognize myself.

This is Miriam Dowd. It is a LONG sampler.

Seeing this picture is what got me wanting to stitch this. I think the long narrow look would make my cross stitch wall look more interesting. I love it. I will personalize it somehow to reflect me.

The most unusual thing about it…I’m stitching it on 28 count linen. I NEVER do that anymore but I wanted it to be really big and stitching with a larger count makes projects larger. Sadly, that meant using two strands of floss when I stitch…but I’m muddling through that. It’s worth it to get the look I’m going for. Happily, it’s quick stitching.

I believe you can only get this design through an Etsy shop. Here is THE LINK.

I am stitching it on Picture This Plus Wren. I happened to have one piece of 28 count linen and it was a one yard cut. The stitching is 33″ long meaning I really should have more than one yard. I only have 1 1/2″ at the top and bottom of the piece for wiggle room and framing. I decided to use the linen….stitch down to the place where it says, “This Sampler is worked by”. I will measure and count everything when I get there. Then make adjustments as to how I personalize it. I might leave off the row of numbers of put one row less of personalization. It’s an easy adjustment and in the meantime, I am using up this linen.

To make it easier to stitch, I added a piece of fabric to the top and bottom of the linen. That way I could start it closer to the edge.

Here I have the fabric laid out on the table. The sampler will be the full length of the linen. I love it!! WOW.

So…This one marked my third start in a one-week period. Oh my. I’m doing too much. I’m making a goal to stitch at least one line each week. It will likely be more…but that gives me permission to pick it up on a work night when I don’t have much stitching time. I do think it will be a stunner when it’s finished though.

A sweet blog reader sent this chart to me. It’s from Blackbird Designs. I’ve always wanted to stitch it.

I plan on stitching it after I finish the Stitcher’s Alphabet that I’m working on. So hopefully this week I’ll get some time to pull the threads and find a linen to stitch it on. I really want to stitch both of the pieces. I think the little needle/pincushion thing is so cute. It calls for 36 count but I don’t know if I have any. I might have to do some looking.

That’s the news on the cross stitch front…Oh, I am just in love with all the pieces I am stitching right now…so in love.

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. You’re a stronger person than me, Jo. I’d be completely overwhelmed if I had all these projects on the go at once! Having said that, I enjoy watching your progress on each piece each week, and I’m excited to see the Miriam Dowd sampler come together!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your week of starts! Getting started can be the hardest part. Now you have 4 projects going so you have choices for your stitching time. I find I am more productive when I have a few different projects going. Stitch on!

  3. Jo, A question…. If you are planing to leave off a couple of rows, the long sampler be shorter. But you started at the top so you should have extra fabric at the bottom. Wouldn’t it have been better to start in the middle so extra fabric would be equal on top and bottom? I will love to see this when you complete it.

    1. There are so many ways to try to think this through. I didn’t want to buy new fabric so wanted to use this piece, it will be challenging but doable. One less row really won’t change the size that much.

  4. I love all of your starts Jo. I started And God Saw as soon as it arrived from the Stitch Nookery. It’s slow going because of so many color changes but I love, love, love it! I am also working on the Summer Sweets Pinkeep. that one is almost done..Just the numbers and doodads around the robin left. And finally, I am slmost finished with Winter is Past..4 more motifs at the bottom. I know I should be finishing both of those, but And God Saw is calling me. I like having choices!!!

  5. What a great stitching week! So glad to hear about them all. You’ll settle into a good rhythm with them. That long chart looks like a doozy…will be fun to follow your progress. Thanks for sharing your fun!

  6. Oh wow! So many wonderful projects going. They all are going to be so pretty when you have them completed. I think that real long one is quite interesting and I can hardly wait until it is finished to see what you do with it.

  7. All your starts are beautiful!! I love the way you manage to work on them so each moves along. Hugs,

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