Cross Stitch Update

I was initially pretty concentrated on one piece this week. Then I got it done and floundering happened. HA!! It’s typical of me. I can concentrate on something for a bit, then once it’s done, I’m all over the place.

The piece I worked on with the goal of finishing was Summer Sweets Pinkeep. It was our stitch-along piece. I am stitching it on Vintage Country Mocha with the called-for colors. Here is where I was last week.

I ended up finishing it. I think I stitched on it for three nights to make that happen.

I was already in my basement frame shop and have a finishing idea for this. I can’t wait to show it to you. I’m hoping I can do the finishing work this weekend.

I’ve been trudging along with my next piece. It’s been slow going on this for me. I decided I need to finish the border and then I’ll have the freedom to stitch whatever I want and then…maybe then…I can get this piece going. Here is where I was last.

I ended up finishing the motif of the bottom right and then went up and started the alphabet. My goal is to try to get a little work on this to slowly keep it moving.

I pulled out Serenity by Teresa Kogut. Here is where I was last.

I am stitching this on Sand Dunes from Seraphim. I am using the called for colors. I extended the line up the right side and started stitching the hearts. This piece is giant so it’s slow going if I only work on it one evening a week like I did last week. Hmm.. I stitched more of the border along the right side and started the hearts.

I really am loving stitching on this. It’s a piece I feel like I could just keep stitching and stitching on it.

I love the colors and have to say, Teresa Kogut is a master with color selection.

I also pulled the Rabbit and the Rose. I had started this in February and then let it sit. I want to keep working on this. Here is where I was…

Here is where I am now. Not a lot more progress, but that’s okay. At least I pulled it out and that’s always a start. HA!

That’s all I have for you. The newest stitch alongs start on May 1st. I’ll be busy starting them.

If you missed them, you can find the information about And God Saw HERE.

You can find information about the Stitcher’s Alphabet HERE.

I hope you’ll consider joining the stitch alongs. I’m so excited for both of these.

Make sure to stop on Tuesday. I have a cross stitch finish to show you.

8 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I ordered the stitch along last night and got confirmation that’s it is on the way to me. Boy those girls are fast in getting orders out. Looking forward to stitching it,

  2. I’m doing some spring cleaning and organizing. I have been ordering beautiful charts and supplies and not starting—their time will soon come. I need an evening TV project!

  3. I am amazed at the way you work on so many projects at the same time. I have always done one start to finish if it is quilting, stitchery, knitting or crochet. Quilting sometimes gets set aside if a rush quilt becomes necessary but I get right back to the first on as soon as possible.

    1. Beverly I’m the same way. If I have more than one project going then it takes me too long to figure out where I was when I left off. Sometimes with a complicated quilt I will do a palate cleanser such as a placemat but then go back to it.

  4. Great work. I like all that you are working on and your finished piece. Looking forward to seeing what you have finished on Tuesday.

  5. Jo, you do such gorgeous cross stitching and have been for such a long time that I think it must make you an expert. I have what may be a stupid question, especially since I’ve done a lot of it, too, forty years ago, but more of the designs one might find from Leisure Arts in Michaels. When you are stitching a long row in a single color, such as the borders on “Serenity”, do you stitch one whole stitch at a time, or stitch half a stitch up one side, then come back down to complete the row? The result is the same; I’m wondering if the technique makes a difference somehow.

    1. I always do one stitch at a time. I use variegated floss regularly and the it will keep the variegation if done one stitch at a time.

      1. Variegated floss never occurred to me, but I can see how it would be a great way to add interest to a project – most of the designs I’ve stitched have been with solid colors. I’m going to have to branch out and try some more involved designs. Thanks for the quick response, Jo. :-)

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