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I didn’t get much stitching time this week. I had family here. Then after they left, I was playing catch up on both the house and the blog.

My goal for the week was to stitch the personalization of Though He Seemeth Sleeping. I did that over the course of two evenings. I changed up the colors from the called for and stitched my name and town instead of what was charted. It’s finished now. WHEW.

I always struggle with how to put my name on things. My real name is Jeanne…everyone knows me as Jo. That’s why the Jo is in the reddish color. I didn’t want my age on the sampler so put the town I live in and the year is stitched one over one.

I’m very pleased with this piece and already went to my frame shop in the basement and picked out something I like. Next up is to frame it.

The next piece I worked on and actually worked on a lot was my Summer Sweets Pinkeep. Here is where I was last week. I want to get this done in April before the new stitch-along starts. You can read more about that HERE. That’s the big one. I’m guessing Liz and I will have a small stitch along piece to announce soon as well.

I had a miserable time with this piece over the week…miserable. The previous week I had the feet of the bird stitched and started going up the right side of the bird along his breast. I got to his head, ran out of thread, and then went back near his bottom to start filling it all in. I was over half done stitching his breast. Then I went back and started stitching the head. I had the head stitched and started filling in the breast from the head down to where I had come up from the feet. AHHH! The stitches didn’t match. Somehow I had gotten to the middle and was one stitch off when trying to connect the bottom half of the breast to the top half. I could have cried. 99% of the time I fix my mistakes before I go to bed that night. This time, I did not. I was so angry and wasn’t sure how to rip it out.

I let it sit for a couple of nights…then picked it up again. I had decided that rather than rip out the entire bird, I would rip out the stitching from the top of his legs to the upper half that I already had stitched. I would stitch from the top down to the legs and if I was off a thread then, which I was almost positive I would be, I would fudge the stitching at the joining of the the single stitch area of the legs to the thigh of the bird.

It took over an hour to just rip it out…then I was back to stitching. UGH. So…the bird would have been finished if my stitching wouldn’t have been so far off.

This is one of those times I am so happy to be stitching with you. Hosting a stitch-along really keeps me accountable. It would have been so easy to toss this aside and not finish it. But, now I’m on the right track and can start stitching away away again.

I pulled this out and stitched a bit when the grandkids were here. Here is where I was last week.

I only added a few more rows. It’s Maggie Mae from Stacy Nash. This is so fun to stitch.

This piece has captured my heart. It makes me miss the days when I stitch and didn’t have so many projects going on all at once. I’d love to stitch only this for an entire month and see how far I got. It’s so pretty.

This is Serenity by Teresa Kogut. I’m stitching mine with the called for colors on a linen called Sand Dune from Serraphim. This is where I was…

This is where I got after one evening (a short one) of stitching. I think I am going to continue up the right side and then go back and put the bones in of the sections. That way I’ll be able to go and stitch anything on the sampler that I want. That makes me giddy!! HA!

Some people hate stitching borders…not me. I love it. The repetitiveness of it calms me. That bottom border, that won’t calm me though. There is a pattern that can be memorized with it. And there is color change after color change. UGH…but it’s so pretty when it’s finished.

Right now I am very pleased with all the pieces I am stitching on. Sometimes I get a piece I don’t like the best and I am pressed to finish it…but not know!! They are all good ones!!

That’s what is happening in my cross stitch world. My Pet all the Dogs piece is fully finished…I’ll be showing it off soon. How is your stitching coming along? Working on anything fun?

17 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I’m a broken record. I’m still trying to finish Land That I Love. Still hoping for a pre July 4 finish. I have one other sampler with a spit of stitches in it.
    I was hoping to get a summer small going, buuut. This is why I try to not have to many things started. Nothing ends up finished. I am still hand quilting a quilt. Is fun, but I likely wouldn’t do such a big one again. I finished a small pair of socks for my youngest granddaughter. That’s about it on the creative front. I’ve been following along on all your posts and have been praying. Blessings!

    1. I’m ready to start Serenity but I need the linen. I’m going to The Stitchery Nook tomorrow to get it and just a few of the flosses. Can’t wait!

      1. Carrie…I’d love to meet a blog reader. Next time let me know when you’re coming or better yet, come to a retreat!!

  2. I bought the Summer Sweets Pinkeep pattern a few months back and have it finished stitching. I did mine on Aida. I love the piece and now have to learn the sewing into a little pillow part. Love your bunny Stacy Nash piece! I have been looking at getting her little mouse pattern like that. And you are also making me want to do Though He Seemeth Sleeping. Yours is gorgeous! I LOVE the words on that, but the many color changes seem daunting to me. Maybe I should just jump in and start it. I have been working on Plum Street Samplers piece, This Is The Day! I really love the Bible verse. Have a great weekend, Jo! ♥️

  3. I always look forward to your Cross Stitch update posts Jo. I’m never disappointed whether it’s lots of stitching progress or just a little (which usualy ooks like a lot to me). I love hearing about your “boo-boos”. It keeps it real. I am working on Summer Sweets it. But them my And God Saw kit arrived and I had to jump in. I kind of like having several projects going. Smalls mixed with larger projects assures some finishes. Love your blog, Jo. Sending best wishes.

  4. Gosh, your ‘little’ bit of stitching was a lot! I know it’s not a race, just saying. I finished Summer Sweets and then decided to try to finish my birthday start from last year, the Humble Sampler by Mojo Stitches. It’s not that big but lots of color changes. Trying to finish by next week when I have my next birthday start….thinking of doing the Garden Series by Blackbird. I don’t really need another big girl but it’s so pretty and spring is the start of garden season soooooo….we’ll see!

  5. So many inspiring things here! I think I’m going to love watching that Serenity piece grow. I like everything about it except maybe the two large hearts at the top. One of the things I love best about Though He Seemeth Sleeping is the different letter styles—which you used beautifully in your name/city! Another great Friday stitch blog, Jo! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I love your “Though He Seemeth Sleeping”. The colors are so restful to me. I haven’t picked up any stitching since December. My mother passed away in February and have been dealing with clearing out the house. But now I am back in TX maybe I can get back at it.

  7. Like someone above stated, your little bit of stitching seems like lots to me. Each piece is so unique and pretty. I like how you personalized Though He Seemeth Sleeping. I am looking forward to seeing it in the frame you have. You are still in my prayers – have a great weekend!

  8. Jo, you actually got a lot of stitching done this week. You stated the name for the linen you used for Serenity but waht count did you use. I assume 40ct?

  9. I love the “Though He seemeth sleeping” pattern. I’ve got enough to do on the cross stitch front really, but I would love to get that one somehow(I’m in Australia). I’ll have to look around for it. Thanks for sharing your progress, it’s nice to see how you’re going.

  10. Patrice Vincent

    Hello Jo,
    I’m new to your creative party! I love it and can’t imagine all I’ve missed.
    I am praying for your cancer treatments to succeed in keeping it at bay. You are an inspiration on how to forge ahead while dealing with cancer.
    I am 76 and have sewn since I was very young learning from my Mom. I am one of three daughters and she made all our gorgeous Sunday dresses.
    I have stitched since 1974 when I learned from a neighbor.
    I made my first two quilts when my first and second of thirteen grandchildren were born.
    Today I watched your three episodes of Piccadilly Circus from awhile ago, maybe 2018. The last grandchild quilt in 2022 was Elizabeth Hartman’s Fancy Forest. It is a huge quilt. I can’t even guess how many triangle sets I saved as I hated to waste them. If I had only known your sewing trick for the bonus HSTs! See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!
    Yours is my first blog and my first comment. You are great!

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