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WOW…I have lots to share with you this week in the cross-stitch department. I was at the retreat last weekend and that gave me lots of stitching time. Oh, I wish I could accomplish so much every week. HA!! I’m thankful I get retreats…not only for the friends and fun but also for the stitching progress.

Here is where I was last week with Though He Seemeth Sleeping. My goal was to try to get everything done except the personalization while I was at the retreat…and I did!! Here is where I was last week. I needed to finish the row of leaves and then stitch the motifs at the bottom.

It took me much of Thursday to stitch the row of leaves. By the time I was finishing it up, I wasn’t really following the color chart. I stitched a leaf in a color from the called for colors that I thought would look good. The dark blue leaves didn’t fit in the best to my eye…there was a limey green that I didn’t like. I just picked a different color instead.

It wasn’t really that stitching a leaf took a long time, it was all of the time that it took to change thread colors that made stitching the band take so long. Once it was finished, I cruised through the motifs. By this point I didn’t care much if I changed colors on stuff or not. The middle row of fruit in the berry basket were supposed to be white. NOPE. I didn’t like it. I changed it to Tiny Vine.

Here is how it looks now. My goals this week is to get the personalization charted and stitched. It should not take too long. I am not putting the name of the little girl who originally designed it on the piece. I’m putting my name. I will credit her on the back of the piece.

I am stitching this on 40 linen from Needle and Flax. It’s called Sleeping Bear. I love it!! I am using a variety of called for colors with random substitutions. I’m excited to have this one on my wall.

I put quite a few stitches into Maggie Mae from Stacy Nash. Here is where I was last week….

I pulled this out in the late afternoon on Friday. I wanted to outline a little more so I could do some easy fill in work while we watched the Iowa Women play basketball. Here I was ready to stitch!!

Here is my progress on it.

I am LOVING this project. I swear if gets cuter with every stitch. I could easily sit down and stitch on it until it was done. It’s so stinking cute…but once it’s done, I’ll have to figure out how to finish it and admittedly, that makes me a little nervous. But that isn’t going to stop me. I’ll likely slow a bit on it though because I want to have a fill-in piece…but then again, I did buy the companion piece. Hmm.

I brought Crowns and Thorns with me to the retreat. I had planned on stitching it but it was a project that wasn’t good for a retreat. There was a lot of counting and recounting to do. I pulled it out but didn’t do a lot. Here is where I was last time you saw it.

I ended up finishing a couple of motifs that were started and then once I was home, I was determined to pull it out an extra night so it would get a little more progress. Here is where I am now.

I am stitching the big long piece on the left but I am using the colors of the piece on the right. I think I’ll likely revert back and use more of the blackish color.

I plan to try to stitch on this one at least once a week. It’s my next big project that is closest to a finish. It was my New Year New Start piece. I always want to have a Blackbird Designs piece going and right now, this one is it.

I have been feeling terrible because I am hosting the Summer Seeds Pinkeep stitch along…yet I hadn’t started. Here is where I was last week…kitted but ZERO progress. Barb my tablemate at the retreat is doing the stitch along and she didn’t have stitches in hers either. We both started ours when we were there. You can find out ordering information HERE.

I am doing the called for linen, Vintage Country Mocha, in 40 count with the called for flosses. Here is how far I got. Not too far…but a start is a start. The chart is from Scattered Seeds Samplers. What I have done so far is incredibly cute!!

The other start I did was on Serenity by Teresa Kogut. Oh, I love this piece. I am super excited for it!!

I am doing mine on a color that looks much like the cover photo, Sand Dunes by Serraphim. I’m using 40 count linen with the called for colors.

I only made a small start. I wanted to see the color together….SO PRETTY. You can find the chart HERE.

I love this SO MUCH!! I did have a mix up with floss colors. I needed Tarragon and accidentally pulled Terrapin. I’m on the right road now and that’s good. This border is going to be slow stitching because of all the color changes. I know from experience that Teresa Kogut does so many color changes and the work that I put into it is TOTALLY worth the pain in the butt color changes. I can’t wait to see this one finished. I started mine on the lower left.

When I was at the retreat another gal was stitching this same piece. You can see hers behind mine. She is stitching with the called-for linen…I am not. Hers is much darker. At first, I kind of second-guessed my choice and later after starting decided I was happy with my linen color. We’ll see once they are all done.

Seeing different things is another reason going to retreats is so fun.

After I got home from the retreat I was in a bit of a tailspin trying to figure out what to work on. For now, until I finish my Thought He Seemeth Sleeping, I’m not going to worry too much about anything else…that is besides finishing my Chubby Bird and Chubby Bunny pieces. That all was a bit of a problem. I was VERY worried about my Chubby Bird. Let me explain. Remember I showed it to you and it was stitched this far along?

I had thought it was finished but then after taking a picture, I realized that I didn’t have the acorns finished. Well about then is when my pattern and the stitched piece completely disappeared. I was so worried. After all…I am hosting a stitch-along!! I can’t lose the piece. On top of that, I gifted the printed patterns to my daughter Kelli. I looked EVERYWHERE for them.

Kelli had been over and I called her to see if she accidentally took the stitched piece with her. She hadn’t. I had looked for two weeks for it. UGH. I was so mad I was to the point that I figured I needed to order another pattern and restitch it…UGH. I didn’t want to spend the money or the time to restitch it. I was also VERY embarrassed to say anything to all of you.

So, I decided I would leave it and worry about it after the retreat.

So that Sunday after the retreat, I went up to the sewing room to get my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks done, and look what I saw?? See that plastic pouch? It’s the project!!! Glory be!!

I was bound and determined that I would finish the stitching that night. So I sat down only realize that the linen was now too small to fit into my hoop. UGH. I had stitched the Chubby Bunny and the Chubby Bird on the same piece of linen. I stitch them close together. Then I cut the linen off with Chubby Bunny and now…the linen for Chubby Bird was small. So…what’s a girl to do?? I ended up having to stitch with no hoop.

I can do but I don’t love it and I get a terrible cramp in my thumb when I do. That’s why I’m a hoop stitcher. Anyway…I now know I can’t finish it into a strawberry as I intended. BUMMER. I’ll figure something else out.

But…it’s finished. Whew!

It looks so much better with the finished acorns. I’ll have to figure out how I’m fully finishing this. At this point, I’m not too sure. I am so glad I found it and the stitching is finished though…Oh, I was frustrated when I thought it was lost.

I will hopefully finish it ASAP so I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

That’s what happened around here in the stitching department. WOW…what a fun post to write. I love progress posts and this one was FULL of it!

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Impressive Jo! Chubby bird is so cute! What a relief for you to locate. One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is that you are here in all your realness – not afraid to admit something was misplaced, done incorrectly, etc. it’s refreshing in a world where many only show “perfect”. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful work Jo! I have one question. The lady who’s also stitching Serenity has a wood frame with colored plastic things around the edge of the frame. What are those for? I’ve never seen them before.

    1. These are magnetic fabric clips that are used to hold fabric in place on each side of a hoop. Reviews haven’t been high though as the magnets are weak.

  3. I love all of your projects Jo. I am currently working on the Summer Seeds Pinkeep. So cute. Mary, I think the colored plastic things you are referring to are cord keepers. I bought this pack on Amazon.(Fironst Cord Keeper, 7 Pack Reusable Silicone Magnetic Cable Ties/Magnetic Twist Ties for Bundling and Organizing, Holding Stuff, Book Markers,). I also like Thread Spool Saver Peels also available on Amazon.
    Thanks for keeping things real Jo!!!

  4. What fun! Love seeing all your progress. I also love hearing your ‘reality’ show dramas, you can’t make this stuff up! Don’t worry about Summer Sweets; you have so many SALs going and doing a great job leading. I never did start Chubby Bird but may have to after seeing your finish. I did start Summer Sweets and couldn’t put it down…so cute. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Wow! All the work you accomplished, and it all looks beautiful!
    I have a question you touch on here. What is “the thinking” on not stitching a chart as is, especially the vintage ones where the stitcher’s full name is there. I liked your solution to put it on the back.

  6. So much progress! It has to be a wonderful time to go somewhere with others and stitch and stitch, or shop and stitch some more. I always have wanted to go to a quilting retreat for that reason. All your pieces are looking so good. It will be fun to see how you finish the chubby bird.

  7. beth A Jadwisiak

    Great progress. Glad you had fun at the retreat. As for Chubby Bunny and Chubby Bird, why not make them into little pillows, whether they be round, oval or square, they would be cute in your dough bowls. Good Luck and anxious to see what you do with them.

  8. Awesome progress Jo! I love all your stitching. I’m heading to the Stitch North retreat in Brampton, ON Canada, next week Apr19-21. It’s my first retreat and I’m really looking forward to it. (I live an hour away). I am also starting Serenity. I must say I went into shock when I saw how huge it is. I’m doing it on 40 ct but I haven’t decided which one yet. I preordered 2 linens to pick up at the retreat, fingers crossed one will work. I also want to start Christmas Garden. I had to try it once I saw yours. You are so inspiring.

    1. Hi Barb…Stitch North sounds so fun. I hope you meet all sorts of people, don’t gain too much weight from all the snacks and eating out, get some stitching home, and have enough space to take home all the goodies you buy!!

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