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I am having just a small update for you today. I wrote this post on Wednesday before I packed up and headed to the cross stitch retreat at the Stitchery Nook in Osage. I’ll be spending the weekend there having fun. I’m so excited.

Over the weekend I did a bunch of finishing of projects that I had here waiting to be fully finished. You’ll see those finished in the upcoming weeks. That sucked up some of my sewing and some of my cross stitch time.

I had a lot of family in and out over the weekend so I needed something to stitch on while we visited that didn’t need a lot of concentration. I ended up picking God She His Grace from Asbery Echoes Stitches. You can find the patterns on Etsy HERE.

I ended up finishing it.

I did it over two sessions of stitching. I think it’s so cute. I plan to get another pattern from Rhonda, the designer. I love her little charts. They make sure are good pieces to fill my dough bowl. I need some projects for Spring and Patriotic.

I also did a tiny bit of stitching on Though He Seemeth Sleeping. This is from Lucy Beam.

I only put in one short night of stitching. I am working on getting the band of leaves finished.

I am stitching this on 40 count Sleeping Beat linen from Needle and Flax. I am using a variety of the called for colors. Here is where I am now. I’m planning on taking this to the retreat and putting a few stitches in it. The plan is to for sure finish this in April.

It’s been getting home later and later every work day. It’s okay but it eats up some of my evening time. I’ve also been trying write a few blog posts ahead so there is something for you to read while I’m gone. That has left little stitching time in the evening. One night I only had about 20 minutes so I pulled this out. It’s Maggie Mae from Stacy Nash’s Animal Crackers series. It’s incredibly cute. I’ve seen several people have finished this already. I know Cathy from Sew and Sews has (she’s on Flosstube). Here is where I was…

I stitched a little bit….just a thread lengths worth but that’s helpful. Next time I sit down I can stitch with less counting.

I also pulled out our stitch along piece. I got my threads all ready and packaged up. I plan to take this to the retreat. This is Summer Sweets Pinkeep from Scattered Seeds Samplers. I have loved this piece ever since it came out for market last year. I’ve patiently waited all year to stitch this. MANY times I thought to cancel it from the stitch along list and stitch it all without you…but I was a good girl and waited.

I was supposed to start on April 1st but it didn’t happen. I’ll start it at the retreat.

I also pull Serenity from Teresa Kogut. I plan to start this at the retreat I think. Plan on seeing this one in my rotation for the next few months. She’s a big piece. I wanted something new to take to the retreat to give me a variety of options to stitch on.

I have all the called-for colors pulled and will be stitching it on 40 count Sand Dunes from Serraphim. I spent some time getting the floss all ready and into a project bag to take.

I have seen many people start this and have heard it was the favorite from Nashville Needlework Market. All I know if that I loved it from the very first time I saw it. I loved the alphabet and the sentiment of the word serenity. SO PRETTY.

I’ve said before that I like to have a Teresa Kogut piece in the works and right now, since I finished Pet All the Dogs, I don’t have one. I have three others of hers I for sure want to stitch so I better get going.

Rarely do I ever stitch something when it’s popular…this time I’m jumping in.

I am also taking my Crowns and Shields piece along to the retreat.

I really need to get working on this. It fell off the rotation when I pushed to finish Pet All The Dogs. Then I had a floundering week or two with not much stitching time. I’m going to get back to it while I’m at the retreat. Even if I only stitch a motif or two, that’s okay. I just want to do something to keep the project moving along.

That’s five projects I am going to take. That will give me plenty to do. I’m so excited about the retreat. I’ve been talking to a couple of the people who have gone before who are coming again this time. I can’t wait to touch base with everyone again. Let the fun begin!!

Leave a comment and let me know which project you think I should put the most time into!!

10 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I planned on being there, but we have the flu here, so no go. Hope we can connect sometime. I have the Summer Sweets project myself and love it! That Serenity piece…cannot wait to see that when you get it started! Have a great time! I’ll be with you in spirit.

  2. Wow! What beautiful pieces. If it were me, I would put my time between Serenity and Thought he seemeth sleeping. Have fun at the retreat!!

  3. Since I stitched a piece very similar to Serenity back in the early 1980’s, I’ll vote for Serenity. Mine is just very beautiful and I know you will love yours too. Have fun.

  4. Have a great time at the retreat! You deserve some play time. Since Though He Seemith Sleeping I probably the closest to being finishes I think you could concentrate on that and then getting a good start on Serenity would be nice. Most importantly concentrate on having a good time!

  5. I hope you are having a great time at retreat! I would love to see your start on Serenity. I am thinking of purchasing the chart. Right now, I’m working on The Smith Sampler by The Scarlett House. Enjoy yourself. P.S. We just experienced an earthquake in my area (New Jersey)…crazy when everything shook!

  6. This is my first visit. Your blog came up in my Google News feed. It’s very pleasant news and good reading. I look forward to more. Enjoy your retreat!

  7. Hope you’re feeling good and have a productive, fun time at the retreat, Jo! After twenty years of neglecting my cross-stitching, I am back at it and that’s all because of your “update” posts. Thank you for that! Just ordered “Though He Seemeth Sleeping” and I can’t wait to get it. There are plenty of sampler kits/patterns in my cross-stitch stash, but I could not pass up this one.

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