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I got quite a bit of cross stitch done this week. I still haven’t been feeling the best. Food and my mouth plague me…the itching is still hard to deal with too but, it’s some better and I’m taking that as a win. I’ve been doing a little more couch sitting (cross stitching and watching television) after supper.

My first project to work on this week was Pet All the Dogs by Teresa Kogut. I stitched (notice the past tense of the word) this on the 40 count linen Boston from Seraphim. I used (again, past tense of the word) all of the called for colors. With all the past tense word usage when writing this, you may have guessed that I finished this over the week…I DID!!

On my first night of stitching I filled in the trees and started the motifs between the two trees.

The next night I finished those and started working on the row of dogs and hearts.

The next night I finished all the dogs and went back and did the details on them. The hearts and the dogs have half stitches in them. Oh my. They took longer than I thought but they are done…

…and I am doing the happy dance. This project was never exactly put away…but is was a S-L-O-W stitch. Very slow stitch. I think I started this a year ago…maybe more. I know I was stitching on the border when at the cross stitch retreat last July. That’s okay. For a long time, this was my project I would pick up and do fill-in work on. Right now, I am looking for a new fill-in piece. I am going to put a note on the back of it that says this goes to my granddaughter Lucy when I pass away. She put stitches into this with me and I smile every time I remember her saying, “We aren’t done with the house yet”.

AH…another one finished. Now, which Teresa Kogut piece do I start? There are so many I want to stitch. I found a vintage frame and this one is off at the framers to get some glass cut. YAHOO!!

Being I put so much time into that, I didn’t have much time for Though He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam. I’m stitching this on 40 count linen from Needle and Flax in the color Sleeping Bear. I love it. I am using a variety of called for colors.

Here is where I was last week.

This week I finished the border…I started on a couple of the motifs at the bottom too. If I got serious about this, I could maybe finish it the week. We’ll see. I wouldn’t get much finished on anything else though.

We’ll see what happens. It might be two weeks before I can finish it…but it’s close. I am trying not start anything new until this is finished.

I think I am going to personalize this with my own name but haven’t yet decided on the exact wording.

I missed my Valentine stitching on the 14th but didn’t want to miss it for the month of March so I pulled out my Forever Thine piece. Here is where I was when I last showed it in January when I first started.

Here it is in February…

and now here in March. I’ll be finished in about a half an hour of stitching so I think I’m going to just finish it before the 14th of April so I can start a new project.

A blog reader sent this chart to me. Thank you so much. I’ve had fun stitching this. If I forgot to say, I’m stitching the strawberry.

I put ZERO stitches into the stitch along Chubby Bird. I’m hoping to give it some attention this week. I really wanted to get my Pet All The Dogs finished. I was so close…so it’s okay that I left some of the other projects behind. I am in a “get it done” mode. I love working on several different projects for a while and then I get to a point where I want it all DONE. So this time, I went with the feeling.

I’m a little worried that I might end up doing that this week with one of the projects too. Stay tuned. I’ll post again next week and let you know what happened in my stitching life.

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Martha W in WY

    WOW! You’ve gotten a lot of stitching in this week. While on vacation I got Chubby Bird done. Also, a couple of smalls. I’m closing in on finishing Let Heven and Nature Sing. I got off center a little and was discussed with it do it sat for 3 months or so. I did the best I could at making it look better. The racoon color I didn’t like (just like you) so w I waited till I found some grays that I liked. I should be able to finish it by the end of next week.
    I just need to focus on that one.

  2. Beautiful work – Especially Pet All The Dogs – I’ve been wanting to do that one forever!
    Love and prayers

  3. What a beautiful finish, Jo! And I love the idea of your granddaughter, Lucy working on it with you and eventually being the recipient of it. What a treasured memory!

  4. Love Love Love Pet All the Dogs. Beautiful finish Jo. I am also slowly working on it. I have also been working on BBD The Winter is Past and am very close to a finish so I will concentrate on that. I received The Early Bird kit and started it. So so cute. I haven’t had a small to stitch on recently so happy to get going on this one. I haven’t been able to read yesterday’s post regarding your cancer update. It’s all jumbly….wonder if others had this problem. I’ll keep checking as in the past when this has happened, it usually clears up in a couple of days. Wishing you the best!!!!

  5. Congratulations on completing “Pet All the Dogs”. It looks great. You’ve made a lot of progress on the other pieces, too, so you must be feeling good about that. Keep on stitching!

  6. Judith Fairchild

    That’s a beautiful thought and stitching.
    It’s so much fun to have granddaughters that enjoy doing the things you like to do. Bothy granddaughters like to sew. They also like to cook. Which makes me happy.

  7. Jo, love that you finished Pet All Dogs! I just got my SAL chart and thread in the mail yesterday! I am excited to do this one on linen. I’ve yet to try linen! Oh FYI couldn’t read Update on Cancer, it was garbled!

  8. Jo, love that you finished Pet All Dogs! I just got my SAL chart and thread in the mail yesterday! I am excited to do this one on linen. I’ve yet to try linen! Oh FYI couldn’t read Update on Cancer, it was garbled!

  9. Jo, Pet All The Dogs is so pretty! I thought about that one but have too many projects and not enough time. I just finished Dancer by Barbra Ana Designs. The little doodad things near the bottom don’t show up too well but I had too much done to change the colors. Take care of yourself. You’re always in my prayers.

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