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Cross-stitching hasn’t happened here much for me this week. I have gone to bed early to get to early morning appointments for my cancer treatment. In the evenings I’ve had lots of phone calls and have been trying to get things done around here in case everything goes well and I can be treated which means I’ll be in the hospital. Good news…as you’re reading this, I am either on my way or in the hospital.

I started out working on my Crowns and Shields piece from Blackbird Designs. I started this as my New Year, New Start. I’m stitching this and will be putting all of my grandkids’ initials on it. I am only stitching on this as their birthdays come around. This week I am stitching for Gannon, my daughter Kalissa’s middle boy.

Gannon has long since had a piece of my heart even though he is only five. As a tiny baby, he was a big support to me when my husband passed away. When the days got to be too much, it was easy to grab him and go sit in the rocking chair. I’ve loved stitching on this as their birthdays land. It gives me time to reflect on them individually and appreciate them.

I am stitching the version you see at the top of the book…but I am using the colors that were called for to stitch the drum. I think later I will stitch the drum and put my kids’ initials on that.

I was happy this week because I finally figured out what linen this is that I’m using. It’s 40 count Vintage Pearl Barley from Lakeside Linen. Oh, it’s nice linen. I love the color. I thought I had lost the name of the linen but I found it and that makes me so happy. Now I can maybe buy it again if I ever find any. It’s an illusive fabric.

I stitched the numbers across the top and extended the top outer border. Then I started in on some motif stitching. I love motif stitching like this. It’s a favorite of mine. Here is where I am now…

I will be stitching on this next week too because it is Georgia’s birthday on the 4th…and I’ll be stitching it again at the end of the month for Lilly’s birthday. There are LOTS of birthdays packed in right now as Eli and Emmett’s birthdays are April 11th. Oh my! By mid-April I likely need to have about half of this finished!! I better get stitching!!

I put some stitches into Pet All the Dogs by Teresa Kogut. I took this with me as I traveled back and forth to Mayo Clinic this week. I didn’t get a lot done as my wait time in the waiting room was minimal. In fact, I was a little disappointed. I had worked to get the tree outlined so I could stitch in the waiting room. Sunday I got in about 8 stitches before I was called back. On Monday I got in about eight stitches again. Tuesday I got only three. Wednesday…only one single stitch. I ended up stitching a little one evening though but not much. HA!! Oh well…

I am stitching this on 40 count Boston from Serraphim. I am using the called for colors. I am really hoping to finish this soon. Here is where I was last week.

Here is where I am this week…again, not a lot of progress.

I’m so glad I stitched this piece.

The 25th landed during this stitching cycle so that means I should start something Christmas. Last month I didn’t start anything for two reasons…one I was waiting for a floss to arrive and two…I had just finished Christmas Garden and was a little tired of Christmas stitching. This time, I jumped in and started this…

It is called Merry Christmas by Blackbird Designs. It can be found in the Peppermint and Holly book.

My daughter Kelli bought this book for me for my birthday. It was the perfect present. There are a couple of projects I’d happily stitch in the book.

I only stitched on it one night and only for about a half hour.

I pulled out my Though He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam and stitch on it one night. Again it was a night I had to be up and out the door shortly before 6am the next morning so I went to bed early. I only made progress stitching the border more.

What a boring update for all of you to read. I made very little progress all the way around.

I’m hoping next week’s report is much better. I should have plenty of hospital stitching time…sadly, it won’t be on any of these projects. That’s okay. I have other projects I want to stitch too!!

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Any progress, no matter how small, is still progress. With all that you’ve had going on this week, I’m amazed you managed to get any done! I’m glad you’ve got cross stitch to fill your time with this weekend, and I hope the food situation has improved since last time you were there. Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. Praying for you – for travels, treatment, peace, patience and that the time in hospital will speed by.

  3. With so much running this week, it’s impressive you even touched a needle and thread. Sending thoughts your way as you prepare to spend the weekend in the hospital. May the time pass quickly and may the treatment be successful!

  4. I just love seeing what you’re working on, never mind whether lots of progress! You do such beautiful work! Besides progress is still progress! I’m so glad you have this hobby to take to the hospital with you. I’ll be thinking about you this weekend and praying your treatment is successful.

  5. Considering everything else going on this week, you got a lot done. Be gracious to yourself. Praying that all goes as well as possible during your hospital stay, and your projects that you bring along give you something to keep your mind occupied. Praying for peace and grace to surround you.

  6. Debra Broyles

    Praying for your during your hospital stay. I hope you gets lots of stitching done. Time to relax and rest. So looking forward to when you get home. Want to hear about your overnight adventures. God bless you Jo and family.

  7. I’ll just say a big Amen to what everyone else has said. We all love you and will be keeping you in our prayers.

  8. Good morning, Jo
    I’m sending healing vibes your way as you take on this next challenge. I am not a cross stitch person, but I always enjoy seeing your progress on various projects. Your way of motivating yourself by setting goals and deadlines is always an inspiration to others. Keep on being you!! We all love it!!

  9. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way. As a cross-stitcher, I know that cross-stitching in the hospital will be comforting and help you to pass the time. Saying a prayer that all goes well, and the treatment is very successful.

  10. Your stitching update is much better than mine. I haven’t touched it in a week and a half. The two pieces I am working on, I missed a stitch on both so now I’m having to adjust the design. That’s put me in a mood not wanting to work on them. But I will get back at it, I hope soon.
    Keeping you in thoughts and prayers on your health journeys.

  11. It is amazing you were able to get any stitching done, so it is fun to see your progress no matter how small. Praying all is going as planned.

  12. You are on our minds and in our prayers, Jo. May God bless you with good days this week. I’ve been trying to get a piece of that pearled barley from Lakeside Linen for a year. Elusive is a great word for it, LOL. If you ever find any, please post it somewhere. ~Suzanne

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