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I thought I wouldn’t get much stitching time in this week because I had company coming for the weekend but I managed to still get quite a bit in. On Sunday after the dust cleared and the house was mostly back in order, I decided to heck with it and sat down and stitched for a couple of hours. I normally don’t do that…but I had discovered the facial acne from my cancer treatment had shown up…was feeling a little bummed so I drowned my sorrow in stitching.

That was a good thing because it totally got me out of the funk. There are better things to do and immerse myself in than cancer and self pity so cross stitch was just the ticket. I am so thankful for the hobby as it’s pulled me out of my funk more than once and I imagine, it will be there again, and again and again. I’m so thankful for that.

But enough doom and gloom…I have happy news because I did accomplish enough to be really excited about it.

I got a little help on my Pet all the Dogs sampler from Teresa Kogut. Lilly on the left was really into it. Georgia on the right took a few stitches too. Lilly kept asking me if she could look at the “map” to see what we were going to stitch next. The “map” meant the cover photo. It really made me smile.

What made me smile even bigger was when my granddaughter Lucy said, “Are ‘WE’ done with the house yet?” I didn’t get a picture of Lucy helping me this time around but in the past, it’s been her who has sat by me wanting to help me stitch. When she was helping, we were working on the house. I just loved that she said “we” and took some ownership of the stitching. I have to admit, it made me tear up a bit.

Lucy is my crafty girl and I sure hope I live long enough to teach her how to stitch on her own. I’m hoping maybe this summer. She’s six and I was five when I started embroidery. I am going to be on the hunt for something with aida cloth and a kid-friendly design.

So how did I do on Pet All the Dogs…Great!

Here is where I was last week…

My goal last week was to fill in the remaining work along the bottom right border. I also wanted to start to get some landmark work done on the right-hand side of the house.

Here’s how far I got…YAHOO!!

I was SO tempted to just stitch on this until it finished. I really could have but I didn’ least not this week. If it’s not done by the time I get out of the hospital, I think I’m just going to sit and stitch until it’s finished. I’m so excited about it now. I worked to make an outline of the trees so I could use this as fill work as I travel back and forth next week to appointments. Once I get to a waiting room, I am popping this out and putting in a few stitches. It’s great to have something to look forward to.

I am stitching this on a Serraphim linen called Boston. I am using all of the called for colors. I’ve had some people who are also stitching this ask me about the trees. As they are stitching they have said that the contrast design doesn’t show up as the two tree colors don’t have enough contrast. I stitch the called for colors and feel very comfortable that the contrast shows. When I’m in the middle of stitching I also think it’s not going to show up but once it’s stitched, it looks great!

Soon and very soon, this one is going to be done. I can’t wait!!

I also stitched on Crowns and Thorns from Blackbird Designs. This is the piece I am stitching for my grandkids. I stitch on it each month as my grandkids’ birthdays come around. This month I need to do some stitching for Gannon. He has a birthday is this coming weekend. Here is where I was last month after Jasper’s birthday.

I picked this up as I was very pooped and needed some easy stitching. I just worked on the border that night. It’s a simple zig zag pattern and didn’t need much concentration at all.

It wasn’t much but perfect for some simple stitching when I was tired. I’m hoping to get a few motifs stitched this week so I can keep up.

I also stitched on The Rabbit and the Rose from With Thy Needle and Thread. Here is where I was last week.

I only stitched on this for one short night of stitching. I was too excited to be stitching Pet All the Dogs and didn’t pick it up.

I only extended some leaves and started on the rabbit. I wanted to start to see some of the pretty colors so I would get excited about it.

I’m so excited about Pet All the Dogs right now so I’m guessing this one might only get one night of stitching again this week. I want to keep making progress but there are so many things to stitch!! AHH!! It’s a hard balancing act for me. HA!

I put two nights of stitching into Though He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam. I am stitching this on Sleeping Bear linen from Needle and Flax. I am using a variety of called for colors. Here is where I was last week.

I made some progress…I finished the rust-colored band and started stitching more alphabets. Every time I started stitching a row, I stitched until I got to the color of floss of the “G” and “H” at the top of the sampler and stopped. I don’t love the color and need to take some time and find something that would work better.

I also brought the side borders down a bit. Once I get these alphabet rows finished, I’ll be to the leaf band. I think that is half way. This is stitching up quickly. The sampler is smaller than I originally thought.

I’m having fun with this one even though I need to find a new floss color…I’m doing that immediately after I push the publish the button on this blog post as I really want to stitch more on this tonight.

I’m still busy watching the new release for Nashville Needlework Market. You can find all of the patterns that will be featured HERE on the Stitchery Nook’s website. Just scroll down and you’ll see them. I have my eye on two for possible stitch alongs. It’s so fun and easy to get caught up in the type of it all.

Before I go, a blog reader shared THIS PAGE with me. It has many free patterns. It was fun to check out.

11 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Meredith in Cincinnati

    When my granddaughter was 6, we tried cross stitch. Counted cross stitch didn’t work too well. Stamped cross stitch worked the best! It was how I started, eons ago. Maybe a cute cross stitch pillowcase? Or ask your friends at the needlework store? Then there’s no pattern to work from: just stitching!

    1. Yes my Gram (Great Grandmother) started me on stamped cross stitch pillowcases when I was 7 or 8. I think that the girls would love to do them.

  2. Sally A Marshall

    Don’t go buy Aida I’ll send you 14ct in the mail today, keep up the good work on the food you prepare and always get rest. Sally from Oregon

  3. Dear Jo, I think my first cross-stitch was chicken scratch. At least that is what I think it is called. My mother made aprons out of gingham and we cross stitched a pattern across the lower part of the apron. I don’t think we even worried about having the hatch marks going in the same direction. It was more about the pattern and learning to stitch. Have fun teaching your grands how to stitch. It wouldn’t have to be aprons; it could be dishtowels. Even the boys may want to get in on the fun. Blessings, Helen

  4. Love seeing what you’re doing! I started embroidery with stamped designs when I was about that age. My mother did some form of sewing or needlework until her eyesight got so bad she had to stop. Having some of her beautiful work is very special now she is gone. It’s a pleasure to pass it along to her great grandchildren who only know her through stories and pictures.

  5. It is so good to see all the progress you made Pet All Dogs. I certainly see why you are excited to want to work on that and finish it. It is fun to see those granddaughters helping you stitch. My prayers are with you as you travel back and forth to Rochester.

  6. Thank you Jo and the blog reader for the link to the free cross-stitch patterns. They are cute. I already printed several. I’m happy to hear Lucy is so interested in your stitching. You’ve made great progress on All the Pets. It looks lovely. I have several pieces done. I need to get them framed. Our local cross-stitch stitch store closed a couple of years ago. So now I probably need to go our of town. Grrr…

  7. I’m glad you have something to distract you from the cancer issies, and really happy to see all the progress you made. Pet All the Dogs is really coming along, and you’ve made good progress on lots of things. Congratulations!

  8. Barbara Firesheets

    Love seeing your works in progress. You inspire me. It’s wonderful that the girls have an interest in stitching, it must be great fun for you.

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