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It’s always a little awkward for me after I finish a big cross stitch project. I kind of flounder and don’t make much progress on anything until I get settled into a plan or project for my focus piece…and that’s what this week was. Last week I finished Christmas Garden…I told you about that in last week’s post…

This week I floundered…
A blog reader sent me a few cross-stitch patterns. I ended up picking Love is the Air from Blackbird Designs from the gifted pattern. I’ve thought about buying this pattern before but haven’t. The reason: I like to stitch with only one strand of floss. These stockings are designed to be stitched on 30-count fabric. For that, they recommend using two strands of floss.

Normally I would just stitch the project and stitch it on 40 count ignoring the recommendation for linen. BUT…these have a stocking template that is used for finishing. The stocking template won’t work for 40 count. Plus, the stocking would be so tiny.

I don’t like that though. So I decided to conduct an experiment. I would stitch on 32-count fabric and only use one strand of floss. Here was my start from one evening.

The next evening, I finished it. I am very pleased with the coverage and how it turned out. I won’t hesitate to stitch something on 32 count with one strand of floss. YAHOO!! That is good to know as there have been other projects I’ve been tempted to stitch but haven’t because of the linen size and using one strand of floss predicament.

I finished that …so more floundering.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights after work then writing blog posts. I’m whooped. On those nights I’m lucky if I get 30-40 minutes of stitching time…so not much progress…then add to that a foster pup… Definitely pooped. I picked up this…It’s Forever Thine by Erica Michaels. I had started it the previous week and only stitched on it for a half hour on Monday night.

This is a mystery leftover linen piece…maybe Heartland by Picture this Plus with the called-for flosses. This chart was also a gift from a blog reader. Thank you.

On Wednesday night I pulled out this…

It’s my Pet All the Dogs by Teresa Kogut. I didn’t make much progress. My brain wasn’t up for counting so I just did fill on the roof. Some people complain about fill-in work, me, I love it. It’s perfect for nights when my brain doesn’t want to count.

I am stitching this on 40 count Boston linen from Seraphim fabrics with the called-for colors. My hope is that I can get a tree in and outlined this week. If I could get them outlined, then I’ll have no problem with the fill-in work.

I also worked on this…Crowns and Shields from Blackbird Designs. This is my new year new start. This is a picture from where I was previously…just barely a start. You can find the book HERE.

I am stitching this on 40 count linen. I’m a little cranky though because I have looked everywhere and don’t know what linen I stitched this on!! Ugh. So disappointing. I am using three colors only on this piece. Cognac, Flatfish, and Onyx, all from Weeks Dye Works. Originally I thought I would stitch my grandchildren’s initials in as I go but have rethought that. I think I’ll stitch the whole thing but then put their initials in last. That way I can tweak the placement as two of my granddaughters have four initials…not three. They would need a larger space to put them.

I am very pleased with this so far. This is my no-hurry slow stitching piece as I’m only really stitching on it the week of each of the grandkids’ birthdays. This is the amount I did for Jasper’s birthdays. In February I have Gannon’s birthdays…in March I have Georgia and Lilly…in April I have Eli and Emmett…then I have a break until July. It stitches up pretty fast and I love that.

I am probably going to flounder for another week on these projects. Then when February rolls around I’ll figure myself out.

I am going to start our stitch-along piece, Kind Words Never Die.

I am going to stitch along with Colorado Cross Stitcher’s Winter Camp. It’s a virtual thing you can find in her last floss tube. The premise it to pick a piece and stitch it in the month of February. She picks a theme each time. This time it’s to stitch something with an animal on it. I had this piece kitted and would love to have it finished for spring. The picture isn’t the best…sorry.

This is called the Rabbit and the Rose. It’s from With Thy Needle and Thread. You can find it HERE. I am using the called for linen and threads.

I took a rain check on my 25th day Christmas stitch. I’ll be starting this tonight on the 26th instead of the 25th. Typically I stitch something Christmasy on the 25th of each month. It’s from the book Peppermint and Holly from Blackbird Designs. Kelli bought me the book for my birthday. It was the perfect present. I’ll take cross-stitch gifts any day!! I want to stitch the piece on the left from the book. I’ll likely only get a tiny start but that’s okay. If I keep stitching on the 25th of each month, I’ll eventually get it finished. Right now I’m waiting of the floss for the vase so plan to start on the border for now.

I start taking oral chemo at the beginning of February so I’ll be picking this up again. It’s Though He Seemeth Sleeping from Lucy Beam. I started it as my birthday start but put it away once I knew I’d be treated for my cancer again. This piece is so appropriate for then. The verse of the piece is:

“Dark the night and wild the waves
Christ the boat is keeping.
Trust in Him and have no fears
Though He seemeth sleeping”

It will be about two months or more of dealing with the cancer treatments. This will be what I’ll work on during that time along with other things. Hopefully, that will be enough time to finish this. From what I stitched so far, I’m loving it. You can find the chart HERE.

So that’s the plan for my February stitching. You can see that I am kind of switching gears. That’s okay. I like that…I do want to try to keep working on Pet All the Dogs too. Once that’s done, I have another Teresa Kogut piece I want to start. There’s always something on my horizon.

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. You certainly have lots of options for stitching. I’m sure you rarely get bored as a result of switching between them. :-)

  2. I stitched most of the little stockings from Blackbird Designs on 36 count and reduced the size of the stocking template on my printer/copier. I still run across the template in my supply drawer, which I have since used for other projects too.

  3. Your work is always fabulous! I also do fill-in, especially if watching tv with dh.
    Prayers for your oral chemo. Remember you DON’T have to blog everyday while undergoing treatments! We’re still here and aren’t going anywhere! :-)
    Love and prayers

  4. Jo;
    Your cross stitching is amazing.

    I did send you an email with some community quilts . Working in the ones from the ones you sent me .

  5. Love seeing what you’re working on! Take it easy as you begin your chemo and as Donna says don’t worry about the blog.We will be here and you will be in our prayers.

  6. So many interesting things you’re working on. I agree with the last two comments. While I enjoy reading your blogs, I certainly understand if you don’t post as many while you are going through your treatments. Sending love and prayers.

  7. Another option instead of using 2 threads on 32 is to use Sulky 12 wt or a Flower Thread. I recently purchased a kit from Birgit @ “The Wishing Thorn” that used the Flower Thread in order to try the floss. I have a lot of the “fancy flosses” but would consider using either of these two flosses for 28-36 ct with limited palette. I hate to invest in more floss lines. 32 ct is troublesome, I just started BOAF “Sally Spencer” on 32 ct Ale and am considering dropping down to 1 thread as the black stitching looks crowded. Will have to do a sample with 1 vs 2 with all the colors before I go any farther. “Peppermint & Holly” has so many lovely designs; you will have fun stitching from it.

  8. I really like the stocking piece you finished and you have several beginnings to some other great pieces. I always like seeing your progress. For the small amount of time you have to stitch, you get so much done.

  9. Sending prayers for your treatments and the travel it involves. I am working on a project I started in 1983 on 14 count Aida cloth, don’t know that I could see to stitch on the counts you are using. You get so much accomplished with everything going on in your life!

  10. Jo my son and daughter in law live in Nashua. Will be up this summer and hope to meet you then.
    Judy Sovereign

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