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We had snow days on Friday and Saturday so I have more sewing and crafting than normal. It was so appreciated. Just what I needed to clear my head!! No work…now one visited. It was me, the dogs, and a needle of some sort. HA!! I just love anything that has to do with a needle!

I had two great days and then Saturday afternoon, my stitching and crafting all came to a big slow down when Winston and Churchill my new foster dogs came. On Monday and Tuesday, I only stitch for about 30 minutes on both nights. I was beginning to wonder if I’d reach my goal of finishing Christmas Garden.

I was on a big push to try to finish Christmas Garden this week. Here is where I was last week…

I am stitching mine on 40-count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit. I love the fabric. I am using the called-for colors plus I added two reds, Used Brick and Barn Door.

This is a Blackbird Design chart from the book Home for the Holidays.

If you ever want to stitch this and are stitching on 40-count linen, you don’t need as much floss as the pattern calls for.

On Friday I finished the words and checked from below the reindeer and down to see if any do-dads were missing. There were. I stitch those all in. Then I went to the top stitched a star motif and started the vase. I started to think maybe I could finish it this week…and I did!! YAHOO!!

The last areas for me to finish was the big tree in the center middle, the star, and my sister’s initials.

but the very last stitches that were put in was my maiden name, Johnson. I took out a few do-dads that there there and put the last name instead. All of my family initials are on the piece….my parents below the birds.

My three brothers in these two photos…

…and mine with my maiden name.

I am very pleased with it and so glad I stitched this. Next up, framing.

I was supposed to get my grandson Jasper’s initials stitched in my Crown and Shields piece being it was his birthday on the 11th but that didn’t happen again. UGH. I am going to work on this over the upcoming week.

A blog reader sent a chart to me and I picked it up and thought I should quickly stitch it before Valentine’s Day. It’s a cute little stocking from Blackbird Designs. The pattern has three different stockings in it. I’m hoping to get this one stitched and possibly another one. I had a little problem with the color Aged Pewter. It was lighter than the picture.

I ended up pulling my big DMC floss directory and used the Aged Pewter thread to match and to find a floss that I could use that was a shade or two darker. I use my thread directory often. It’s expensive…like $49 but I really do use it often and I’m stitcher. You can find them HERE.

I ended up using 926 instead.

I’m happy with it.
I am stitching this on 32 count Lakeside Linen Pearl Barley. I think the pattern called for 30 count but it’s close enough. I didn’t stitch it on 40 count or the stocking template wouldn’t work. At 32 count it still will. I decided to still stitch it with one strand of thread. Typically on 32-count linen, stitchers use two strands.

That was my start on that.

My daughter Kelli is starting this…Remember Me from Teresa Kogut. You can find it HERE.

I love this and have thought about starting it many times. I’m thinking about it. I even have it kitted. Hmm.

Tune in next week to see if I start it or not. Who knows!?

11 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. What a lovely finish to the Christmas garden piece, the addition of your family’s initials makes it so special. I have the Remember Me chart and it is kitted and ready to go too. I did just start on a second project, a BOM called Fabulous Houses by Cottage Garden. I usually only have one big project and one small going at a time. For now I have two big projects going, the houses and Consider the Lillies, there just isn’t enough stitching time in the day.

  2. Your Christmas Garden piece is beautiful. I love how you’ve put your family’s initials into it. It’s made it even more special.

  3. Such a lovely finish – now to your frame shop! I like the new one you started of the stocking. You inspire me so, and then my brain gets in gear and I know I just not start another project.

  4. First what a beautiful finish on a lovely sampler. Your personalization makes all the more special. I love your selection of linen you stitched on. “Remember me” is on my wish list. It will be a pattern that I will give in and buy. Your stitching is so pretty and inspiring to find time to stitch. As always thank you for sharing. Pamela A/PA

  5. It’s quite beautiful! I wonder about the capital H in JoHnson, though. Since it was the very last thing you embroidered, perhaps you didn’t notice one letter in the middle is in caps. But it is all your choices!

  6. Your Christmas Garden is gorgeous Jo! I got the pattern for Christmas and now that I’ve seen yours I think I will try to put our last name the way you did…it’s Johnson so i know it will work!! Thanks for sharing your inspiration. Love and prayers

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