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I had some time stitching this week. I missed one night completely because I had company and another night, I ended up playing catch up around the house and was only able to stitch for half an hour. It was still enough to give me respectable progress.

When the grandkids were here I needed a quick easy project that I could stitch on while sitting with them as they were trying to fall asleep. I picked my God Shed His Grace from Asbery’s Echoes Stitches. Here is where I was last week.

Here is where I am now. I didn’t do much. I only stitched long enough to get the kiddos to fall asleep. The flag is done. I stitched a star and got the man’s feet started. This piece is so small even a tiny bit of progress goes a long way.

I am loving Asbery’s Echoes Stitches designs. The only place you can currently buy her patterns is on her Etsy shop. You can find it HERE.

Here is where I was on my Christmas Garden piece. I had warned you that this blog post might be a little boring as I was going to concentrate most of my time on getting this closer to a finish…and I did.

I am stitching this on 40-count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit. I am using the called-for thread plus Used Brick and Barn Door. I randomly sprinkled them about.

I am getting so close. I think I am going to try to push to finish it this week…I don’t know if I’ll make it though. I have some things in the sewing room that are really calling to me as well. It’s so hard to choose what to do. I really would like a finish on this so maybe it will win out.

I rambled around in my stitching. When I was at the cross stitch retreat last summer a gal brought hers. All she had left to finish was personalization and do-dads. It’s so putzy with all the do-dads that it took her most of a day to finish it. I didn’t want to do that so as I stitched I did some of the do-dads that weren’t done. I finished that upper flower and stitched all the do-dads along with the initials of two of my brothers, Jay and Jim.

From there, I started stitching the words Christmas Garden. I would put a length or two of thread into the piece and then I would skip to somewhere else. I didn’t really want to be left with all of one thing at the end…like only having letters to stitch.

I worked this middle section and did a lot, if not all, of the do-dads and I stitched my parents’ initials. CIJ, Carl Iven is my Dad. ERJ, Evalonne Revae in my mom. My brother Jule is on the left. Up above those two birds in the middle, I am going to try to stitch my maiden name, Johnson. I might have to stitch it over one. I haven’t counted it out yet.

One day this week I took a copy of the letter chart. I wrote out my last name, Johnson. The 5 above the “J” means the J is five spaces wide. You can see the letters all vary in width. So the width of them in stitches is above each letter. Below the letters are the number 1. So I added the above numbers and got 42. That’s how many space for the letters only. I need at least one space between them so the spaces are represented by the number 6. Add 42+6 and that equals 48. So to stitch Johnson I need 48 spaces. I have notes that I can make the letters less fancy and cut a few spaces if needed. For example at the bottom of the picture on the “H”, you can see extra wide stitches at the top…well I could take them off and make the “H” straight with out the extra stitches. I need to count it out and see what I’m going to have to do.

I am both excited and sad that this piece is coming to an end. I’ve loved stitching on it once I got in the grove…initially before I had made decisions, not so much. I’m so pleased I stuck with it.

My grandson Jasper’s birthday was yesterday…I didn’t get time to pull out my Crowns and Shields by Blackbird Designs piece that I am stitching over the year with my grandkids’ birthdays. I will pull that out over the weekend and get Jasper’s name entered.

I might settle with only stitching the one motif for now as I REALLY want to finish Christmas Garden. I can catch up a bit on this later in the month.

I was at Dollar General the other day. It’s right next door to where I work and it’s easy to run over there after work. I’m trying to get things collected for my treatment and needed some sours to suck on after I take the radioactive iodine. I need to have them at the hospital with me so need to pack them in my suitcase. When I was there I saw this…

Something clicked in my brain and I thought this might be perfect for the next stitch-along we will be having, Kind Words Never Die from Heartstring Samplery. I spent the $3, crossed my fingers that it would work, and headed home.

This is the frame and pattern…and YES, it will work if the piece is stitched on 40-count linen…which I am doing. If you stitch on a different count, it will be too big to fit in the frame.

When I finish mine I will be using this and I will take pictures to show you how to do it.

They also offered this piece with a painted green frame. I didn’t pick that one as I was afraid the green floss color in the stitched piece wouldn’t match the green color or the frame and it would clash.

If you haven’t purchased your kit yet, some are still available HERE.

That’s what is new…and old in my cross stitch life. Yesterday’s morning post didn’t go live. The internet was out here for a bit and it didn’t load. It will be tomorrow morning’s post. Sorry about that. I had someone ask if something was wrong…nothing more than the internet…and snow!! We’re having our second snowstorm in a week!! I’m going to craft and sew and stitch my weekend away. YAHOO!!

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    We had our 1st snow Wednesday. It was about 1 &1/2 inches. It came and left in about 12 hours. That’s part of the joy of living in southern Missouri. I really like your cross stitch pieces. I tried cross stitching years ago. It didn’t work for me. So glad you can enjoy it.

  2. So happy to see how much progress you’re making on your projects! A weekend of crafting, sewing, and stitching sounds like a one person retreat!

  3. We haven’t had snow in NC, thank goodness, but have had a ton of rain and winds. It’s supposed to rain again off and on today with a high wind advisory this afternoon thru tomorrow. I have two errands, then back h9me to work on a couple cross stitches and Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt. I saw all the snow you were having, be safe and stay warm.

  4. Eastern Washington is having a “Feels like minus degrees” here today from the arctic blast. Minus 17 earlier, up to minus 10 now. Your weekend plans seem like a great idea. Make a crockpot of yummy soup or stew and work on eating it all weekend while sewing and stitching. We will all be looking forward to your posts showing how much progress you make and what you finish.

  5. It will be a chilli day tomorrow. We’re getting snow tonight. Brrr. It’s cold also. I’m working on some house cleaning and taking breaks to work on cross-stitch. I’m stitching ” Bringing Good Cheer” by Blackbird Designs. I was so thrilled that the border matched. Now I’m working on all the details in the border. Hoping everyone stays warm and safe this cold weekend.

  6. Christmas Garden is gorgeous!!

    I’m always amazed at how you jump around when stitching a piece. I always start my pieces at the top left and work down & right.

  7. Just wondering – I want to start either cross stitch or embroidery. I assume you like cross stitch better – why? Your pieces are beautiful & thought that would be better than just watching tv. Thanks!!

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