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I got lots of cross-stitch time this weekend. It was awesome. A lot of people try to do marathon cross-stitching on New Year’s Eve Day and into the New Year and I hoped to do that…but didn’t quite do it. I did get in a lot of stitching time.

Last week I told you that I planned to stitch this little “Be Mine” freebie to fit into this frame.

I got it stitched but wasn’t a fan of it in a frame…so I put that in a pile I have to finish into pillows.

I think adding some colored fabric and accessories will liven it up a bit. The freebie is from Hands on Designs. You can find it and other Valentine’s Freebies HERE.

Being I finished that little “Be Mine”, I pulled out another Valentine’s Day stitch. This one is Forever Thine. It is from Erica Michaels. A blog reader sent me this pattern. I just did a tiny start. I want to stitch Valentine’s Day things on the 14th of each month…I think I might do Valentine’s or Spring things on the 14th as I don’t have many Spring things but have lots of Valentine’s Day things. I might just end up stitching this one before Valentine’s so I have it to enjoy this year. I just did a tiny start but that’s okay. It makes it easier to pick up again. Starting is ALWAYS the hardest for me. If you want to stitch this too, you can find the pattern HERE.

I am stitching this one on a scrap piece of linen. I think it might be 40-count Heartland from Picture This Plus. I pulled the called for flosses.

Last week I told you that I wanted to put a few Christmas stitches into this piece called Christmas Blessings from Asbery’s Echoes on Etsy. Find it HERE.

My daughter Kelli was home the Thursday after Christmas. We had done some quilting stuff in the morning but in the afternoon, we decided to stitch. I started this piece. It was small, not complicated and I figured I could work on it easily enough when the grandkids were running around. I ended up getting about half done in the afternoon and I finished the stitching that night after they left. Seriously, it’s a quick piece to stitch!!

It’s smaller than I thought which is totally okay. I like my pieces small…then there is room for more of them. HA!! It’s in my pile of things to be finished now. I think it’s so cute!!

I’m sure I’ll be stitching more of her designs in fact, I bought this patriotic chart from her. I want to get more patriotic small pieces finished as I don’t have much for my dough bowl for that season. I thought this was cute. I’ll do it a little less prim.

I ended up starting this yesterday as it was the 4th and on the 4th of each month, I am going to try to do a little patriotic stitching. Being I want to be more done, I might extend it to the 4th and 5th. We’ll see.

Here’s my start…

I am using a scrap of 40 count linen and am using the called for DMC.

Speaking of stitching more of her pieces…She came out with two new Valentine’s stitchies… I love them both and can see me stitching them both. So cute. I would likely stitch them a little less prim. We’ll see. So far I’ve been good and haven’t bought either chart.

I worked on my bigger pieces too. Here is Christmas Garden from last week…

I’ve had many people ask about where to find this chart. It’s in the book Home for the Holidays by Blackbird Designs. You can find the book HERE

I put extra stitching time into this over the week. I did stitch in longer sessions but didn’t stitch all day on New Year’s Eve day but I put in some extra time. My bottom doesn’t sit that long very well. HA!! You can see I’m on the home stretch as far as getting the stitching done.

I am stitching mine on a 40-count Flannel Flower from Fow and Rabbit. I am using the called-for colors but also adding in a couple of less-variegated reds.

I stitched on this as much as I could on New Year’s Eve Day. Here is a closer look at where I ended up for the week.

I stitched the motifs to the left of the center where the birds are. Then I moved up to the top row and worked on the to flower motifs. I have the bottom one done and I’m almost done with the top one. If I had 15 more minutes I would have finished that.

What’s left is that big top center flower, the personalization, the do-dads (It’s a Blackbird Design piece so there are lots) and to stitch the words “Christmas Garden”. I did figure out how I’m personalizing it and that is always the biggest battle.

I’m getting close. My plan is to for sure finish this by the end of the month. I hope to finish in two or so weeks but that might be a bit hopeful. We’ll see.

I told you earlier that this year was to be my “Year of the Blackbirds”. My plan was to constantly have a Blackbird Designs piece “on the go”. I can stitch other things too but always want to be working on a Blackbird Designs piece. I think my next piece will be The Winter is Past. You can find it HERE.

I didn’t touch Pet All the Dogs this week. I’m pushing on Christmas Garden and will likely focus on this piece after I’m finished with that one.

I had a new start too!! I started Crowns and Thorns from Blackbird Designs. It is my New Year, New Start. I plan to stitch it to honor my grandkids. Right now, I have 10. I’ll stitch a motif and their initials as their birthdays come around. I have Jasper in January so I need to get plugging along. Some months will be busier than other months. I think it will be fun. Here is my tiny start…I’ll be stitching this all year long so you’ll only see a glimpse of it here and there.

I am stitching this one…But, as you can see not in red.

I’m not stitching it in just black either. I’m doing this colorway…There is a black, tan, and burnt orange color. I’ll just decide what will be stitched where as I go.

That is all I have for you in my cross-stitch life right now. That was actually a lot. I’m excited about all of my projects. I am a little afraid that next week’s cross stitch post might be a little boring because I plan to do all I can to get Christmas Garden closer to a finish. I won’t get it done this week…but I’d love to be within striking distance of a finish!! Wish me luck!

Oh, and don’t forget the new stitch-along that I announced.

You can read more about it HERE. I hope you’ll join me.

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I’ve always loved your updates on your cross stitch. Thank you for sharing them. You do beautiful work.
    Love and prayers

  2. Everything looks great! You do such beautiful work! On your Christmas Garden don’t forget that tiny bud on the lower right corner. It would be so easy to overlook that you missed that one!
    I’ve question about another project you wrote about recently. It’s the strawberry pincushions you made. Where did you find the pattern? I have some wool and I’d like to try some wool work.

  3. Great progress! It is always interesting to see how far you have come with stitchings. You are working on so many! It won’t be long and you will have Christmas Garden finished and it is so pretty. Anxious to see it framed.

  4. WHEW!!!!! Maybe ask your kids if you should “add another motif” for a possible [future] grandchild???? Just saying………….. And, LOVE LOVE LOVE all your needlepoint pjts.

  5. Jo…you have inspired me (never having done a”stitch along” before). It has been shipped! At 81, I have only been cross stitching for 3 years. I never would have tried it without your blog! Prayers and blessings coming your way. Thanks for all you do! Julie

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