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With Christmas break, I had a little extra stitching time. I didn’t work as many hours so I could stay up a little later. HA! I tried to make good use of them time and get in some progress.

Here is my Pet All the Dogs piece from Teresa Kogut. I’ve been working on this for FOREVER. I’d like to get it done. I’m stitching this on 40-count Boston from Seraphim linens. I’m using the called for colors.

I took this with me when our family went to the waterpark after Christmas. It’s easy fill-in stitching and the grandkids like to “help” me stitch it. I ended up getting more of the house filled in and worked on filling in the tan on the bottom border.

I keep plugging away at this one. I don’t make a lot of progress each week…but some and that will eventually get it done.

I need to get working on the trees. A couple of blog readers are stitching this as well. They have said the trees are no fun so that has me apprehensive to stitch them. I’m going to have to do them pretty soon though. I’m getting everything else done!

I am still trying to figure out if I want to change this up somehow and personalize it. Hmm.

This next piece…this is a freebie that I promised to tell you more about and I will.

For now, the stitching is done. I plan to fully finish it over the weekend. I’ll tell you all about it in the finishing blog post.

Here is my other never-ending piece, Christmas Garden from Blackbird Designs. I told you last week that I’m really-really wanting to get this finished and on the wall. Yes, I’ll be keeping it out year-round. I don’t care that it says Christmas Garden on it. It will be a nice reminder of the saying “Keep Christmas the whole year through”.

I put quite a bit of time into this over the week and am liking the progress I see.

I would like to make the same amount of progress next week. I finished the birds in the center. I stitched the zig-zag on the left and did the motifs in the center-left.

I also finished the border along the bottom…well, at least I thought I did. I realized I need one more flower in this corner.

I’ve had many people ask about where to find this chart. It’s in the book Home for the Holidays by Blackbird Designs. You can find the book HERE. Please note that the colors in the picture in the book and the color of the threads called for aren’t really the same. The threads are actually more muted. I ended up adding a darker red here and there. I think it’s Barn Door and Used Brick that I have used.

The book is the same book that has the Christmas Stockings in it that I want to stitch.

Some people are doing a big 12×12 New Years Ever Stitch. You are supposed to work on 12 different projects starting at noon on Christmas Eve Day. You are supposed to stitch on one project for an hour’s worth of time only. Then when the hour is up, start a new project continuing on through midnight working on 12 different projects in 12 hours. Not me. I am not doing that. That sounds nutzo to me. If you are doing it…I’m happy for you but that would leave me with too many WIPS for my liking. I think I am just going to marathon stitch on one…maybe two different pieces. If I could stitch on Christmas Garden for six hours…not even 12, I think I could really move it along and push me over the hump I’m currently on with it. Don’t get me wrong…I love the piece. I’m just running out of steam.

A blog reader suggested that I put it away. I’m not good at that. Instead, I stopped and added in the little 1776 piece and I pulled this…

I bought this little frame at the thrift store of 50 cents. I wanted to find a small cross stitch piece I could stitch and put in it. I ended up finding this freebie from Hands on Design called Be Mine. You can find it HERE. I started stitching it and I think it will be perfect and a quick little stitch for my dough bowl.

I also bought a pattern and got everything ready with the intention to start this…This is Christmas Blessings from Asbery’s Echoes on Etsy. It’s a simple primitive piece that will be my first 25th-of-the-month stitch. I didn’t get it started on Christmas Day but will likely stitch on it on Christmas Eve. You can find the pattern HERE.

The designer is new. She’s an Iowa girl. She has Flosstube and her Etsy shop. All the pieces are small and primitive. I’m sure I’ll be buying other patterns of hers. They are great little smalls.

Again…nothing for stitched on my Though He Seemeth Sleeping piece. UGH.

I’m kind of saving that for when I go through treatment. I do love it though…

That’s it in my stitching world for now…

11 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I love the piece Pet All The Dogs – It’s on my wish list. I have been searching for someone who has done the alternate about cats but haven’t found it yet. Since cats really don’t like to be hugged, I was thinking of switching the words around. ;-)
    Loving your progress – looking forward to seeing more on the freebie. I don’t have a lot of patriotic smalls to hang up.
    Love and prayers

  2. You are making good progress on your large projects. I hope you get a substantial block of time to stitch on New Year’s Day. My New Year’s Day tradition is to start and finish a small project in one day. My philosophy is at least 1 project gets finished every year. Takes the pressure off. Happy New Year!

  3. I am finishing a winter small, then I really need to get some progress on Land That I Love. I’m excited because I used Christmas money to get linen and food for All That Remains Is Love. That will be my new year new start. I enjoyed your post about the small town fun. It is nice to know that things like that still happen in our country. Blessings.

  4. Love your progress on Christmas Garden. It’s been calling me too but I only get a thread or two a day on it. Guess it will be a 2024 finish. I’m planning to start Love Abides by La D Da stitches on New Year’s Day. Would like to make it my Blessings sampler but not sure I can finish it by the end of the month. New year blessings to you all!

  5. All your projects are looking good. I am curious about the 1776, so waiting patiently for your finish. Last week I stitched the JOY little piece like the one you have in one of your bowls. It was fun and easy.

  6. Can you tell me how to handle a single stitch stuck out in the middle of no where? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I could never keep track of that many projects all going at the same time! Just LOVE how those trees are designed in Pet all the Dogs. They are the stars of the show and deserve some extra care and patience in stitching them.

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