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I did average on the cross stitch front this week. I didn’t get a lot done…but I made progress. I picked up a few more hours at work last week and again this week. I’m feeling good right now and want to work as long as I can. I know before I know it, it will be treatment time and I’ll be home. So I am appreciating work while I can still go. Cross-stitch days are ahead. Thankfully I usually feel good enough to cross stitch.

Here is where I was last week on my Pet All the Dogs piece. I am stitching this on 40 count Boston from Seraphim. I am using the called for colors.

I did a little stitching on this one night when I was tired. It’s easy to pick up then and just add a few lengths of floss into the house. This week I also pulled out the “R, S, T and U”. They were one stitch lower than they should have been.

I also stitch on it at the doctor’s office. I had to go in and get a Zometta infusion. That’s the stuff that is supposed to take the calcium from my blood and put it in the bones. This is done with the hope that it will help “beef up” my spine where the cancer ate the bone away.

I really didn’t get enough done on this to even take a picture of progress.

Here is my Christmas Garden piece. I am stitching this on Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit using mostly the called for colors. I darkened the flower by the bird and used Barn Door on that.

Most of my time went into this piece. I’ve been trying to push a bit with the hope of doing Christmas stitching while it’s still Christmas. I put lots of work into the row with the Christmas tree. Here is where I am now…

When stitching on a larger piece, progress seems so slow. I keep telling myself that I’m over half. I think even more than that. But, it seems slow.

These are the flowers I did last week. I keep telling myself if I could stitch that much this week I would be closer to 3/4 of the way finished. Hmm. I hope I can find some determination in me. I’m getting to the point I’m ready for this to be finished…but running out of steam.

My plan was to try to finish the whole row but I was almost done with that center flower. It has birds at the top then…I saw a squirrel (Different project). I had said to you all that I had a plan for the leftover piece of toweling from my Deck the Halls piece. This is the plan. I’m not going to say much about it right now and will explain more about it when I get it finished. I’m guessing one more night of stitching and then that part will be complete. Then hopefully I’ll fully finish it over the weekend.

Happily, it’s turning out as I planned.

I do want to say, that if you stitched your Deck the Halls stitch along piece on toweling and finished it and had some leftover, keep that piece of toweling and I’ll tell you how I did this and link up the free pattern when I write about it next.

This was my birthday start. I didn’t put a single stitch into it. We’ll see…maybe I will this week. I just really want to finish the piece above and put as much stitching time as I can into Christmas Garden right now. I keep telling myself if I do a big push maybe I’ll be close to a finish once the new year comes around.

I am stitching this on a 40-count Sleeping Bear from Needle and Flax. I am using a variety of called-for colors.

A blog reader asked if I would explain what “a variety of called for colors” meant. Well, this designer went through DMC and picked out all of the colors in DMC. Then she went through all the Classic Color floss and picked all the colors in that brand. She went through and did that for Weeks Dye works thread and for Gentle Arts thread as well.

SO…when it came time to kit up the project, I didn’t want to have to buy a lot of floss, so I took the Gentle Arts listing. I checked to see if I had the color in my Gentle Arts floss. If I did, I pulled it. If I didn’t, I checked to see if I had it in Classic Color Works floss. If I did, I pulled it. If I didn’t I checked Weeks Dye Works…If I didn’t have any of the other color options, I checked to see if I had the DMC color. So…of the four possible colors to choose, I picked whichever brand I had. That accounts for why I wrote, “a variety of called for colors”.

I’m hoping to get serious about stitching this when I go through my cancer treatment…or whenever I finish Christmas Garden…whichever event happens first.

For those of you wondering what my treatment timeline looks like, I don’t know yet. I still haven’t been approved for the oral chemo medicine. That takes time and I’m trying to be patient. Once I have the meds, treatment will start a week or two after that. For now, I’m not bothered by the wait time and just enjoying Christmas without oral chemo.

I have my fingers crossed and hoping for some extra stitching time over the week. I have a few days off and not a lot planned for those days so maybe I can get some quilting and some extra stitching done. That would be wonderful! We’ll see. I hope you too can sneak in some crafty time in between the hub-bub of the holiday.

11 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Love seeing your progress on your cross stitch and quilting! You do such beautiful work. I’m not able to do much of those things any longer so it great to see wonderful handwork from you. Your plan for hospital stitching and other projects sounds good. I’m glad you have a job you like so much and that you’re able to do all these things you love.

  2. Love seeing all your stitching progress. Just a thought on Christmas Garden…if you’re stalling out on it now, maybe it’s time to put it away so you can come back later (like during treatment) all refreshed and eager to stitch again. I’ve been working on mine all year and enjoy tackling a motif each time. As you tell us, this is a hobby and should be fun!

  3. Hi Jo – I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your site and viewing your pics of all your different projects. And I’ve learned a lot about finishing, mounting and displaying my own small cross stitch projects. And it seems you don’t feel like it at times, but I’m so impressed with how you are managing life right now with work, cancer treatments and not the least of all, family time, holidays, and still enjoying your “crafts.” VERY inspiring indeed. And your projects are BEAUTIFUL. I hope it encourages you to know you are in my prayers to our good God and Savior, even when times seem so tough. With love – a friend in California, the land of fruits and nuts

  4. Well, now that you explained it, the variety of colors makes perfect sense. That’s a good approach, thanks for sharing and have a blessed Christmas.

  5. Glad to see the progress you made. There was quite a bit in your Christmas Garden piece. These will all be so beautiful when finished. I actually did a cross-stitching of “JOY” and completed – thanks to your inspiration and seeing you dough bowls.

  6. Love what you have stitched on the toweling so far – I think I might have some in my “stash” and will go look for it!!

  7. As usual your stitching is inspiring. Mine is taking a long break, just not motivated! One day maybe?
    Dundee is gorgeous, just as well I am in NZ. You make such a loving foster carer, any dog benefits from time with you.
    Hoping a happy festive season for you and yours, may 2024 bring more happiness and health.
    Cheers, Dot, NZ.

  8. Love seeing all your work! I also do alot of cross stitch work. If you are willing, can you tell me where you get your cross stitch patterns? I’ve been getting mine off Amazon, but these look like ones I would also enjoy. I’m always looking for more projects!

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