Cross Stitch Update

I thought I was going to get a lot of stitching in this week but that didn’t happen. My kiddos made a to-do of my birthday so that took out a night of stitching. We had a good time and it was worth giving up stitching. HA!

I worked on my Pet All the Dogs piece. It’s by Teresa Kogut and I’m stitching it with the called-for colors or 40 count Boston by Seraphim fabric. Here is where I was last week.

This week my goal was to finish the angel and stitch the rest of the alphabet on the right side. Here is how I did…

I did that and more! I also got more of the roof of the house stitched. I was tired after work one night and the roof stitching was just what I needed to do. I did discover that the “R, S, T, U” are all one space too low. Those need to come out and be restitched.

I worked on my Christmas Garden from Blackbird Designs. You can find it in the chart in THIS BOOK. I am stitching mine on 40-count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit. I am using the called for floss.

I wanted to finish the flower pot I started and get one of the big center flowers done. Here is how I did on that goal…

Not the best… I got the flower pot on the left finished but only started the center flower. It’s still progress.

My birthday was yesterday and I had a new piece I planned to start, Thou He Seemeth Sleeping. I am stitching this on Sleeping Bear from Needle and Flax. It’s one of her newer colors I have never used before. I am using a variety of the called-for colors.

I have everything ready.

I put just a few stitches into the piece last night.

Typically I like to stitch all of the border first and then work on the middle. This time I changed it up a bit. I did some of the letters because I wanted to see the floss and how it looked on this linen. What you see below are the true colors. Oh, I love this linen.

I am excited to finally be stitching this one. I had it out and wanted to stitch it last year at this time. Thankfully…the time to stitch it is now. No more waiting!!

A blog reader mentioned that it would be a nice piece to stitch while I am going through my cancer treatment. She is so right. This is the verse.

“Dark the night and wild the waves
Christ the boat is keeping.
Trust in Him and have no fears
Though He seemeth sleeping”

You’re welcome to stitch along if you’d like. You can find the chart HERE.

That’s what has been going on in my stitching world. I have to say, I just love stitching!! It really grounds me and gives me some good time to think of something besides my cancer. Here’s to LOTS of stitching!!

8 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. When you say you are using a variety of the called for thread on the He Seemeth Sleeping piece, what exactly did you mean?

  2. Jo, I’m a Lutheran too, born and raised. I just want to say your choice of stitching pieces is very inspirational. I’m doing the Apostles Creed now, thanks to you. It’s very meaningful to me and I thank you for letting me know this pattern existed! Merry Christmas to you and your familyy!!

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