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As expected, not much stitching got done this week. With the kids and grandkids all home for Thanksgiving plus a couple of more days and the food prep, the family won out over stitching. HA! That doesn’t mean that I didn’t get anything done…just not as much as usual.

I didn’t stitch any on my Deck the Halls piece.

I’m stitching this on toweling with one strand of floss over one square of toweling. The toweling is really more rectangular shaped but that’s totally okay.

I am using the called for floss and the Christmas balls aren’t showing up the best. I plan to go back and backstitch around them.

I spent most of my time on Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs. I am totally in love with this!! I am stitching it on 40 count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit with the called-for flosses. This is where I was last week.

I’m trying really hard to get the “bones” of the project in so I can stitch anywhere I want at any time. Putting in the dividing lines gives me somewhere to count and stitch from in the project so stitching any motif I want to stitch can happen now.

It was my plan to stitch the other dividing lines this week but that didn’t happen. Instead, I started working on the motifs.

Here is where I am…

I ended up working mostly along the top. Two more flower motifs, the reindeer and the tree were finished. I’m hoping for a couple more flower motifs to get finished next week. I know I told you last week that I was really in love with this piece now. I am now even more than I was.

It’s been so fun as I’ve seen many other people working on theirs. My friend Nell is working on hers. I see the piece on Facebook and Instagram regularly. I feel like every time I see it, the other stitchers are encouraging me to keep working on mine. I just love that feeling.

I decided to pull out my Pet All the Dogs piece and put a few stitches in it. This is how far I previously was.

Here is where I am now. I started doing some stitching in the upper right-hand corner.

Here is a close-up picture of the little I did…just the tree motif and the few letters.

I am stitching this on a 40-count Boston from Serraphim. I am using the called for colors.

As I said, family won out for my time. Exactly as it should be. Not much stitching got done but enough to ease my mind and please my heart. The perfect amount.

So readers, what have you been stitching on?

4 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. After a busy week and then Thanksgiving baking, cooking, and guests it feels good to wake up and think about stitching and projects! I want to finish constructing the Red Pears mainly. Look forward to that. Your Christmas Garden is gorgeous—love seeing your close ups of motifs! So pretty!

  2. You may not have stitched as much as you would have liked, but you are making progress and it all looks so beautiful. I hope you will have a little more time to stitch in coming days.

  3. Hi Jo! Thanks for continuing your blog. Every morning I look for my specific blog posters emails in my inbox to catch up on what is going on. I look forward to reading the comments and following your progress and daily life. I am a quilter and got back into cross stitching during the pandemic. I had saved all my cross stitch supplies and patterns from the 1980’s but am replenishing my supply of patterns since the pink and blue country patterns of the ‘80’s aren’t what I like today. I’m off to a good start. I probably have more projects than I can complete in my lifetime, but I keep buying more!!

  4. I love to see your progress! Is it me or is your “halls” a little short where the “LL”s are and facing the other way around? Maybe you are just giving it a personal touch! Happy thanksgiving!

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