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Last week was busy in my cross-stitch world. I made some decisions about upcoming pieces I want to stitch. I’ll share all of that in some future blog posts. I fully finished a piece that I’ll share another day too.

One of my focuses for the week was to try to finish Leona’s Sewing Box by Blackbird Designs. Barb gifted me this pattern and I really like it. I knew immediately I wanted to stitch it in memory of my mom. I had everything stitched except the personalization. I had it charted…all I needed to do was stitch it.

I am stitching this on 40-count linen Seraphim Linen in the color Boston. I like Seraphim linen and recommend it. Here is how far I got…FINISHED!! Yahoo!!

My mom’s name is longer than the charted name so I had to go back and extend the top border and the grass under the house so that they were the same width as the working. Before I did that, it looked a little awkward.

I already figured out how to finish it…in fact, I finished it. I’ll show you in a week or so after I get the pictures taken and edited. I just love the finish and can’t wait to show you.

I was also busy working on our stitch along Deck the Halls. Here is where I was last week…

Being Christmas isn’t here yet and being it’s small, there isn’t a huge hurry for me to finish this. I only picked it up one night on an evening I didn’t have a lot of stitching time. So here is where I am now.

I am stitching mine on toweling. I am using the called for colors. I wanted more of a prim look. I’m really not a fan of how the first Christmas ball is showing up on the linen. There is supposed to be a hanger stitched on top that I haven’t stitched yet. My plan is to stitch that and then use that color to outline the ornament with a back stitch. We’ll see. Next week the plan is to try to stitch the next ball. It’s totally okay with me that this is my slow-stitching project.

Most of my stitching time went into Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs. I had a secret goal to do a lot of the border stitching. I knew it might be a big goal as I had to put time into Leona’s Sewing Box and that was the high priority goal.

Here is where I was last week…the borders had just met up.

Here is where I am this week…

I was stitching along on the border and was making great progress but then decided to stop and stitch that dividing line instead. The border stitching is so easy and repetitive. It’s what I call comfort stitching. I can do it anytime as I have the pattern memorized and it now need little concentration. I’ll save that and do it on the nights when I’m tired or company is here.

Plus, once the dividing lines are in, I have a base to stitch any motif I want.

I am stitching this on Fox and Rabbit Flannel Flower in 40 count. I am using the called for colors.

I am so in a groove and am so happy to be working on this. Seriously, I could just stitch this. I’m totally in the mood to stitch it. Right now I’m thinking I will just go with the mood as long as it lasts. I think I’ll put a lot of time into now through the end of the year and see how far I am. Then I might change it to my 25th-of-the-month stitch. This month, I’ll likely skip starting a different project and only stitch on this. It’s a Christmas piece so I’m totally being compliant.

Aren’t the motifs so pretty??

I’m in love. I can’t believe that I worked on this and then just stalled out. I’m so happy I picked it up again. There really is something about stitching the right piece at the right time and not forcing your stitching.

I finally took the time to make my working copy too.

I went to town with my daughter Kalissa and the kids last Saturday. I threw Pet All the Dogs by Teresa Kogut in the car in case I ended up waiting in the car with kids while she ran into a store. As I’ve said there are a lot of decisions I need to make with this so…I avoided all of the decisions and just threaded the needle with roof-colored thread and stitched about a half-length of thread…that’s all the progress this piece got. Even a half-length of thread is better than none. So I’m celebrating it.

I think this one is going on the back burner for a bit while I work on Christmas Garden. I might put a thread’s length in but that might be about it. Who knows? I love it but Christmas Garden is calling me now.

I am stitching this on 40 count Boston by Seraphim. I am using the called for colors. I love the piece…just loving Christmas Garden more right now!! HA!

That’s mainly what I’ve been up to in my cross-stitch world. I have my fingers crossed that I find time to fully finish the piece I stitched in honor of my mom. I really want that on display.

I have some more cross-stitch blog posts coming up. They include some plans for a birthday start and plans for the new year. I can’t wait to share them with you!!

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I really love your progress on your projects. You’ve picked some beautiful patterns. I too have some decisions to make on what I want to stitch while we’re traveling. I have so many patterns and I know I’ll never get to them all. Fortunately, my dd and dgd (dear grand daughter – is that a thing?) cross stitch like me!
    Love and prayers

  2. I enjoy seeing the progress you make on each cross stitch piece. It is fun to see so many different projects and to hear why you work on what you do. I like the simplicity of Deck the Halls so looking forward to seeing it finished.

  3. I was a little disappointed with the instructions on Deck the Halls. I haven’t crossed stitched in quite awhile and I would have like a little more guidance. Especially on the construction. Plus, the chart was a little pricey for what you got.

  4. A beautiful finish on Leona’s Sewing Box; what a lovely tribute to your mum.
    I’m so glad you chose to do Christmas Garden! I’m excited to see your progress each week :)

  5. You really motivated me in my cross stitch. I’m rather new to cross stitch and have never ventured out of Aida 14. But you got me with “Joy to the World.” That did it and right now I’m on the third ‘Pear’ using the fabric in the kit. Thank you, thank you!!!

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