Cross Stitch Update

I got some cross stitch done this week…enough progress that made me happy anyway!!

I picked up my Christmas Garden project. If you remember on the 25th of each month I stitch something Christmas or Winter themed. I had planned to stitch it on the 25th but couldn’t find this project. I ended up stitching on it on the 27th when I finally found it again. I stitched the flower in the vase that night.

I think part of my hold-up on this piece is because there are so many opinions in the cross-stitch world about it. From the time it was designed and stitched until now, the floss colors have changed. They aren’t quite as bright. That has led many to change the colors or buy silk packages from Vicky Clayton for it.

Me…I’m terrible at making decisions so I make none and projects sit. I had thought I would just sub in some brighter reds but…I don’t know. I decided to stitch the flower in the vase and just see what I thought. You know…I think I am just going to go with the called for colors. It’s all a little more muted that the original picture and I think I’m just going to be okay with it.

I ended up feeling good about the decision so I kept stitching on it a few more nights.

Here is where I was…hardly a start.

Here is where I am now!! The flower is done and the border came down and turned the corner. It’s not a lot but I’m pleased. Any progress is awesome. Seriously, if I only stitched that much each week in the course of the next year, I’d be done by Christmas 2024. I think I’m going to make it a goal to have this finished by Christmas 2024. It’s been a long time WIP and I’d love to see it get finished.

I am stitching this on 40 count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit. This is a great linen for this.

I also worked on Make and Mender by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread. I am stitching this on 40-count Alcott from Needle and Flax.

Here is where I was…

Almost finished but not quite. I needed to personalize it. I finished that up one evening.

Izzy was frustrated because I had been concentrating on stitching on not on her. HA! It’s done and ready to frame.

I also stitched a little bit on Leona’s Sewing Box from Blackbird Designs. Here is where I was…

I am stitching this on 40-count linen called Boston from Seraphim fabrics. I am using the called for colors of overdyed floss.

Here is where I am now…
I finished the middle top flowers and the flower on the right. I need to add a few do-dads in there yet but decided to wait until I’m using those colors in a different place on the piece.

This has been a fast project to stitch. I hope to finish the house and the tree on the right this week…dare I hope to get to the bird?

I have a busy weekend with grandkids here. I likely won’t get much stitching time. I saved the house thinking I could do some fill-in work on it if I do get time to stitch when they are here.

I’m stitching this for my mom. Her birthday is November 16th. I love stitching on it and remembering her.

I put a few stitches into my Pet All the Dogs piece. I am also stitching this on 40-count linen called Boston from Seraphim fabrics. The Sewing Basket piece that I am stitching in the above piece is being stitched on the scrap from this piece. Here is where I was before…

Here is where I am now…I don’t a ton of progress but I’m celebrating it all the same. I did a couple more threads into the house and then I finished the flowers on the border.

I only had three on the right to finish. They are all done and that feels so good to be able to have them checked off. I want to go back and finish the tree and the bird on the left-hand side so I can say that I’m done with that side. There are dogs on the grass by the trees. I have been debating about personalizing the dogs to my five favorite dogs that have been a part of my life. So far I have a black dog on the left that can totally be Izzy. There are four other dogs there. Hmm.

That’s why I haven’t stitched the rest of the dogs yet. I’m still debating on which dogs and if I should go to the extra work. I actually think I might. I have also heard that people have stitched the dogs’ names into the sampler. That is why I have left the row below the words “Pet all the dogs”, as I might stitch their names. Hmm. In the meantime, thankfully there is PLENTY more to stitch so I can just continue to contemplate that all. Does anyone have any thoughts about that?

That’s where I am in my cross-stitch world this week. I worked on four different projects….only getting a little bit of progress on them all. Next week I’ll be starting this piece…Our newest stitch along Deck the Halls by October House.

If you missed the details about it, you can read about it in THIS BLOG POST. Liz and the crew at the Stitchery Nook are putting kits together. HERE is a link to the ordering page. If you are a newbie to stitching, I highly recommend joining this stitch along. This piece is about as easy to stitch as it gets. I might not get toweling if this is your first-ever piece stitching. Liz offers other linen options as well. If you’re totally uncertain, call the shop and they will get you set up.

That’s all I have for you from my cross-stitch world this week. I did get some finishing done last weekend and need to get the blog posts written because I finished my Wisdom Berries and framed Maker and Mender. Watch for those blog posts coming soon.

10 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Jo, I used Classic colorworks Stormy Night for the body of the bird on my Leona’s Sewing Box. It is a grey with some blue variegation.
    I also ordered the red toweling for the Deck the Halls project but how do you figure out where to start?

  2. Interesting history of the colors for Christmas Garden. I hadn’t heard that before. I did change floss on mine to Dinky Dyes because I wanted to try silk and there are only 4 colors so easier way to start. I’ve since learned that the hues I chose are considered ‘warmer’ versions, guess that’s what I like! I’m about a third done and love it as a comfort stitch.

  3. As always, a very impressive cross stitch post Jo. I love all of your projects. I have my Deck the Halls project and looking forward to working on it. I bought the toweling to give it a try. Like Barb above, I am wondering where to start. How far from the red striping and do you plan it so when you sew it into a pillow, the seam is on the bottom?

  4. Lots of progress on your projects. Of course it might not seem like much because it was on four different ones. They are all so beautiful and will look amazing when you finish them.

  5. I got my Deck the Halls stitch a long yesterday and started it last night. Never having stitched on toweling, I’m finding it difficult for my poor eye sight. I got the D done and found I missed a stitch and now have to figure out how to fudge without ripping it out and starting over. I think it’s going to look good when I finish it.

  6. Whoo hoo! I just ordered my supplies for the Stich-a-Long! Has this started, I can’t remember the dates! Guess I better check! If I am late, it’s better than not! Lolo

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