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It’s almost 9 pm on Thursday night as I write this. We were short on help at work today so I went in and worked 6 hours, then went to town and did errands. Got home- wrote blog posts- processed applications for the Animal Rescue and we just sitting down to stitch when I realized I didn’t have the blog post written with my cross stitch update. All day I’ve thought it was Wednesday because Wednesday is my last day of work for the week…well, I tore myself away from stitching time to write the update I am now writing…it might be a shorter post than normal because I really want to stitch!!

I did some stitching in the doctor’s office this week…This is a picture of my Red Pears from last week.

I didn’t stitch on these very much…only at the doctor’s office. I really had it in my mind to finish some other things instead so this only got a little attention. I’m hoping to finish the pear on the left this week…I’m close to a finish. We’ll see. I have more doctor appointments this week so it might be my doctor project again.

I really wanted to have something finished this week as I have several things that are close to a finish. I ended up finishing this…This is where I was last week.

Sadly, my finished piece is upstairs in the sewing room and I’m too lazy to run up and take a picture of it. Trust me, it’s finished. Today (Friday), I plan to completely finish it. The plan is to finish it similar to the picture…it’s just so cute. I haven’t done a finish quite like that either so it will be fun to do something different…plus, I want to get it finished so I can enjoy this Fall. I’ll share it with you once it’s finished.

The piece I spent the most time on was The Maker and Mender by With Thy Needle and Thread. I’m stitching this on 40 count Alcott from Needle and Flax. Her linen is very hard to get but I happened to see one day that she had some on her site and I immediately ordered it. I LOVE this linen and stalk her site with the hope of getting more. This is where I was last week…

Here is where I am this week…

I really want to finish this during this upcoming week. We’ll see. I have to finish the top row of letters and then do the rest of the motifs across the top and personalize it. I think I can do this. Oh…I love this linen.

I did pull out my Consider the Lilies by Heartstring Samplery. I am so frustrated with myself and this piece. It’s one of those, “I can’t do anything right” pieces. I did get the vase of flowers that is above/right of the horse. I didn’t stitch the vase the right colors…I just left it as is. Then I started on a border flower. UGH. I had the whole thing stitched and had to rip the whole thing out.

It seems no matter what I stitch on this, there’s a glitch or “modification”. It’s frustrating. It makes me not want to quickly pick it up and work on it. I keep telling myself that the piece will click and I’ll be off the races on it but so far, no click. Do you even have pieces like that??

The piece that is clicking with me is Maker and Mender so I’m going to stitch on that like crazy and go for a finish… with that, I’m off to put in some stitches yet tonight.

I have a busy weekend with grandkid things going on so who knows how much stitching will happen. I just know that my main will be on that piece. I just love it. I was thrifting today and found a frame I kind of like too. Hmm. I better get stitching before I worry about that too much.

Thanks for being patient with me and letting me get by with a short but sweet update.

9 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Put “Consider the Lilies” away for a couple of days, then try starting again. You’ll have a fresh perspective, I hope! Best of luck with it1

  2. Terrific progress Jo. Love your posts, but we will definitely survive if every now and then one is just “I am stitching”.

  3. I really enjoy your updates but I hope you know that you don’t have to get it done all the time for us – we know how busy you are!
    The one piece for me that is frustrating is Sempre Avanti from Tangled Threads. I’ve been working on this for two years I think. I get a portion done and I see it has to be ripped because I’m off one or two threads. You just can’t be with this one. Sigh. I often put it in “time out”.
    Love and prayers

  4. Mindy from Indy

    Hi, Jo. You mentioned above REALLY liking a particular linen. I hear people say that all the time, and I imagine that liking a particular linen is for different reasons for everyone. I like a loosely woven linen. Is there a “loosely woven” 40 count linen? Is that, by chance, what you like about the Alcott by Needle and Flax? Thank you for any response. ~MindyfromIndy

    1. Hi Mindy…I’m the opposite. I like a tightly woven linen. Weeks in general has a more loosely woven linen so it’s not my favorite! It might be good for you though.

  5. Yes, Mindy, I have a “Consider the Lilies” project that I finally had to put away–like 6 months ago. I have never had to do so much ripping on a project before and I’m working on 14 ct.! I just love the pattern and it was turning out beautiful, but the constant ripping sent me to a place I did not want to be. I’m now working on another project that is way more fun! Perhaps this Winter I will tackle it once again–but I’m really enjoying my peace of mind right now. Good luck with yours.

  6. I started on the same pear first, we will see what progress comes this week. I chose to do with blue and am sure liking stitching with silk.

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