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I had a great week of stitching. If you remember, last Friday I went to the stitching group in Waverly, Iowa. I had never been there before so I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to stitch. I really didn’t have a project that was ready for only fill-in work. So I hemmed and hawed over what to take.

In the end, I pulled out the piece that I was supposed to stitch on the 25th (even though it wasn’t the 25th yet) It is a Christmas piece by Lizzie Kate called Joy to the World. If you are interested in getting this chart, it’s only available at 123 Stitch or on the secondary market.

I’m stitching this on a leftover scrap of Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linen. I highly suggest a darker linen for this so the snowflakes and white stitching show up nicely.

I ended up finishing it at the stitching day. That made me happy!!

Here it is finished.

I bought this piece long before I was a regular cross stitcher. I was just starting to get back into it and only stitches occasionally.

I’m happy to have it done. I really do like stitching something on the 25th of each month that is Christmasy or winter-themed. I’ve done a few Christmas things so now I need to pull out a new piece to stitch on the 25th and I think I’m going to pick something winter-themed instead. I am not sure but I think it might be this one…

This is a three-part series. I have the Fall one finished. I purchased the Spring/Summer one but haven’t stitched it. I need to get it kitted up. If anyone else wants to stitch it, you can find the pattern HERE.

I told you last week that I really needed to start the stitch-along piece, Red Pears. I did start it. You might remember that I also said my favorite was the alphabet one so I wanted to save it for last.

I started it one evening and I didn’t have a really long time to stitch on it so I only ended up this far…I was surprised. These stitch up much more quickly than I anticipated. I started with the one on the left. I’m about 1/3 done and this was only one night of longer stitching time. I am using the silk threads for this. I do love stitching with silk.

I hope to make more progress next week. So far I like the stitching. In the end, I swapped out my fabric for a scrap piece I had of Eureka by Fox and Rabbit. That is an awesome color of linen with no mottling. I’m more of a cream than a taupe gal so made the switch.

I would have likely stitched more on the pears but I got working on a different project and it is really calling my name. Last week I said the same thing about this piece. Seriously, I could just sit down and stitch this one until it’s done…and honestly, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing. The piece is Maker and Mender by With Thy Needle and Thread. You can find the chart HERE. This is where I was last week…

Here is where I am now. I am over half. YAHOO!! I really love this one!! REALLY!

I’ve been contemplating stitching only on this until it’s finished. I just might. Stay tuned and check out next week’s post to see what I did. I’m about 1/2 done with this. I have the two birds and the scissors to stitch on the bottom, finish up the words, stitch the top, and personalize it. I really don’t think it would take very long if I wasn’t stitching on the other pieces.

I didn’t put any stitches into my big pieces. It was a week of smaller pieces. The other piece I put a few stitches in was Tom Turkey Sampler from Heart in Hand. I am stitching this on 40-count Heartland from Pictures This Plus. I am using Classic Colorworks’ Used Brick for the floss. Here is where I was last week.

I lost a little bit of steam for this one when I learned that I was off a couple of stitches. I can fudge it easy but once that happens I know it will take a little bit more of time to work out the kinks so I stall out on it. Anyway, here is where I am now…

When I was out and about I stopped at a garage sale and picked up this mini cutting board.

Now I’m on the hunt to find a small cross stitch piece to stitch and then mount onto the board. I think it would be so cute.

If you missed it, I showed off a finish this week…this one.

I have been enjoying it so much. You can read the post HERE if you missed it.

I had someone ask if I would do a video of the whole process of cutting down frames. The piece above was a larger frame that I bought at the thrift store and then cut down. I think it was only 50 cents or so. Making a video is virtually impossible at this point. I am not a pro at this. I measure something at my kitchen island. I take it out to the garage. I cut it on the chop saw. I take it back into the house and see if I like the cut. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I am back to the garage and back to the kitchen measuring again and deciding how I can improve what I have so far. This isn’t an exact science yet for me. Sometimes my cut is really good and I’m super happy. Sometimes it’s close and I have to sand it with sandpaper a little bit. Besides that setting up the camera and trying to film all of that and then clip it together for a video would be a nightmare. I do try really hard to take pictures chronicling my thought process and noting what I do in each finishing blog post.

If you’re interested in trying to cut down a frame, at some point you have to just dive in and do it. Trust me, I had no clue the first time I did it. I do HIGHLY recommend a chop saw though.

As of my writing this I am in the process of framing two other small pieces, making three pillows, and (Hopefully tackling the strawberries). I’m hoping to get it all done over the weekend and share it with you next week.

I’d love to know what you’re working on!! Please share in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Jo..thanks for responding to the request to video the frame cutting process. I was one of the ones who requested that. I totally understand the process and how moving the camera would be difficult. Maybe pictures of each step and a blog post? I’ve just never taken a frame apart. Curious as to how that’s done. Guess I need to just buy an old junky one from the thrift store and tear in, like you said. Most of the frames I own that I’d like to cut down are pretty expensive frames. My uncle was a professional framer for artist, so I don’t want to ruin them. I’ll have to practice on some yucky ones. Thanks so much for all your posts and congratulations on the progress on you stitching this week. Looks like you’re going to have a batch of new stuff to display for the season!

    1. Contented Needleworker Kim has a floss tube episode on cutting down a frame. She also references other tutorials there as well. These may help.

  2. I’ve been working on “Lillies of the Field” this week. I was away for most of the month, but was able to get a fair amount of page two stitched. I am also almost finished on a small, “Gathering Snowflakes” from Luminous Fiber Arts. I really enjoy seeing all the smalls you’re currently working on.

  3. Oh Jo, right now I feel like I can only dream about finishing things. Care for my mom really amped up this month, so I’ve done virtually nothing but barely keep my house livable. I’m praying and hoping things will settle now. I just caught up on your and Mary’s blogs today which was so needed. It’s truly like I’ve had a visit with you when I read. I may be able to finish stitching my Quoth the Raven by LA D Da soon. I want to frame it though and I’m not sure if I even have one, lol. Blessings!

  4. I sure like your projects! Maker and Mender has some sweet motifs. I really like Joy and Good Cheer but liked the fall one even more. Really should order these. I started the first pear last week and it’s almost done! They are fast. Smaller finished than I expected and I think it would not have been a squeeze to put two on one. I’ll be checking that before I start #2. The pears are my first project with the Nurge (?) hoop and I love it! Thanks for recommending.

  5. This week I’ve been working on Christmas Garden by Blackbird, Acorn Manor by Fox & Rabbit, and Consider the Lilies. I’m very slow but have no deadlines. Love every Friday when we see your stitching, Jo!

  6. Great progress this week! How fun that you finished Joy to the World. It is a very pretty piece and as always, looking forward to your finish.

  7. I have a question..I am using DMC thread that is 6 ply, so when you are only using two threads, how do you store the other 4 without getting them tangled up? Right now I have my threads wrapped around a thread keeper card and when I cut a length off, I take the balance of thread after threading my needle and wrap it around a piece of paper or box but that’s causing me to have several pieces of leftover thread wrapped up . Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. A clothes pin. Do a little wrap then clip it on to your thread binder. I use cloths pins for so many projects. God bless you,Cindy

  8. Thanks so much for the framing info! I’ll head to ace hardware tomorrow to find out what a crop saw is and how to use it. So excited!

  9. oh no. It happened again. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Your Miscellaneous post show a lot of what looks like coding or something. Is that an issue on my end or on yours? I don’t know much about this techie stuff. Anxious to read your post.

  10. Currently I’m stalled out on our year long SAL Black Dog Sampler and am working on a cute Mill Hill Bat Cat magnet project. It is so cute!

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