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Very little cross-stitch happened this week. Between appointments, work, and family visiting, there has been no time. On work nights I am lucky if I am able to get 45 minutes of stitching in. There is just too much to do after work. Enough about that though…onto what I did get done…

I had wanted to get a lot of stitching done on Consider the Lilies. This is a piece from Heartstring Samplery. My hope was to stitch a page each month but that hasn’t happened. I spent the previous week getting the border to connect up.

I am stitching this on Vintage Country Mocha with the called-for over-dyed floss. This piece is gigantic. It will take some planning and commitment making on my part to get it finished but…I started this last year and I have about double my progress from when I put it down last year. So, I guess there’s hope if I live another 10 years or so and I keep doubling my progress every year that I’ll get it finished. HA!! Here is where I am now…

I added three flowers and started on the star. I hope to get the horse done this week. Even if I don’t get a page finished each month, I at least want to work on it every month.

Last week I just had a bit more to do on my first Quaker Wisdom Berry. This is our stitch-along project. It’s an Erica Micheals chart. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make strawberries and these will be my first. Here is where I was last week…

Here is where I am this week…ONE DONE!!

I plan to make all of them. I’m not sure exactly when I’ll stitch the next one. I really want/need to have a few less projects. I seem to be in a cycle of too many projects…I finish a couple…I start a couple and seem to always have too many projects. UGH. It’s a vicious cycle I never seem to catch up on.

In July for Summer Cross Stitch Camp I picked up this chart and stitched the crow. The assignment for that month was to stitch something that lives…It was an open category as you could stitch anything with an animal or a flower….and hey, pretty much every cross-stitch pattern except maybe a marking sampler, has either a flower or an animal.

Here is where I was last week on this project.

I finished the bird in July and the little ABC piece I finished in early August. I just have the one that says Goodness and Plenty left. I made progress on it this week. I stitched on it while I was at appointments.

Here is where I ended the week…

With any luck, I’ll finish this one and be done with all of them. Then it will be finishing time.

On the 25th of every month, I’ve been stitching on a Christmas or Winter project. This is my current one for Lizzie Kate, Joy to the World. Here is where I was last month.

I’m stitching this on a leftover scrap of Vintage Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linen. The night I stitched on this was a night I only had a half hour to stitch. So…not much progress. Hopefully, I can finish it in September but it will likely be October.

I also took Pet all the Dogs to a doctor’s appointment and stitched on it but I don’t think I even put 100 stitches in so I’m not going to bother pulling that out and showing you.

I could go on and on about my lack of progress for the week but I’m not going to. I worked on five projects in total and all of them got a little bit of progress and I’m thankful for that.

Next week I am supposed to leave and go to a cross-stitch retreat. I’m super excited about it but…I haven’t decided if I’m going for sure or not. I really want to but as I am writing this, I have a doctor’s appointment that they scheduled on one of the days. I need to call and see how urgent it is or how hard it would be to reschedule. UGH. Another problem, my back is acting up. If you’ve been reading the blog and following my journey, cancer has moved to my vertebrae and is eating the bone at L5 and L1. Over the last few days, my back has hurt and felt uncomfortable. I don’t know what sitting in a car for 6 hours there and 6 hours back plus sitting all day at the retreat would do for my back. I’m waiting a couple of days to make a final decision.

Part of me says, do it. You might not get the chance to go again. Part of me says, no stay home. Take care of your back. Take care of your cancer. I’m not sure what I’ll decide. Feel free to chime in with suggestions.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get at least one of these current projects finished!!

22 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. Any progress with your cross stitching is still progress! With all you’ve got going on, I’m amazed you managed to get any done!
    Sorry to read your back’s giving you pain; to be honest, I don’t know what you should do re: the retreat. I suppose it depends on how much pain and discomfort you’re experiencing? Take care, Jo.

    1. I agree with you taking a couple days to decide is a good option. You may feel well enough after a couple days. Take care of yourself!

  2. I’d probably go to the retreat and have the excitement and wonder to be with like minded people and have your mind on something else. You could make some stops along the way, maybe find some thrift stores, restaurants, whatever to break up the trip, just to enjoy!

  3. I agree that any progress is good. You’re one or two stitches closer to being done!
    I’m sorry to hear your back is giving you problems. I don’t have any advice for you – is there a way you can make yourself more comfortable with taking breaks while driving? Using a pillow while you sit and stitch? Whatever you decide, please take care of yourself.
    Love and prayers


    Unless your doctors disagree, go to the retreat! I got an unexpected invitation to a quilting retreat in August and totally rearranged everything to go. I took 3 vacation days, rescheduled my yearly physical, and rescheduled my haircut. I drove 8 hours each way and had the best time ever. I had never been to a retreat of any kind before and had such an amazing time that I have already paid the deposit for next year. Give yourself the time to just enjoy the new people and all the cross stitching you want to do.

  5. I hope you’re able to go to the retreat. Being with people and seeing different things may take your mind off everything and you’ll just enjoy yourself. I’ve been to many quilt retreats and find the time flies! Perhaps the doctor can suggest things to ease any discomfort you might have. Whatever you do take care of yourself.

  6. Dear Jo, You amaze me. I love all your projects and some progress is better than none. I understand that you need some time with friends on something you enjoy, but my question is: How difficult will it be to change the doctor’s appointment? Where we live, if you have an appointment, you don’t reschedule b/c you may be looking at 2-3 months out. So you go when you can. If you can get in within a week, go to the retreat. If not, see your doctor, get a plan and start treatment. There will be other retreats. Also, depending on the day of the appointment, can you go to the retreat after the appointment? I know you will do what is right for you. Helen Hewell

  7. Jo, I totally agree with Helen H. Sometimes it is so difficult to reschedule an appointment and if your back is hurting, I would go to your doctor’s appointment and get your treatment plan going. Take care and know my prayers are with you.

  8. I would plan on going to the retreat if you have meds to help control discomfort. All I do know for sure is that under any circumstances life is very short. Your stitching is beautiful. And your commentary makes me laugh.

  9. Oh Jo, what a dilemma. Do you do what is good for your soul or good for your body? While you might not get another opportunity to go to this retreat again any time soon, I think I’d stay home. I have a back issue. 6 hours in a car is unthinkable for me anymore. Even with stopping and getting out and walking around every couple hours. I’m thinking that the back issue you have might be worsened by going that far unless necessary (like for the treatment at the doctor). I’d talk to your nurse daughters. I’d talk to the doctor where you are thinking of rescheduling. I agree with Helen H. on that subject. But you have to do what is right for you. I’ll continue praying for you whatever the choice. Peace be with you.

  10. I have a bad back. Granted, it’s not cancer but I have 4 fused discs and degenerative discs above them. I have been struggling for over a year with back pain and muscle aches. Yesterday, I gave up and went to the ortho and he put two steroid shots in my back. The pain is gone. All to say, don’t be afraid to consult a muscoskeletal specialist about pain relief.

  11. Jo, I sure hope you can go to the retreat! But if you decide that you can’t go, contact me and I know someone who would go in your place so you won’t lose all the money you paid. Or maybe you know somebody! Either way, do what is best for you, that’s my advice :)

  12. I can feel how you feel about your back. I know I went to the doctor for something but was told I had a severe bladder infection and was asked if I had a backache, pain when I urinated, fever,etc. My answer was no, but not 8 hours later I had all the aches. Amazing what the mind will do. Not saying you back isn’t aching, I would think it would. You know how much you can bear, so consider that. Too bad you couldn’t do it by zoom. Not the same but a way to stay stay involved and not travel.
    So happy you have a family that will help you out. My prayers and concerns go out to you.
    Books: I have read and loved these books: Hester ( a story of the meme for Nat Hawthorn for The Scarlet Letter–a book I read 60 years ago and now want to reread. And The Circus Train–about a magnificant circus train traveling Europe before and WW11
    Happy crafting and grandma acting.

  13. Jo….All I want is for you to be happy and be around for a long time! It doesn’t hurt to consult with a doctor about pain levels…do what you think best as far as the trip to the retreat goes. Do take care if yourself…we tend to think we can handle anything…just try to be realistic about your energy level. Julie

  14. I know for me, a pretty much lifelong back pain patient…sitting in the car is one of the worst things on your lower lumbar, especially if you are driving. I would hate to miss the retreat, but wouldn’t want to come back with more pain than you have already. Maybe someone there would set up a zoom feed so you can join them from home for parts of the day. Since your situation is different, and you did pay for the retreat….

  15. Jo, if it’s a choice between going to the retreat & seeing your dr, I think your appointment should take precedence. If you can’t get in within the week, call Rita @ Quilter’s Station & see if she can get you in the 2nd session–Sept 9/10. Of course, you know yourself better than anyone so please take care of you. My 2 cents for what it’s worth.

  16. Jo, I just realized I only have your landline # and you aren’t getting my texts. When you have time, can you text me your cell #? Sorry to do this on your blog but I know you are busy and you can do this when you have time.
    Debbie – your retreat buddy

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