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Very little stitching happened this week. Very Little. It’s probably the least stitching I’ve done in a long time. Between work, Karl’s birthday party, and company staying overnight, errands, and harvesting and processing tomatoes in the garden after work for two of the nights, stitching didn’t happen. I think there were THREE nights that I didn’t stitch at all. That rarely happens. So in light of all of that, I’m okay with what I got stitched.

I told you in an earlier blog post this week that I finished this…It’s called Tiny Pumpkin.

I was only about half finished with it last week when I showed you. The chart comes from the book When the Leaves Fall from Blackbird Designs. I stitched mine of toweling.

I did it as a project for Colorado Cross Stitchers Summer Cross Stitch camp. The goal was to do something in the cross-stitch world that you haven’t done before. So fun!! If you missed my full blog post about the project, you can find it HERE.

I am way behind on my next project. It is Consider the Lilies by Heartstring Samplery. The piece is huge. I am stitching this as a stitch along with some of you. I had hoped to stitch one page per month….but first I wanted to get the border stitched. Last week I tried to get my border to match up and it didn’t. UGH.

This week I got the border to match. I am stitching mine with the called-for colors of fancy floss on a 40-count Vintage Country Mocha. Here is a picture of the border coming together. I am one linen thread off and I am leaving it and calling is good enough. In the end, no one will know except all of you. HA!!

I sent this picture to Kelli, my daughter, late one night as the stitching came together. I was so happy to be this far. Now for the rest of the month, I really need to stitch full steam ahead so I can try to still get my one page stitched in August. If I don’t accomplish it, I’m going to give myself some grace and not beat myself up. I’ve not had much stitching time in August.

People say December is so busy. Not so much for me. By far, August is always my busiest month.

I only stitched on one other project this month. That was my Wisdom Berries. This is another piece I am doing as a stitch along with all of you.

So far…I only have one berry started. I had really hoped to be further on these. UGH. They are fun to stitch though. They are nice on the evenings when I only have a little bit of time. I can stitch one or two of the motifs and feel like I accomplished something. If you are looking for this chart you can find all you need to make them HERE.

I was in such a hurry to stitch on this that I didn’t even put my floss into floss bags. That is a job I am doing tonight for sure. The way the threads are now just isn’t cutting it.

I did end up ordering another pair of glasses for stitching. I had lost my other pair and was lost without them. Of course, as expected, I found them four days later. You know how that goes. I was without for about a week and was in misery the whole time.

I order glasses from Zenni. I only get the cheap ones that are $5.95 for the frames. Then I have lenses with a lined bifocal put in them. At the top is my regular distance prescription and at the bottom are my upped readers at 3.5. I love these for watching television and stitching. I can look down and see my stitches. I can look up and see the television. They are perfect. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. Of all the magnifier options, this is the best for me!!

I’ll tell you about the upcoming new stitch-along next week. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll have it start on September 15th. Wow. That’s just around the corner. I better get stitching!!

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. The Give More berry piece is looking great! I’m amazed you got any stitching done, considering how busy you are with everything, especially with the garden.

  2. You had such a busy week, I, too, am surprised you got any stitching done. As usual, what you did looks great! The berries are so pretty so will be anxious to see them finished.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I love your updates. So inspiring! I wanted to read about the latest on your cancer journey but that post was garbled again. Hope you can fix it! Thanks!!

  4. Thank you for the information on the glasses!! I’m going to look into that. I think I’ll order the give more designs. Those are pretty. Hugs,

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