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I have lots to share with you in the stitching update. I made quite a bit of progress last week stitching but first I thought I would put some links here for people who have asked. This was the setup for a few of the gals at the retreat.

This is the tray. You can find it HERE at Hobby Lobby.

Julie Letvin of Me and My Stitches left a note in the comment section and said she carries the ruler boxes that slide underneath. You can find those HERE.

It’s a very cute setup. I love just stitching in the recliner but…this is cute if I was stitching at a table. I’m tempted to buy a set just in case I ever end up at a table. Hmm.

Now to the stitching.

At the retreat, I kind of rotated between projects.

First I pulled out Blackbird Designs Birds of a Feather. I’m stitching this on 40-count Dubloon by Picture This Plus. I am using the called for DMC.

There was a huge vase at the bottom of the piece. It was perfect for mindless stitching and gave me lots of opportunities to talk and chat with little to no counting.

I got bored with it though. I felt like I stitched for hours and made little progress. I put it away, pulled something else, and came back to this later the next day. Here is where I ended the retreat.

That vase that the flower was in was solid stitching and most of the time thread change was required for each row. It got to be a bit of a joke if I was done with it yet.

Most of my retreat time went into this project. This is where I ended. The vase is done and it’s a cause for celebration!! I’d love to say that the piece should stitch up pretty quickly now, but I don’t want to jinx myself.

I put some time into my Pet All the Dogs piece by Teresa Kogut. I had originally thought I would stitch on this lots at the retreat but I didn’t. I had trouble with one of the flowers I was working on at the border.

That was discouraging so I set it aside and went to a different project. I did get the entire top border stitched and did turn the corner.

I’ll soon have the floral part of the border stitched.

I am stitching this on 40-count Seraphim linen in the color Boston. Be careful if you buy Boston and expect this color. I was shopping at the Stitchery Nook and saw Seraphim Boston. That color was a very mottled light blue and not at all the color of my linen. I’ll try to get a picture when I go to the Stitchery Nook again.

The next piece I worked on was Christmas Garden. This is from Blackbird Designs. It’s in the Home for the Holidays book. Here is where I was when you last saw the piece.

I am stitching this on a 40-count Flannel Flower from Fox and Rabbit Linen. I like the color and love the linen. I am using the called for flosses.

I really didn’t plan on stitching on this at the retreat but Tracey and Janet were both stitching on theirs. Janet finished…Tracey had wonderful progress. It made me what to stitch mine.

I brought the borders over and then down. I also stitched a couple of motifs at the top left. I didn’t do a lot but am happy I got some progress.

Janet had the large Nurge Hoops and was using it on Christmas Garden. I ended up ordering the large one. You can find them HERE. I think they would be extra handy when stitching on a piece with lots of color changes…like back when I was complaining about stitching the border on my Birds of a Feather piece. Thanks for the idea to try the larger hoop Janet!! UPDATE: Several people have asked what Janet is using that is holding back her fabric. You can find those HERE.

The last piece I worked on was Consider the Lillies. This is from Heartstring Samplery. Here is where I was when I came to the retreat.

I really only have a start. The piece is HUGE. Starting on August 1st I am committing to stitching one page every month. I can stitch more if I want…but I have to stitch one page. What you see in the corner of the picture above is one page worth of stitching.

I only worked on the border of this while at the retreat so it doesn’t look like I stitched much on it but this was a couple hours’ worth of stitching. Fingers crossed that I eventually get that border to meet up.

I am hosting an unofficial stitch along with this and anyone can join us. This is an epic piece and I think it would be so fun to have friends joining in on stitching. It doesn’t matter if you started this already…it doesn’t matter if you put the first stitch in during September and join us then. It’s your piece, so your rules.

Liz at the Stitchery Nook put something together if anyone wanted to join us. HERE is a link to the shop. Feel free to call or get help with ordering if you need it. The gals are always so friendly and willing to help.

My daughters Kelli and Kayla both stitched on theirs for a little bit while we were there too.

Those are the only things I stitched on at the retreat.

Once I got home I had company on Monday. My great niece Dawn came for an extended visit. She is a crafter so I managed to get in more stitch time.

I put most of my time into my Good Intentions piece from Kathy Barrick. I love this one. I am stitching this on 40-count Fawn by Picture This Plus linen. I am using DMC. I am in love with the colors. They look so good together.

Here is where I was last week…

Here is where I am this week.

I am still in love with this piece. I’m hoping I can hit this hard next week. We’ll see. I have grandkids coming so I never know what I’ll get for stitching time.

The last piece in my rotation is the pattern is Goodness and Plenty from Plum Street Samplers. I am using the called for colors. I am using a scrap of Heartland by Picture This Plus. Right now the plan is to eventually stitch all three of the pillows in the pattern.

Here is where I was last week.

Here is where I am this week…

I’m kind of hoping to finish this up this week. It is my piece for Colorado Cross Stitchers Summer Camp. Participants were supposed to stitch something that grows. I picked this crow chart. I also thought it would give me a jump start on getting a few Fall things stitched.

One might thing I would have gotten more stitched this week because I was at the retreat. I did get a lot more stitched than usual. My problem was most of my projects weren’t anywhere near a finish. I am going to another retreat in August so I’ll have another big stitching surge. I can’t wait!! This was so much fun.

I highly recommend going to a retreat if you ever can. I love going…and I’m not big on being away from home so that’s saying a lot. My biggest goals are to work on Goodness and Plenty and Birds of Feather. The 25th lands during next week so I have my Christmas piece to stitch on too. So many projects and happily, I love them all!!

30 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. I love seeing the progress on your stitching and how it all comes together. There are some beautiful pieces!

  2. Amy Sidelinger

    You accomplished so much!!! All the projects are beautiful. It’s so much fun seeing your progress.

  3. When I first started quilting we were staying in a campground in Texas. The lady next to us sat outside all the time and later I found out she was cross stitching. She was from Boston where the fabric mills were located that made fabric for Walmart. She had been a quilter but gave it up for her cross stitching. I think this might happen to you too Jo. I always loved it but my eyes aren’t so good and I can’t have that constant eye strain now. When I did it, most of mine were stamped and what I have in my hall are pieces I bought at antique stores, probably all stamped too. There is a totally different look from the stamped to what is popular now. And terms have changed too, thread to floss. I do enjoy putting designs on sweat shirts though, that larger count works well for me.

  4. Hi Jo, I was wondering how you manage the extra linen when you’re stitching a large piece? I see Janet is using something with hers. Could you share what those pink, purple, and green things are called? Is there other things to use also? One reason I stick to stitching smalls is because the fabric gets in my way, Love your blog! Especially the Friday cross stitch posts!!

      1. When you stitch on 40 count do you go over 2 threads? I’m interested in doing Consider the Lilies but don’t want it as large also.

  5. I love all your pieces. These old eyes can’t see 40 ct. even with magnifiers and good light…haha. The best I can do is 36 :) I couldn’t get the link for the Nurge hoop to work. If it was linked to Amazon, theirs is a little more then 123stitch, which is where I got mine. They are kinda heavy for my thumbs to hold and the frame is narrow so my arthritis doesn’t like it but I like the frames. I still use my Qsnap frames for large projects. Happy stitching :)

  6. In the picture with the larger Nurge frame, your link is bad.

    But, what are the things that are securing the excess fabric called? I guess they are magnetic on the ends. I can certainly use them on a few of the larger projects. Thanks.

  7. You DID make a lot of progress. I really like the Good Intentions and the crow one (Goodness of Plenty) and look forward to seeing them when they are finished.

  8. Am I the only one?Everytime I try your link that is supposed to be to the magnetic ties, it goes to the Nurge hoops. Am I missing something on that page ?

  9. did you begin stitching with stamped products ??
    Is your great niece close in age with your grandchildren ?

    1. I stitched on stamped embroidery as a five year old. I worked my way up to counted cross stitch as a teenager. My great niece is nope, younger than my kids and older than my grands.

  10. Barbara Saltou

    Dear Jo, I’m frustrated as I’ve tried to send you a message three times and it won’t go as whomever does it says I’ve said it before. I don’t know what they are talking about. Please help me figure how to send you a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Anne-Marie Vincent

    Hi Jo. I am very inspired by your devotion to cross stitch. I am 65 and I don’t even remember when I started. I have bought a number of the patterns you have worked.
    I usually start pieces in the centre which is always marked on the charts. Do you have a particular reason for your preference for stitching your borders first?
    If I find a border I really like I will use it for a bookmark to give to a friend. It is a good way to use small linen scraps.
    Regards from Australia!

    1. I like to have the stress of having the border match up done right away. That’s one reason. Another reason is that then I can stitch in the middle, stitch flowers on the borders or work where ever I want in the piece as I use the border as my guideposts in placing other stitches. There is no right or wrong. I love the border stitched as book marks idea!!

  12. Jo, I want to stitch Consider The Lillies but where to find linen in the large amount needed for a price I can manage! lolo Thanks!

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