Cross Stitch Stitch Along Announcement

Hey everybody…I told you that last week I was able to go to The Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa.  I got together with Liz and we pounded out the details for the stitch along Judy at Patchwork Times and I are going to be hosting.

This is our project…Blessings Abound by Waxing Moon Designs.  Jacki the designer is an Iowa and doesn’t live far from the shop.  We picked her design because:
A:  We loved it!
B:  It would work great in our dough bowls.
C:  Being she’s local, no supply chain issues.
D:  It’s a fairly universal chart that everyone could jump on board with.
E:  It’s beginner-friendly.
F:  We have plenty of time to finish it before fall.

We will be stitching the piece that says, “Blessed” which is on the bottom left in the photo.

We are doing everything we can to make this as friendly of a stitch along as possible.  Judy and I both LOVE cross stitching and we’d love for you to give it try too.  If you’ve never cross-stitched, that’s totally fine.  If you are an Aida stitcher and want to give linen a try.  That’s great.  Now is a good time to do it.

Judy and I plan to do some tutorial-type posts and are open to answering all kinds of questions.  We’ll be doing periodic blog posts about our progress and will be answering questions on our blogs.

Liz at the shop has done her best to accommodate everyone.  She’s made it so you can really build your own kit. Pricing goes like this…

Threads-all Weeks Dye Works overdyed $15
Pattern $10.50
16 beige aida $5.54
14 beige aida $5.90
28 natural linen $7.25
32 natural linen $6.80
36 natural linen $7.13
40 natural linen $6.26

As I told you, we are trying to make this completely beginner-friendly so…I’ll do my best to explain how to pick what fabric to stitch on.  Below is Aida cloth.  This is great for beginners.
This is a closer picture of it.  See the holes in it.  They are easy to see.  Your needle will go up and down in the holes.  Aida is beginner-friendly.  If you choose 14 count, that means in every inch there will be 14 x’s.  If you chose 16 count, that means in every inch there will be 16 x’s.

This is linen…If you want more of an antique look, people typically stitch on linen.  Linen is harder to stitch on, but if antique is the look you’re going for, it’s worth learning to stitch on linen.  I stitch on linen.

If comparing the linen to the Aida, you can see that it’s harder to see the holes in linen.  With linen, stitchers physically count over two threads to make the stitches.  I know initially, it looks hard but it’s totally doable.  If there is a will, there’s a way.

Linen is kind of odd…the lower the number, the bigger the stitches.  So for

28 count linen you make 14 stitches in each inch.
32 count linen you make 16 stitches in each inch.
36 count linen you make 18 stitches in each inch.
40 count linen you make 20 stitches in each inch.

Typically if you stitch on 28 or 32 you use 2 strands of floss when you stitch.  If you stitch on 36 or 40 you use 1 strand of floss when you stitch.

I stitch on 40 count and use one strand.  The beauty of this is…I use half as much floss.  It is much harder to see though.

There are all kinds of helpers to help you see…good lighting is crucial.  Magnifiers are helpful.  I started with a larger magnifier and now just use reading glasses with extra magnification in them.  I bought these 4.0 readers and use them over my regular glasses (Link HERE).  I know several people who stitch on higher counts of linen use these…but if you’re stitching on Aida, you likely don’t need 4.0 readers.

The project has a stitch count of 124 x 40.  You need to know this to calculate the size your finished project will be.

28 count linen or 14 count Aida- 8.85″ x 2.85″
32 count linen or 16 count Aida- 7.75″ x 2.5″
36 count linen- 6.8″ x 2.22″
40 count linen-  6.2″ x 2″

I’ll be stitching mine on 40 count.  I talked to Judy and she’ll be stitching on 36 count.

Now to flosses.  The Stitchery Nook has put together a package of over-dyed flosses from Weeks Dye Works.  The price for them is $15.  You are welcome to pass on the floss and buy DMC as the pattern does provide a DMC alternate.  If you want your project to have variegation in the colors, then I would use the variegated over-dyed floss.

Liz said she will include a needle with your orders.  That was sweet of her.

You’ll have to decide if you want to try stitching with or without a hoop.  I stitch with a hoop.  You can find the hoop I use HERE.  If you want a hoop, I suggest these as the fabric doesn’t slip like cheaper hoops.  Some people use Q-Snaps.  I find them to be heavy to hold.  You can find them HERE.  I know some stitch with a stand.  I believe Judy does and I’m sure she will talk about that.

All stitchers have their own needle preference.  I prefer Sullivan Ball-tipped needles.  You can find them HERE.

The hoop, q-snap, or my type of needles is nothing that you need.  I just letting you know what I use and what is available.

So, to join in stitching, follow THIS LINK to The Stitchery Nook.   There is a drop-down box that lets you choose the options you prefer.  You can order any combo of pattern, fabric, and thread that is good for you.  You might be a stitcher already and not need floss.  You might already have the pattern.  Liz and Sherri are being so accomodating to try to meet everyone’s needs.

We hope to start stitching on March 1st.  I’ll be doing an update on Fridays in my regular cross-stitch post.  I’ll answer questions that day too.  I don’t think Judy has a set day planned to check-in.  We’ll be doing this slow with the hope that everyone can keep up.  Judy and I haven’t made a plan with that yet but we’re thinking something like two pumpkins per month.  We hope to finish up by August 1st so we have time to make them into a pillow or frame them for fall display.  Nothing too taxing.

If you have any trouble ordering feel free to call The Stitchery Nook.  They are super helpful.  I’ve always had the best customer service there.   Here is their number.  (641) 732-5329.

I think I covered everything.  If not, please ask questions in the comment section.  I’ll try to be pretty available today to answer them as they come in.

Please check out Judy’s blog HERE.  She’s always stitching up a storm.  She’s a great resource to ask questions to as well…and by all means, ask us both the same questions.  You’ll likely get different answers as cross-stitchers all have their own technique, their own favorites, and their own preferences.  This way you can find your own preferences.  Maybe something I do doesn’t work for you…but Judy’s method does.

Judy and I so hope you all join in with us.  It doesn’t matter if you stitched in the 80s and haven’t touched anything since then…or if you’ve never stitched.  We promise to go slow and help along the way all we can.  We would love to turn you on to cross stitching and if you’re a regular stitcher already, the more the merrier!!

47 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Stitch Along Announcement”

  1. Kathy Henderson

    Just placed my order! It’s been a long time since I did any cross stitch, and I’ve never cross stitched on linen, so I’m so happy that you are making it easy for us to jump in. Thanks for hosting the stitch along!

  2. Carmen Montmarquet

    I can’t wait to try this, always wanted to! What size hoop should I order? Thanks so much to you and Judy for doing this!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, do you get all 3 patterns in your order? I like all of them. I will do Blessings along with you as I have never cross stitched. If I can do that then I want to do the set.

  4. WooHoo. I’ve always stitched on Aida so I ordered that, AND I’m going to give linen a try. Thanks for putting this together, Jo. I’m really looking forward to this stitch along.

  5. This sounds like fun, but I need to complete some I have started so maybe another time. I would love to work with linen, but really don’t think I could do it. Have fun!

  6. Jo I have several questions. I’m thinking of getting my daughter, two granddaughters, and granddaughter-in-law to join me in this stitch along. I cross stitched way back in the day (before the eighties.). My girls have never cross stitched but I think this would be fun to do together.

    1. I understand that all three charts are included in the pattern. How much linen/Aida cloth will we receive in one order? Would it be enough to stitch the other two charts if we choose to do so?

    2. Since my daughter and one granddaughter live together would one order of floss do two of the stitch along chart?

    3. Would the recommended floss be enough to stitch all three of the charts in the pattern?

    Thanks for your answers. BTW I read two blogs daily of course, one is yours and the other is Judy Laquidara’s.

    1. Very cute patterns. I would like to do the stitch along just for the fun and camaraderie. I am considering ordering for a good friend, also. Thanks so much for putting this together ladies!!

    2. You will get linen to make only the one chart we are stitching, but you can call the shop and they can custom cut something for you. One order of floss can easily be shared for three people to stitch.

  7. Pam in NC (former Iowa farm girl)

    Thanks Jo! I stitched hundreds of designs in the 80’s and even won a stitchers contest! HA! I’m thankful you are offering this stitch along! It will help me determine if my 30 years older eyes can still do it. I especially love the linens and designs you do. So different from long ago and more to my primitive taste.

  8. In your post last week there was a sampler you are working on that had a saying that said something about the love of cross stitching. As I am an avid cross stitcher I would love to know where I can get this pattern.

    1. No worries. They are back in stock. We’ll have enough for sure. The designer is local and she’ll print more patterns if we run out again. No worries at all about running out of patterns…if might just take a minute to update the webpage.

  9. Will there be an option for European readers who want to stitch along to but a PDF version of the pattern? Shipping from the US is always very expensive, but I would love to join.

  10. I’m in!! I have placed my order. I was very tempted by the weeks threads but went with the DMC. I should have waited to get the pattern as I have my mothers dmc collection to see if the colors there fit but I am sure once I get going I will be doing more stitching and use it up.

  11. I’m in too – I’ll get these ordered when I return from AL visiting family. It looks like a lot of fun and I’m sure I’ll be able to stitch a long while on the road!
    Love and prayers

  12. Hi Jo, I purchased my kit! Very excited to participate in the stitch along! Hope you continue to get your thyroid levels evened out and start feeling better.

  13. Fun! I personally know Judy and started following you through her. I better join or I’ll be kicking myself when I see all of the comments and progress on each of your blogs.

  14. Thank you, Jo, for inspiring me to try cross stitch again after a lot of years . I used aida cloth. Will join in the fun and follow with the help of you and Judy. Thank you

  15. Jo, Forgot to say that I am going to try linen. I might have a few questions as this will be new to me. Excited tho to try as think it looks very nice.

  16. Thanks so much for doing this Jo! I’ve placed my order, I’m so excited to try the linen, I only ordered 32 count since this will be my first attempt. I ordered 16 count aida as a backup lol! I love that you set it up so that we can get everything we need and have the opportunity to try multiple fabrics. I’ve read your blog through you whole journey to return to cross stitch and the progress you have made with your stitching is amazing! Looking forward to the SAL.

  17. Love your Announcement. While I’m a time stitcher I hope that folks find a new hobby as your Stitch Along Announcement covers all with your words and links. I will be doing this stitch along as I also love the pattern.

  18. Hi Jo, Just spoke with Liz at the Stitchery Nook. Placed my order directly as I had trouble navigating the site. So I’m going with linen for the first time! Wish me luck! This should be fun. I’m wishing you well on your health journey. Stay strong and stitch on!!

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