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When Kelli and I went to Osage we found ourselves in the Cross Stitch Shop.  I know you’re thinking I don’t cross stitch.  I have and I even did recently…just not enough to show off quite yet.  I do love cross stitch though.  I keep hoping and hoping that once things just settle down a little bit I’ll be able to pick it up again.  I have vowed that once I get to the new house I am taking some time for project for me, for our house.  (We’ll see if that actually happens)

Anyway…The place we went to is the Stitchery Nook.  I have to say first off, one of the reasons we loved it so much was the gal that was working at the store.  She was wonderful-sweet and welcoming.  The owner is lucky to have her working.

They have samples and samples and samples.  It was amazing to see them all.  Kelli and I like the ones with saying a lot.  This saying we both liked.


Kelli loved the one in the center of this picture…


This one says, “Needles and Pins, Needles and  Pins, If I can’t stitch YOUR troubles begin”.  That one made us giggle.



They had goodies from a local designer that really caught our eye….





Kelli ended up buying this pattern and supplies to make one.  She is already thinking about Christmas gifts..or wedding gifts.  The design is pretty but not super time consuming.


In the end we really loved MANY of the ones by Lizzie Kate.  The inspirational ones are my favorites.


I had such a hard time choosing.  I ended up with this one….

B36 Faith Inspiration Boxer

and this one….

#162 Let Them Be Small

Kelli got this one….

B42 As for Me and My House Inspiration Boxer
None of them are super time consuming and we love the colors in them LOTS.

The shop was a treat and I didn’t even tell you that they have lots of scrap booking stuff too.  I am not a scrap booker anymore but from what I saw…there’s lots….I didn’t tell you about the retreat center either.  Let’s just say, they have lots for crafters!!  If you’re in Osage, Iowa or anywhere near it’s worth the extra gas to stop.

I so want to sit down and take some time for myself and start working on these but I am so bad at that.  Give me a couple months and if you don’t see me post anything about cross stitching, send me a little note to remind me to stop and take some time.  If the stitching is half as fun as the whole day of shopping it will be wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Shop”

  1. Jo, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I feel as though we are kindred spirits:)
    I love reading about your adventures with your new home, and all the hows and whys. Of course your quilting and designing is always exciting! Sorry to leave this on your post about cross stitching, but —– I’m really interested in your method of growing potatoes that you posted a few days back. Could you elaborate? Size of pipe? How deep? Is it buried in the ground?
    From one farm girl to another, Mary

  2. I rediscovered quilting a few years ago because I had several counted cross stitch Amish designs that I wanted to finish into a quilt. I still love it, but don’t do as much of it, probably because I don’t have a lot of wall space left.

    BTW, the piece that Kelly fell in love with is from Ink Circles. The designer has a blog, ink, which is inspiring.

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