Cross Stitch Shop Tour: The Stitchery Nook

You might remember I told you that I treated myself to a stop at the Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa last week when I went to doctor appointments.

I planned my trip to get there right at 9:30 am when they opened so I could take an hour or two and just browse.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an actual brick-and-mortar cross stitch shop.  What a treat!!

The shop is filled from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

I am sure someone is going to want to know something about one of the patterns I show.  I really know nothing about anything in the pictures but I very much encourage you to call the shop.  They are GREAT with customer service!  You can find the shop HERE.  They do have an online store as well so you can check that out too.

The shop has a lot of samples…

When I said floor to ceiling, I meant it.

I liked these stitched on the red.  I’ve not really stitched on colored linen before.

They feature so many of the popular designers…

I found myself browsing through the Heartstring Samplery charts…and the Teresa Kogut charts.

This was a nice one…I’ve thought about buying this one but there are other charts I want to stitch more.  This one has the potential to move to the someday list.

Check out this LONG row of patterns.

You can see why I allowed an hour or two to browse.

These are all so cute.

Here was a great display of Halloween stitches…

I looked a lot here.  Remember I am looking for things for a dough bowl.

This section had me looking…

Another LONG row.

I spent quite a bit of time here.  I ended up getting one chart from here.  It’s one I’ve had my eye on.

They also do framing.

These are With thy Needle and Thread designs.  I was checking out this display too.

I didn’t buy it but this is on my I want to stitch someday list.  It’s a series of four or five charts.  The ABCs are on the chart.  It’s right up my alley.  I said no this time around but it’s still on my brain to get these.

There is a variety of samples…


to more primitive…

To full coverage charts.

I have the pattern for the one in the middle back.  I bought it so excited to stitch it.  Back then I thought it to be a HUGE project to stitch it.  So why haven’t I stitched it?  True confession here…I’m afraid to finish it if I do stitch it.  I’m terrible at finishing stuff.  UGH.  I see all mistakes and they GLARE at me.

There are so many cute things to see.

There is a whole glass case full of beautifully stitched pieces too.

This is the bible verse John 3:16.  I liked that…

I had to keep going.  I really could have spent another hour there.

More alphabets for me to love…

I had to check out the linens first.  They have a wonderful stock of Fox and Rabbit, Seraphim, Weeks, some Picture this Plus too.

This was the 40 count section.  I only bought one.  I haven’t tried Seraphim before but have heard good things about it.

My treat was to get the floss for the For the Birds charts that I told you about last week in my cross stitch update.

As I made my way to the register, I snapped a couple more pictures.

Oh, there is so much to see!

If you’re not into cross-stitch, no worries.  There is a large scrapbooking section too.

Even better news, they have a retreat center upstairs.  Oh, I would love to go on a cross-stitch retreat.  I’ve been on a couple of quilting ones…but no cross stitch.

I was talking to one of the Sherry as I was checking out and she said that many of their customers come from 2-4 hours away.  They make a girls of it and drive.  How fun!

If you’re a cross-stitcher and can’t find a floss, I’ve had such good luck here.  You might want to give them a try…and if you’re within driving distance, you might want to make a trip of it!  I have only ever had a great experience when visiting or with customer service.  It was here that they first talked me into giving cross stitch a try.

16 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Shop Tour: The Stitchery Nook”

  1. It is a wonderful shop. I’ve only been there once but want to go back again soon. And bonus – there is also a quilt shop in the town!

    Cross stitch retreat sounds fun – surely there would be less “stuff” to drag along than when we go on quilt retreats!!

  2. The cross stitching looks beautiful, what a wonderful store! I love the look of counted cross stitch but I already have so many hand work projects going. I had better stick with my hand applique and hand quilting but I love seeing the progress you make with your projects. You are making real treasures for your children and grandchildren. Happy stitching!

    1. Gretchen, I see that you do hand applique. I was gifted a partially completed hand applique project that needs a home. If you are interested, please email me. My contact info is listed with the finishers. Thanks

  3. Oh my! I have never been in such a beautiful shop for cross-stitching, actually I didn’t know there was any devoted to stitching. Beautiful items! I like the John 3:16 chart and even thought one could just do the upper part. Amazing, so thank you for sharing!!

  4. Hi Jo
    Loved the tour of “our” LNS. I haven’t been to
    Osage in awhile, but your visit made me long for a road trip. Do I need anything??? Probably not, but
    they make everything so tempting. Keep on
    STITCHING! Connie

  5. Jackie Trembley

    That looks like a really great shop. If I’m ever in Iowa I’ll have to stop in. In the meantime I can check out their website! Thanks Jo!

  6. What a wonderful-looking shop! I like how all their charts are displayed. You can see each one without having to look behind others. Thanks for the “tour”!

  7. 1800 miles is a bit far but oh my what a fantastic shop! There is no shop with 200 miles of me.

    Happy Saturday Jo. I can’t wait to hear about the weekend’s family “antics” next week! :-)

  8. We made The Stitchery Nook one of our stops last August on our way to a cross stitch retreat in MN. So much to see – I was very excited to see their choices of fabrics. I needed some navy Lugana for a project which I found there. I also picked up several remnant pieces of linen as well as some overdyed fabric. Service was spot on. Véy personable employees and owner. Will certainly stop again.

  9. I bet we were there the same day – we were at Debbie’s ‘retreating’ and made the walk to the Nook. So, so much to see!

    1. Oh my. I loved reading this. Now I want to try it over one on 28 count!! I never thought I would hear myself saying that!!

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