Cross Stitch REFINISH: Winter String

Back when I started cross-stitching I was so excited to find Priscilla and Chelsea from Stitching with the Housewives on Youtube. They hosted a Flosstube that I enjoyed watching. They were stitching things and finishing them in ways I never heard of. At them time, I only knew of framing and matting. I was so excited to see different ways of finishing things. SO EXCITED. That is part of what drew me back into cross-stitching.

Anyway, I started finishing my things the “Priscilla” way. Then after doing several pieces, I realized Priscilla’s way of decorating was not my way of decorating. I like old antiques and lots of mostly unpainted wood. I can take an element or two of a farmhouse look but she is full-blown farmhouse.

The problem…I finished a few things Priscilla way before I realized that it really wasn’t my way. This is one of those pieces.

This is how it looked after I finished it the first time. The borders are too wide for me and I just didn’t like it. In fact, every year after the first year I finished it, I never displayed it because I didn’t like it.

I pulled it apart…

I trimmed and ironed it. I used hot glue when I originally finished it. Thankfully I could cut the all off. I found this awesome homespun in my stash. Thanks so much to the blog reader who sent it my way. It was PERFECT. I added a piece to the front…then I put interfacing on both pieces.

I sewed it around three sides, clipped the corners, and turned it right side out.

Then I started stuffing. I used mostly crushed walnut shells. You can find them HERE. The crushed walnuts sadly don’t just fall to the bottom and pack all on their own. I packed them until they were hard using a stuffing stick that comes in the poly-fil bag. I stuffed mine super tight. A the very bottom I stuffed in just enough poly-fil so the crushed walnuts would spill out as I stitched the opening shut.

Here it was all stuffed. Sorry for the bad picture.

I dug in my trims and such and added a rusty star. Find them HERE. I also added some baker’s twine.

Here it is all out with my Christmas decor. Luckily this piece is winter themed not Christmas so it can be out in January too. YAHOO! I get to enjoy it longer.

I believe I likely stitched this on a 30-count fabric. The chart is from LizzieKate. I believe you would have to go to to find it.

I am so glad I redid the finish on this piece. I know now I will display it for years to come. That’s awesome. I hated that I had stitched something and wasn’t even displaying it. MUCH BETTER!!

I think I have the charts for some of the other seasons. This finish has me wondering if I want to stitch the other seasons too. This is so cute!

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch REFINISH: Winter String”

  1. I’ve watched Stitching with the Housewives also and did a few of their things but like you, very large and doesn’t fit in the RV ;-) I like what you did with the L/K string. My dd did all the seasonal strings on one long piece – cute too.
    Love and Prayers

  2. I don’t cross stitch, but was given a group of circle cross stitch in frames- Christmas pictures. I love them but hate the plastic circle frames as they look so cheap. Anyone have ideas how I could incorporate them together or change them to look their best? Circle cut mats? Sewn as appliques? I appreciate any ideas.

    1. Cover the frames tightly with Christmas themed fabric. Probably can find you tube tutorials on this.
      Are they small enough to fit on Mason jar tops? (Wide mouth or Standard) Probably tons of tutorials with different methods on how to do that. If they’re too small for that, the Oui yogurt jars are darling…. If too large for Mason jars, go to the Dollar Tree and find larger jars, wood trays, etc All sorts of inspiration.
      If you are not a crafter now, you will be!!!!!!!

  3. I really enjoy your videos. I have a question about an older video. The Seasons of the Heart pillows you stitched were beautuful. You mentioned everything about them except the linen you used, unless I missed it. Do you remember what linen you used. I want to stitch the Winter one. I try to always have a pen and paper when I watch your videos because I always get good, helpful information. Thank you!

  4. I agree that your refinished piece looks more like it fits in with your other works. I like it better too. It would be fun to see the other season ones.

  5. Another great re-do and it does fit your style of decorating. I do appreciate that you share how you finish your pieces with the rest of us. I don’t cross stitch but sometimes I come across a piece at a thrift store and I re-do it.

  6. I’m trying to find the name of a cross stitch store you’ve mentioned on the blog. I believe it was mentioned as a stop to a stitch retreat but I couldn’t find it again. We are heading to northern Iowa and thought we could check it out.

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