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Remember that I told you my favorite cross stitch designer, Lizzie Kate, had retired?  Well that put me in a bit of a panic.  There were patterns that I wanted before they were gone for good.  So…I bit the bullet and ordered.  I told Hubby I was going to order and his comment, “It’s a cheaper hobby than smoking and you’ll have something to show for it in the end”.  Well that made me feel better as I did spend a chunk of money.

Looks at the goodies though….

I love everything I ordered.  I had wanted to go to the shop in Osage Iowa, The Stitchery Nook.  Kelli wanted to go with but we couldn’t get a date coordinated.  UGH.  I ended up going on line and looking.  I thought to place an order but then decided to call to the shop instead with the hope that they would fill my order and they did!

I got two mysteries, two boxers, and two charted designs.  I also got linen for some.  I’m so excited!!

I can’t wait to finish the one I have started now and move on to one of these…I’m not sure which one but after a careful check, I need some new floss numbers.

I’ve shown the childcare kiddos all about cross stitch.  The older ones were all amazed with how little x’s can make a design.  I often am still amazed with that myself.  This little one wanted to be right in the thick of things.  See?The saying she is holding is “Be your own kind of Beautiful”.  That fits this one to a “T”.  She was the first kid I had at childcare when I started.  We’ve spent lots of time together.  She loves one on one time and learning so I took a little time and she “helped” me find the floss numbers.  She’s almost four and is recognizing numbers so she’d tell me the numbers.  9-3-0.  I went on and on telling her I was lucky to have a helper to “help” me with the numbers.  She loved it.

When we were done we had a list of floss numbers…a LONG list of floss that we needed.

After the kids left, I took the lists and consolidated them making it easier to get the numbers in a bit more of a closer order.  I LOVE picking out floss.  I LOVE putting it in my floss system too.  Crazy I know.

I can’t wait to get started on one of these.  I’ve been taking the patterns to bed with me at night studying them trying to decide which one I should do first.  I love doing that too.

Cross stitching isn’t a cheap hobby but it’s not bad-especially if Hubby can make the frames for me.  In terms of entertainment I can think of nothing else that the dollars invested go so far…and I get a finished product in the end.

Ahhh…I’m so excited to have these.

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  1. I miss the cross stitch patterns that were large crosses printed on the fabric. Then I didn’t have so much preparation to do! Now the cross stitch patterns are for pillowcases (don’t need) or tea towels – not samplers.

  2. When we were first engaged and combining households, DH was throwing out everything he didn’t need. I waded into the pile to retrieve some pots for Goodwill and found a floss caddy. I grabbed it, thinking of a friend who cross stitched. When I opened it, there was an almost-finished sampler of a teddy bear in a plane. DH’s first wife had died when their son was a year old, apparently without finishing the sampler. I finished the bear and our son, now 25, still has it. When I found the sampler in the box, I told DH, “I can stop now. This is what I was supposed to find.”

  3. What a wonderful box of fun and so nice that you could have one of the child care kids help you out. Love how you incorporate learning and helping into your days with them. Cant wait to see what you do first.

  4. I envy your childcare children. They are so lucky to have a childcare provider like yiurself spend one on one time with them. To show them that you care for each and every one. You are making a positive imprint in their little minds that they are special and count. What a blessing you are!

  5. JoAnn’s store has a sale on DMC floss through the weekend. They are three for ninety nine cents. I bought quite a few. Hope you have a shop close by.

  6. Thanks to your enthusiasm, I may just get out a cross stitch project and finish it. I only have one, but it is lovely. The saying is, “Use what talents you possess, the woods would be silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.” It is designed by Bonnie Sullivan. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Glad you got the charts you wanted! Did you see that Joann’s is having a floss sale right now? It’s one of those “prices too low to advertise” things and I don’t know the exact details because after the Hobby Lobby cross stitch clearance I’m not setting foot in a craft store for a while.

  8. Quilting isn’t a cheap hobby either, but with the stash I’ve built up over the years I don’t really need to buy a lot. Mostly backings, batting and a little bit of certain colors I run low on. I don’t smoke, rarely drink, don’t frequent casinos, get manicures or tattoos so I figure I’m still ahead of the game.

    I always think little kids 3-4 yrs. old are just the best. They’re old enough to talk with, they understand an amazing amount and they are so eager to learn. Plus, they haven’t learned to be too sassy yet! :)

  9. Susan from Kentucky

    You are just so great with those kids! Love how you find things to interact with them one on one.

    To Tina in NJ: That was such a wonderful thing for you to do; finishing the cross stitch started by your step-son’s mother. He was really blessed to have you come into his life!

  10. Thank you for all your inspirations. Just ordered a Lizzie Kate pattern too. Always look forward to your daily blog.

  11. Cherry Winky has a series of books for teaching children how to sew, embroider and quilt to name a few.

    If I recall correctly the embroidery book starts with cross stitch on gingham fabric. Which is how my Mama taught me so long ago! I also remember ‘sewing’ on cardboard pictures with yarn and a dull plastic needle. Excellent for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills!

    I picked up several of her books at a Sew Expo some 20+ years ago, I have not used them yet. My kids were more interested in athletics than sewing arts till they reached late teens. I am very much looking forward to teaching my grandchildren, boys and girls, to sew. BTW, my HH took sewing in high school, as well as shop. That was 40+ years ago and was pretty brave to do so back in the late 70’s!

  12. Cross stitch is fun and everlasting. I have done much in my life. Most were gifted while I have many in our home as decor. I have 4 floss-keeper boxes of colors wound on cards. Love the system. I have quite a few kits waiting as well as many pattern books.

    Overall I think it’s a great bang for the buck $. When I think of the hours it takes per dollar spent, it goes a lot further than my quilting habit :-)

    So awesome you teach your childcare kiddos life lessons and education theory through the creative arts. Your kiddos are definitely better for having you in their lives!!!!!

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