Cross Stitch Goodie Box

I was at the thrift store. I saw a box that looked like it had old cross stitch in it. The box wasn’t priced so I hauled it up to the front counter and asked… $4 she said.

I bought it. I was in a hurry and didn’t really have to time look. So I just figured “What the heck?” What does $4 buy nowadays anyway? I figured it was cheap entertainment if nothing else.

I took it home and started digging through it.

I wondered if it would be a great deal or a flop…There was this stitched piece. Hmm. I thing I could make a pincushion with this…but wait. The stitching is pretty tight. I’ll have to play with it and see if I can get the stitching to lay flat. Hmm.

These were nice. Floss organizers and magnet boards…but I don’t use either of those projects. They went to the thrift store box.

There were lots of patterns…most were dated. It was fun to look through them though.

I ended up keeping these two. I liked the alphabet with the hearts…cutesy but who knows. Maybe it I stitching something for a grandkid.

These two stitched pieces were a find. I think I’ll pass these on to my bag-maker friend.

Embroidery patterns. I saved the middle unicorn one for my daughter Kelli who has my unicorn crazy grandaughter Georgia.

I was quickly sorting as I had other things to do and almost missed this. I saw the kit and didn’t know if I would stitch it. I liked it though. Then I flipped it over and it was stitched!! It’s stitched on perforated paper. I just love it. The original stitcher planned on putting it in a greeting card. NOT ME. I want to display it but don’t really know how to finish perforated paper projects. I need to do a little research about that. Does anyone know?

There was this cute little “how to cross stitch book” that I plan to keep as a display piece with my cross stitch stuff. So cute.

Speaking of cute, in the bottom of the box I found these…all stitched. I’m guessing the person was going to make ornaments. I set them aside. I’m thinking about finishing them and gifting them to retreat goers when I go to a retreat…I don’t know. It was just a thought.

I can’t throw them away…too cute but what to do with them, I’m not quite sure.

So that was my $4 thrift store box…it was fun to sort through. I am so happy with the perforated paper project. I’m so glad that little things entertain me!!

16 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Goodie Box”

  1. How fun! You could sew the little cross stitch pieces to a backing and put stuffing in and attach ribbon for Christmas tree or frame them in little frames for decorations for the tree.

    1. I had fun watching you uncover all the treasures in this box. I love the Star of Bethlehem pattern. I’ve only framed things that I made with perforated paper. Maybe you can find a small frame that size and display it around Christmas.

  2. I’ve only used perforated paper for ornaments. I glued tissue paper on the back and after it was dry I cut around the edges. I don’t know if your project is too big though. You could offer the small Christmas cross stitch pictures on your next postage auction.

  3. It was such a joy to find special ornaments for my children and now grandchildren . So, I would vote for creating at least ten of them for each of your grandchildren and ornament for 2023. There is quite a bit of a treasure for each child when they have their first tree in their first home.

  4. So fun to see if had any treasures in the box. Some very cute little Christmas pieces, maybe ornaments. So wonderful that small little surprises can make one happy and enjoy life.

  5. Susan from Michigan

    You had a very nice find for four dollars! I never find anything that nice at thrift stores. I did one of those perforated paper stitches of a sleigh and presents back in the 90s. I display it in the green cardstock and place in the green envelope to store it. It works for me. I don’t know of other options. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. I think it was a great find! Surprised you found the magnetic board. I use it to keep track of where I am on my cross stitch piece. How do you keep track of where you are?

  7. You always seem to find the neatest treasures at your thrift shops. What a walk down memory lane with the Hummel pattern of the little girl in the apple tree and the large butterfly holder for my crewel yarn back in the day…I think I still have it! An idea to use the little Christmas pieces — Scissor fobs for your retreat friends, stuffy gift tags/ornaments for the grands or for a spray of evergreen during the holidays.
    Thanks for sharing your box of treasures with us. Kris

  8. I’m with a previous reader, those little stitched ornaments would be great starters for the grandkids’ future trees! They’re just adorable! Otherwise, auction it is!

  9. I agree with Kris that those tiny cross stitch pieces would make great scissor fobs for friends. That $4 box held some great treasures! It was fun to see what you found.

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