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Over a year ago I was at the thrift store and saw these picture frames with birds on them.  I picked one up and put it in my cart thinking I would do a tiny cross-stitch “K” in it.  The frame was only $1.50 and I loved the idea.  As I was heading towards the checkout, I saw another one…exactly the same.  I decided to grab it too.

They have sat here for a LONG time.  I haven’t done anything except overthink them.  I would measure and try to find an alphabet letter that was perfect for the inside.  No letter was perfect.  I dug out an old cross-stitch book with alphabets in there…none were perfect.  UGH.

Then last week I finally finished those punch needle pieces that have been sitting around here for years and I decided there was no such thing as a perfect letter for this so just quit procrastinating and stitch the letter.  (You can read about the punch needle finishes HERE if you missed them)

Can you believe I stitched both letters and finished the framing in about an hour?  Why oh why do I wait so long??

I had bought this new Blackbird Design book and ended up using… an Algerian Eyelet alphabet that was in the book as the pattern.  At least I can say I stitched something from the book…right?  I had a little rule with myself that I needed to stitch something from a Blackbird book before I buy another.  This counts, right?

I ended up stitching a “K” for my house and an “H” for the other.  That one will go to my daughter Kelli’s house as a gift.

I didn’t do fancy framing at all.  The frames have no depth so I simply took out the glass, centered it on the fabric, and traced around the edge.  Then I cut it out on the line.  Then I popped it into the frame.

It’s simple, but I really like it.

Here is the “H” version.

Again, why do I wait so long???

That success inspired me to stitch another “K” for another little picture frame that my daughter Kayla had gifted me.

I stitched these on the smallest scraps of linen.  I use this tiny hoop when I stitch on these tiny scraps.  I’m a hoop stitcher and my bigger hoops don’t work these tiny scraps.

I finished this the same as the others…I just traced around the glass and cut it out.

Then I popped the piece into the frame.  I’m so pleased with it.

Big samplers are beautiful but I think sometimes some of these little pieces add a lot of interest to a cross-stitch display.

I am very pleased and plan to be on the lookout for more little frames.

It’s SUPER gratifying too.  Who finishes a cross-stitch piece in one hour???  I guess I do if I’m only stitching a single “K”!!

So if you need a fast gift…this is an idea for you.  It really only takes an hour or less.

20 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finishes”

  1. Is it “bad” of me to remove all the little family pictures and do this to the many small frames I have? Haven’t displayed then in 20 years.

  2. Why? For the same reason that in 2022 I finally framed the needlepoint angels I stitched in 1981, finished the needlepoint cushions from 1994, reupholstered the dining room chairs with fabric I bought in 1986. Actually, you’ve been quite an inspiration to me to work on ufos. You make a plan, and that’s helped me. Also, Jo, you’ve rekindled my interest in cross stitching, and that has brought me much joy this year.
    You’ve become a sort of secret friend to me. Thank you for that gift. A blessed Christmas to you and yours!

  3. Marsha from Kansas

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    I’m seriously thinking of trying a smaller cross stitch project thanks to you. I haven’t cross stitched for years but love your smaller projects.

  4. I love those small frames. They are really beautiful. I haven’t done cross stitch in years because of my eyes, but I really admire anyone who can because the results are amazing. Thanks for sharing these with us!

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