Cross Stitch Finishes: Seasons of the Heart

It was a finishing day for me last week.  I had these two that I wanted to make into pillows.

These are from Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.  They come together in the same book called Seasons of the Heart.  These are the Fall and Winter versions.  There are Spring and Summer versions as well.  I hope to stitch them as the new year rolls around.

I cut 3/4″ from the border.  I used some iron-on interfacing on the cross-stitch pieces.  I cut a backing slightly larger.

I know it looks weird and uneven, but I purposely sew my corners like this to prevent “pointy” corners.

Here it is…ready for stuffing.

I use a combo of crushed walnut shells and poly-fil.

I use the method where I hand sew the opening shut.  I like to use a ladder stitch as shown below.

Knowing I was going to cover the edge with trim, I did some of the closing stitches with the ladder stitch and some with the whip stitch.  You can see the whip stitches.  You have to look closely to see the ladder stitches.  They are near the top of the opening.  You can see why I use a ladder stitch.

Knowing I was going to be working on these pillows, I went online to an Etsy shop called Purple Paper Mountain Crafts.  You can find them HERE.  They sell trims at a VERY reasonable price.  Each of these was $1.50.  That is SUPER cheap for trims.

If ordering over $35, it’s free shipping.  If you buy 10 items you get 20% off.  It’s super reasonable.

I had wanted to try trims on my pillows but had avoided it as most trims are much more expensive.  I ordered a lot and don’t plan on ordering again for a long time.  So which color should I use on which pieces??

In the picture below, I am working on the Winter version.  I chose red trim for it.  When attaching trim there are many ways to do it.  Some people use hot glue.  I know Sherri from Colorado Cross Stitcher uses Eileen’s Tacky Glue.  Me, I use invisible thread and hand sew it on.  If I ever change my mind, I can easily take the trim off and if I can avoid glue, in general, I do.

I used green trim on the Fall version.

Here are the two of them together.  I am so pleased with them.  Kalissa told me to put green trim on the Winter one.  I’m glad I went with red instead.

The Winter one got packed away…but the Fall one went out with the Fall decor.

I thought I would snap some pictures of other Fall cross stitch things I’ve made in the past and some of what I put out.  I’m not a Halloween girl…but a Fall girl and I’m totally okay with Thanksgiving-style stuff being out now.

Here is a pillow I made last year.  This is a Lizzie Kate design.

I bought this chart for 25 cents at the thrift store.  It’s from Bent Creek I think.

This one I did last year.  It’s a free pattern from The Stitcherhood.  You can find it HERE.  They have another pattern for Fall that I printed and hope to stitch sometime.  I did change up some colors and made a different bird.  All in all, I love it.

Here is my “Blessed” pillow.  I’m very pleased with this and happy to be able to take it out and display it.

It was such a joy to pull out my finished cross-stitch pieces as I was getting ready to decorate.  I’m hoping to get a couple more fall smalls stitched up before the season passes.  Won’t it be fun next year to pull out even more stitched goodies?

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finishes: Seasons of the Heart”

  1. I have been looking for the booklet Seasons of the Heart. Every time you show progress, I love it more. Your work has inspired me.

  2. I love your fall decorations! And of course your stitching is beautiful. Love that trim – where do you find invisible thread? Or is it just the regular plastic-type? It looks much thinner.
    Love and prayers

  3. Thanks for hosting the stitch along. I am having so much fun learning a new-to-me craft! I’d like to finish my “Blessed” piece into a pillow, but haven’t done anything like this before. When you say you used iron on interfacing on your cross stitch, do you mean you ironed it to the backside of the linen over the threads?

    I enjoy your blog and appreciate all the information you include. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those all look great!! I haven’t put out my fall things yet – too many things going on, but I’ll get to it soon! Our county fair starts today (the next to the last one in the state) and I’m looking forward to seeing the quilts and cross-stitched pieces in the art hall – a source of more inspiration!

  5. Fantastic! I love your little pillows. I too dislike those pointy corners :-) RED for the win!

    So awesome Kalissa is close and ya’ll can take walks together while she recovers from pregnancy and Anders grows :-)

    Happy Friday!

  6. Both little pillows turned out so darling! I really like all the other fall decorations too. I just finished the Autumn stitching, although haven’t decided out how I want it finished. I am like you you, prefer fall decorations and not Halloween, although I do some a few items that will disappear after Halloween.

  7. Great finishes, Jo!
    I do my pillow corners like you show in your post. I think it makes the corners look so much better using that process.

  8. Love all your fall things on display–and the “pillows” look lovely. Trims too!! No decorating for me anymore. Too lazy I guess, but I haven’t ever had much for fall/Halloween/ Thanksgiving anyway.
    More finishes!! You are “on a roll”!!

  9. I love the seasons of the heart patterns. Can I get all 4 patterns in one book or is it in 2 separate books? I love seeing all the cross stitch that you do . I couldn’t get motivated to get back into cross stitch but watching all your work it’s made me start up again. I got the Blessing pattern and got it done , now starting another pattern. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

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