Cross Stitch Finishes: Itch to Stitch and Snip Snip

Last week as I was packing for the cross stitch retreat, one of the stitchers who was going to be attending asked me to bring some pillows I had finished so she could get some finishing ideas. I was happy to do that. I myself would love some finishing ideas so I put an announcement on our group and told people to bring projects they have finished to share.

As I was running around I decided that I had the two stitch-along projects that I haven’t finished into pillows yet. Maybe I had time to finish them and could throw them in the bag to take with me and share.

Off to the sewing room I went. I ended up doing this one first, The Itch to Stitch. If you remember, these are both projects from October House.

When I originally made mine I wasn’t too sure about how much pink was in the project but I was too lazy to change the thread colors so left it with quite a bit of pink. I ended up with wondering how I was going to finish it. I have ZERO pink in my house…Hmm.

Then on top of my pile of red fat quarters was this piece of fabric. Oh, PERFECT. It’s red but has pink and light blue in it. PERFECT!! The fabric pulls the red spools of thread so they stand out more.

I put interfacing on the front and the back, sewed around it, and then stuffed it. Next up…sew the opening shut.

I tried some charms and lace. Nothing seemed to work. I’m leaving it as is. The thought did cross my mind to make a couple of red counting pins and stick them in the tomato on the far left. That might happen.

It might not happen too. I am pretty careful with grandkids around so there aren’t removable pins anywhere.

I ended up pulling the Snip Snip stitch along piece as well. I was in a hurry and didn’t have my ladder stitches at the opening straight across from each other and ended up with a pucker. That’s what I get for trying to keep stitching and being on the phone at the same time. I’m going to open it back up, add a little more stuffing and then resew the opening shut again.

The fabric I used with black and gold. I added a simple gourd pin with a couple of buttons and a fabric piece.

It’s nothing fancy but I am really happy with both of the pieces. I popped them in my bag to take along with some thread, a needle, and a little more stuffing. I’ll fix Snip, Snip while I’m at the retreat.

I’m so happy to have these finished. I love how they turned out!!

5 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finishes: Itch to Stitch and Snip Snip”

  1. wow on the itch to stitch. COUld it be Pale red rather than pink since you love red ?? haha. sometimes a bit of something different makes a big impact.

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    I finally managed to get both of these patterns, hope to reintroduce myself to XS’ing again after many years of only quilting and knitting. Pink with browns are one of my favorite looks for reproduction quilts. Am sure the fabric you’ve chosen will star among your other “littles” when you’re done with it.

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