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On Tuesday I happen to have the day off of childcare.  I was only supposed to have two kids during the day and two more after school.  One was off with a Covid scare and I ended asking the other family if they minded if I just took the day off.  They were fine with that so that’s what I did.  I still had the two after-school kiddos but it left me with a big chunk of the day to do whatever I wanted.

Kalissa messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to town with her.  Well, I didn’t but I still needed a Christmas present for Georgia.  I knew what I wanted and had been to several stores and couldn’t find it.  I hadn’t been to the town Kalissa was suggesting so I said I’d ride along if she didn’t mind.

They were happy to have me.

Kalissa made me stop and go to the chiropractor.  I’m glad she did as my neck was out of wack and it was making my sore shoulder even worse.  I ended up with problems after I painted the ceiling in Karl’s house.  Lesson learned.  No more ceiling painting for this girl.  I’d say now I feel noticeably better.  I’m so glad.

Then Kalissa treated me to a thrift store stop.  I ended up getting this basket.  I had a cross-stitch piece that has needed finishing.  I thought this basket might work.  I didn’t know if I liked the bow and had planned to take it off.

Then I set the piece by the basket and decided I liked the bow with the cross-stitch piece.

This thrift store is more expensive than my usual so I had to pay $3 for the basket but I was hoping it would work.

Check out the picture below…Does the color of the “A” look perfect with the bow?

I ended up mounting the cross stitch piece on sticky board and then hot gluing the piece to the basket.  Before I glued it down, I had to carefully round the cross-stitch piece so it would curve to the basket.

I ended up really liking it.  I did move the bow up higher on the basket.  It’s a simple finish but sometimes simple is okay.

It only took me about 10 minutes to do.  Oh why, oh why, do I not tackle projects right away??  That will forever be something I struggle with.

This was a Lizzie Kate cross stitch piece.  Sadly I don’t remember the name.  I am wondering if it was a bonus chart in a boxer pattern.  Hmm.  I do know I stitched this with the called for colors on a lower count…like 32 count fabric.

If I stitched this nowadays…I would have changed the colors to deeper colors like making the pinks more reddish.

I’m happy with it and glad to have another finished piece.  I’m so glad it isn’t sitting in a drawer anymore.

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  1. Love it, looks gorgeous , the colours blend well with the bow and basket, even the chair !
    Just wished we had thrift stores like you , but here in the UK we have to wait for car boot sales and hope the prices are not ridiculous.

  2. Judith Fairchild k

    Jo, you’re not alone In procrastinating. I’m working on clearing out all my quilt tops. My shoulder has been sore for several weeks. So little is getting done. I did get one finished and given as a surprise present. My oldest niece loves it. So glad as her birthday is right around the corner. Enjoy what you do when you do it. You catch up when you’re ready.
    The cross stitch on the basket is great. I would never have even thought about doing anything like that. So col.ll

  3. Sometimes you find the neatest things in thrift shops if you look closely enough! I’ve even found a few things at the Dollar Tree.
    Love how you finished your LK piece. The basket is perfect and well worth the $3.
    I also really loved the treasures you found in the sewing basket in your last post. How neat.
    Love and prayers

  4. What a clever idea. I would never think to do something like this and it is perfect. Love the basket, love the cross stitch, love the bow. Everything blends perfectly. Sort of jealous of your talent!!!

  5. When you do another Floss Tube you will have a lot of sweet finishes to include. I like this one a lot! Glad you had the day to get some things done—especially that chiropractor visit!

  6. I love the things that you find to mount your cross stitch pieces! You share such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  7. It is terrific! I have no recall of you being a list maker. Consideration? Make a list of all the “less than 20 minute” things you have around. Use that list to do one a day until it’s done. I have a quilting friend who was part of a group that had a 20 minute challenge. Every day they had to do 20 minutes. Record the progress and/or photograph it (since you have your blog I’d presume this would be your record). They were all amazed at what they did in a full calendar year via this simple challenge.

    I just finished a quilt top yesterday. My math was on vacation so I had parts for too many border blocks-37 to be exact I bagged them “for next year”. Last night I was fidgety and said “just do them”. So I unpacked the baggie , laid them out, cut the border pieces needed and laid it all out at my machine. 20 were done before I went to bed. Now I am motivated to go ahead and get these leftovers into a quilt top so that is my focus today (I’m away on retreat until tomorrow morning).

    To think, I was going to put this on a shelf and instead, it will be a top ready to quilt up for donation!

    Happy Wednesday Jo.

  8. Wow. The stitching and basket are perfect together!! I like Carol’s idea of hanging on the wall with greenery in it.

  9. Lovely piece of stitchery and a most interesting way to finish it off. I’ve always thought of making into pillows, wall hangings, and of course framing them. I’m enjoying your blog I discovered thanks to Google suggestion. Your creativity and special refined country flair is much appreciated and enjoyed here in my home.

  10. The basket is a perfect fit for your cross stitch. The color is perfect too. Have to let you know I ordered a tee shirt from your daughter and love, love, love it! I did leave a review. Just thought any of your readers should be reminded of her etsy shop. Once she has more sizes available, I’m going to order more in different colors. I really enjoy reading your blog. God bless you.

  11. The first thing you asked about – it looked like a little kids outfit with pockets – could it be a clothespin bag? I’m guessing that the black handled item might be for marking darts, etc. on clothing. The last thing that folded up, could it be for holding crochet cotton or thread? These are just wild guesses but it will be fun finding out what they really are. I definitely would have bought that sewing stand with all the extras. You got a really good deal! If you don’t need it, you could always gift it to a sewing/quilting friend with some new supplies inside.

  12. The little outfit with a hole in the front looks like a clothespin holder. Needs a wire hangar for the outside line. Enjoy your ttreasures

  13. Amazing…I have a basket like this one, but I do believe mine is longer than yours. It’s been hanging unadorned on my sewing room wall for years, now I know what to do with it! Hoping to find the pattern on the Lizzie Kate web site. I’ll be changing the pink to a farker pinkish red as my walls are white with red valance curtains and red accents in the room. Thanks for posting!

  14. Elizabeth McDonald

    Jo, what a trove of treasure you uncovered! I am pretty sure that the piece that looks like a toddler’s outfit is a container you would clip onto your clothesline, to hold clothespins! the round place is for dropping the clothespins in, or taking the clothepins out, to hang up or take down wet laundry from the line. I bet it was an old (and cute!) pattern from McCall’s Needlework and Crafts!

    1. I stitched this some time ago. I know it’s a Lizzie Kate pattern. I know it was a bonus chart. That’s about all I know about it. The pattern is gone.

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