Cross Stitch Finish: Tiny Pumpkin

It’s been a bit since I had a finished cross stitch piece…not a long time but long enough ago that I was getting the itch to get something finished. This is just a little finish but I’ve very happy with it!!

The piece I finished came from this book…When the Leaves Fall by Blackbird Designs.

The piece I finished is the bottom one in the center called Tiny Pumpkin…this one…

When I showed it to you on Friday in my cross-stitch update, I was here…

I finished the stitching on Saturday night and on Sunday I thought why not finish it right away?? I bought my project as a kit from Stitchery Nook. You can find them HERE. It’s just a small kit with only the needed thread (not full skeins) so it’s great. The kit included the thread, fabric (which is toweling), and the interfacing all for $10. UPDATE: I couldn’t find the link to the kit but you can call the shop and they will help you order it. THIS IS A LINK to the shop. You’ll need the book for the pattern but there are lots of other projects I love in the book.

Being it’s toweling you only stitched with one thread of floss over on thread of toweling. It makes it so small and cute.

I trimmed mine up and ironed on the interfacing.

I sewed the seams and turned it right side out. I use a hemostat for that (the little scissor looking tool- you can find them HERE on Amazon)

The tool works great. I can reach into the opening and pull it out.

Next, it was time to fill it. I use Polyfil and crushed walnut shells. Find the shells HERE.

It’s time to close the end…

I used the ladder stitch. I showed you how to do that HERE.

My pillow is all finished. Isn’t it tiny? I wanted to show it to you near these pictures so you could see how tiny it is.

The end looks a little wonky. It really isn’t. It must be the angle.

I did change one color. The pumpkin in the original is the same color as the bird…a dark brown. I wanted a more orange pumpkin so pulled a different floss from the called-for colors and used that instead.

I’m super happy with this little finish on the toweling. This was my August project for cross stitch camp from Sherri at Colorado Cross Stitcher. During the month of August, participants were supposed to do something in their cross stitch that they haven’t done before..or something new to them. I hadn’t stitched on toweling so that was my new thing.

I have to say I’m also excited that I had this done as I always tell myself, no more Blackbird Design things unless I finish a project from them first. Well…I have a Blackbird Design thing finished so I’m open to buying something new. I’m saving my pick for when I go to the cross stitch retreat at the beginning of September.

Yahoo!! Another piece is finished and ready just in time for Fall display.

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Tiny Pumpkin”

  1. How cute – love it!! I think it is a great little something to put near your other finishes. What a great accomplishment!

  2. Barbara Fairfax

    When I click on the “here “ to access the way to get the Tiny Pumpkin kit nothing comes up. I would to get my niece who is a wonderful cross stitcher a kit for Christmas. I know she has never done anything on toweling and I think she would love to get this. Do I call the stitcher nook to order? Thanks.

    Upstate NY

  3. Come ON! Last wk I said you’re crazy week and now you go and finish something seemingly in the time it takes me to brush my teeth. Please post a video of you cross stitching again. But slow it down, like hummingbird footage. ;-)

  4. What is the name of the project book you stitched Home Sweet Home? You put your finished pumpkin towel I front of.

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