Cross Stitch Finish: Though He Seemeth Sleeping

Oh my…I am loving this one. Here’s my finish of Thought He Seemeth Sleeping by Lucy Beam.

I started this for my birthday in December. Then I set it aside knowing that my cancer treatment would be happening soon and this would be the perfect thing to stitch during that time.

The verse says:
Dark the night and wild the wave,
Christ the boat is keeping.
Trust in Him and have no fear
Though He seemeth sleeping.

I adore the verse. I think it is a wonderful reminder to anyone who believes. Sometimes when life is rocky it seems you’re alone but there is a trusting hand guiding the way.

It was the perfect thing to stitch while going through the cancer treatment.

After I stitched it, I wasn’t sure on a frame. I went to my basement “frame shop” and grabbed this one. It’s an antique frame that I’ve been wanting to use and have almost used it on so many different pieces I’ve stitched in the last two years. Every stitched I tried this frame tried with …none quite made it, as the molding on the frame didn’t compliment the other pieces. The busyness of the frame and the busyness of the borders on the stitched piece clashed.

As always I took my stitched piece to the basement looking for a frame and tried this one first. I loved it and didn’t even try another frame. It’s the quickest decision I’ve ever made when framing a piece.

The colors look great and the borders of the stitched piece and the molding on the frame compliment and enhance each other vs clashing. I think it was a perfect match!!

Before I used the frame for this piece I did a little touch-up on the frame with some paint and rub and buff. That was in an effort to try to use the frame with a different piece. I never used it but whatever I did paint-wise, worked well with this piece.

I’m kind of at an awkward spot in displaying pieces. My big wall in the dining room is full except for a long horizontal piece. I need to start a new wall in the computer room but haven’t. So for now, my Though He Seemeth Sleeping will go here. It might eventually go on my religious wall but if I put it there, it will look off balance. This spot is okay. It needs some TLC anyway and this is a start.

I stitched the piece on 40 count linen called Sleeping Bear from Needle and Flax. I highly recommend the linen and feel like it was an excellent choice for the piece. As for floss colors and all of that, I think I covered most of that in THIS BLOG POST.

I think designers do such a disservice to their pieces when they put the antique sampler on the pattern front. Seriously, who would stitch that with only that picture as a reference??

This looks so much better. This makes me really want to stitch it!!

A few blog readers mentioned that they are stitching this and the color changes are pretty intense. It’s true there are so many color changes, but once you see it all finished, you can see it’s worth it.

This piece isn’t really big. I guess I’d call in medium-sized in my world. I was able to stitch it over a two month period of time.

I loved stitching this one so much and am so thankful it was my cancer treatment stitch. It was a good one for that. I need to work on sprucing this area of the house up a little bit. I should probably stitch a few other pieces to go there as well. Hmm.

Thanks to everyone who followed along while I worked on it.

I’m a little sad as all of my big pieces are FAR from a finish. It’s going to be a long time before I am even close to having another medium or bigger piece finished. Oh well…as long as I’m stitching I’m happy.

18 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Though He Seemeth Sleeping”

  1. That frame could not be any more perfect! The molding on the frame and the border on the piece….wow! It’s a beautiful piece, Jo. It must be breathtaking in person. Just looking at that little corner with the basket of fruit….the detail on the basket is gorgeous. Must have taken lots of patience to stitch that! Looks like you have that whole wall going up the stairs to cover with cross stitching!! It would be so pretty to see as you walk upstairs.

  2. It’s a beautiful finish and I think the frame is perfect too! When I saw you holding it, I realized it was smaller than I thought.
    And I agree about the way samplers are on the front of the package. Many times I have passed them by for that very reason.
    Love and prayers

  3. No, do you ever stitch on Aida cloth, or just linen. I have to use Aida, as I don’t think I can see linen very well. I had cataract surgery & it has made my stitching very difficult. I absolutely love your work. Beautiful!

    1. Interesting you have found stitching more difficult since cataract surgery, so have I! And that has now been some years ago. Still have pieces unfinished, and even more I wanted to stitch.
      Even my specialist is doubting(?) of this.
      But can still catch up with quilting, knitting, crochet, so all is not lost.
      Dot, NZ.

  4. Another beautiful finish, Jo! As others have said, the frame complements it perfectly. I also love the words on this stitchery… such a beautiful reminder to all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s beautiful, I’d love to stitch it. The frame is perfect. I love the verse too, I’ve written it down in my notebook where I write things that are meaningful to me.

  6. Jo, I just love how you personalized this piece to make it your own! I started mine about the same time you did. I’m using mostly my own colors, and haven’t stitched the bottom section at all, because like you, I want it to be “my own”. I was so excited when you posted your pics on Instagram–I can do this too! We’re walking through a cancer chapter too; my husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma 24 months ago. So we are very grateful for this “bonus” time we’re having, past his predicted live expectancy. “Christ the boat is keeping”!!!

  7. Suzanne Shepherd

    I have been searching for a piece of linen to start that project. Today I’ll check out your suggestion! Everything about your piece is so lovely and your frame is absolutely perfect for it. Thanks for the inspiration, Jo!

  8. Dear Jo—
    Your work is exquisite, and the frame is amazing! Thank you for sharing, and, again, inspiring.
    Somehow I missed your wonderful, informative message re my question about your color choices. Yesterday’s post sent me back, and I found your answers. Thank you so much!
    The timing of all this is remarkable. I found the verse very comforting, as my daughter has stage four ovarian cancer. This past Friday she was hospitalised in very critical condition, and I was thinking about the sampler. The timing of your post was indeed extraordinary.
    Tonight: the physicians and the great Physician all worked miracles, and Carol seems to have weathered this health crisis. She will be in hospital a few more days, but we hope to bring her home on Wednesday.
    We are in stormy seas, but “He but seemeth sleeping”. Jane

    1. Oh Jane. I’m so sorry to hear this. Being a caregiver is hard work and definitely an unsung hero job. Thank you for being there for her.

      1. Carol is being released from the hospital this afternoon. Miracles occur, and Christ the boat is keeping.
        Last night i came across a cross stitch pattern for “joy comes in the morning”. I will try to start that tomorrow.
        Blessings on you. I am so happy for Jerry in your life!—jane

  9. A beautiful finish! You did a lovely job adapting the colors of the sampler. Enjoy your wonderful sampler!

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