Cross Stitch Finish: Summer Sweets Pinkeep

I’ve had my Summer Sweets Pinkeep finished for quite awhile. I actually finished it right away and then forgot to tell you all about it. I was deleting photos from my camera roll and realized I didn’t blog about this finish…so, here it is…Summer Sweets Pinkeep.

All along while I was working on this, I had an idea of how I wanted to finish it…but I didn’t test the idea until I was completely done with the stitching.

Speaking of stitching. I did mine on 40-count Vintage Country Mocha with the called-for colors.

I purchased this old frame at a vintage sale a long time ago with the intention that someday I would use it to finish a cross-stitch piece. The picture was on a metal piece and the metal piece fit into the circular metal frame.

My stitched piece fit perfectly with it.

I put interfacing on the back side of the stitched piece.

I cut out a piece of sticky board that was the size of the center of the metal frame. Then cut graduated circles of quilt batting and did one big giant stitch to put them together. Then I stuck them to the sticky board.

Next I did a running stitch around the perimeter of the stitched piece.

I put the sticky board with batting into the circle and pulled the gathering up. Then I did spider web stitching to pull everything tight and lose any wrinkles around the edges.

I wasn’t too sure about how I felt about the finish. I tried a few different trim options and ended up with this. I sari silk with a vintage gold button from my collection. You can find the Sari Silk HERE on Amazon.

It’s like a giant ornament. I’m not 100% on the sari silk because I have the whole issue with mixing the whites and tans but there are strawberry blossoms on the stitched piece that are the same color as the sari silk…so I’m going with it.

I found a good spot for it in the house…

I have a trellis thing attached to the wall in the living room.

The spot is a work in progress. I’ve been debating about making a small quilt to go above this area or to start putting a few cross stitch pieces above there…we’ll see. For now, it has the addition of the new Summer Sweet Pinkeeps piece.

It feels so good to have another piece finished. I love stitching all of the small pieces. It’s so rewarding to have a quick finish…and a cute one too!!

I know many of you stitched along with me. How are you doing on yours? Please let me know in the comment section.

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Summer Sweets Pinkeep”

  1. Cynthia from Nebraska

    So cute! Love the display area. Where are all the places you display/use your quilts in the house?

  2. Very pretty! I love the circular frame – you always find amazing frames for your finishes! I’m hoping I can do circular finishes for Christmas ornaments this year.

    1. Beautiful work. I love the way you finished it. You have inspired me to take up cross stitch again. I love the small projects that can be finished and displayed in a short time.

  3. That’s a beautiful piece! I love the frame! I agree with you on on not being 100% on the ribbon. The vintage-ness of the ribbon fits the piece, but would it be possible to dye it the red color of the strawberry? I know you love red (I do too). I hope you don’t mind my saying this. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy all your topics.

  4. I love your piece but not the big bow. Just doesn’t work for me. I think the picture frame would look great as is. You always amaze me how easily you can frame your work.

  5. Another great finish! It really looks great on that trellis along with all the other cuties. You always do such a great job finishing your stitched pieces, and thank you for sharing the steps to the finish.

  6. Martha W in WY

    I agree with some of the previous comments on the bow. What about colored jute? Take several strands of green or red jute and combine them into a bow. I haven’t started my bird yet. I’m sidetracked working on a memorial/thank you to all of our present day and ancestors who are or were in the military.

  7. I love your cross stitch finish and the frame you mounted it in. It is so ingenious how you graduated the batting and secured it. The only change I would make is to eliminate the bow with the long ends. I think it obscures the beauty of the cross stitch and does not add anything to it. It is beautiful just the way it is without the bow.
    So glad that you are in a happy place in your life. You certainly deserve it. I do enjoy when you post your quilting progress but I know there are times when other things naturally take priority. You still get more done than I do and I am not working anymore.

  8. Great fi ish. I agree about biw…but cut legs a bit shorter so they don’t over power the pc, & you may like it a whole better. Gd video, tnx

  9. I loved stitching this piece! It’s all done and it’s great to know how good it looks in a round frame. Ideas! Now, I’m looking at more Scattered Seeds designs…there’s just something about them. Thanks for sharing yours!

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