Cross Stitch Finish: Spring Messenger

I’m so happy…I finished Spring Messenger. If you remember it is our stitch-along piece. I feel a little bad because I didn’t put it down and just stitched and stitched. I loved it so much, I couldn’t help myself. UGH. Typically when I do a stitch-along, I try to stitch more slowly as I don’t want to discourage new people who are stitching along. I couldn’t hold myself back on this one…I’m hoping my finish might encourage you all to keep plugging away and stitch yours.

I ended up framing mine in a thrift store frame and didn’t make it into a pincushion like suggested in the pattern. The frame is actually metal and painted to look like wood. It’s dinged up some but I used some black spray paint on it to try to cover the dings. I lightly sprayed in on and then rubbed it in. I like the look just fine. Can you believe the frame fit so perfectly and was only $1.50. YAHOO!! I love a deal. I did take a lot of pictures along the way so I could show you how to frame an oval finish.

Here are the supplies I gathered to finish the piece.

The backing of the frame is the oval you see below. I used that as a pattern to cut my fabric. I put it over my stitched piece centering it the best I could. I drew a line about 1 1/2″ further out from the cardboard oval and cut it out.

I cut a piece of batting the same size as the cardboard oval and used THIS GLUE to adhere it to the cardboard.

I used two strands of a heavy-duty thread and gathered around the piece.

I put the cardboard with the batting attached onto the back of the cross-stitched piece and pulled the threads to gather the edges of the cross-stitched piece up.

I flipped it over to check to see how it was centered. I had to move and change it about three times before I was satisfied with it.

Just to double check I laid the frame over the top…Then I tied the threads on the back together and knotted them.

I used glass cleaner and cleaned the glass. It was old so it was pretty icky.

Then I took a lint roller and rolled across the whole piece just pressing lightly to not pull out any of the stitches.

I cut a piece of scrapbooking paper the same size as the oval and assembled it all. The back of the frame had metal pieces that bent over to hold everything in place.

I am so pleased with this. I stitched mine on 40-count Vintage Country Mocha linen with all of the called-for colors. I just love it!!

I have it displayed in my living room. It’s the perfect spring piece. I love that it’s not Easter-y and just Spring!!

What an awesome design.

I am off to do two things…put a card on the back of this to record the pattern, linen, and threads and then I am going to go see what else Scattered Seed Samplers has for charts. I don’t know that I’ve really looked at her stuff before.

If you’re part of the stitch-along for this one, keep stitching. It’s totally worth your time!

11 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Spring Messenger”

  1. I love this finish – you did a wonderful job! And I like how you’re able to find just the right frames for your projects!
    I really like this pattern too and have thought about getting it – so many projects!
    I think I may wait until next spring – by the time I’d get to it this year, it’d be fall – but then again, it would be ready for next spring, wouldn’t it? :-D
    Love and prayers

  2. Hi, Jo. This is a beautiful finish. The oval frame was a perfect find! What is your finished piece sitting on in your living? room. Thanks for inspiring us again.
    Christine from Ontario, Canada

      1. I have wooden crate that belonged husband’s grandmother, I had no idea they made metal ones too. I absolutely love everything in your house! The framing lessons are great!

  3. As usual you did a great finish! Thank you for taking the time to take the pictures for us to see the process. I am not doing this stitch along, but I may need the information for another project. Great finish!! Thank you!

  4. Amy Sidelinger

    Wow!!!! The frame is perfect and the finished piece looks at home in your home. Your ability to reuse thrift store frames is inspiring!

  5. Thanks for showing us how you did the framing. I want to mount mine on an oval shaker box. Your tutorial gave me enough confidence to do that. Thanks again!

  6. Carmen Montmarquet

    Wow Jo another absolutely beautiful job! The oval frame is just perfect for it! Looks so good in your living room! Thanks for sharing how you put it together, now I have to learn how to do cross stitch! Tried and failed but this makes me want to try again!

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