Cross Stitch Finish: Seeking Refuge

You all might remember that I stitched this piece, Seeking Refuge by The Scarlett House, back in 2020.

I stitched this just as Covid hit and was so thankful I had it to keep my mind busy.

I put it in a thrift store frame that I had painted and it was okay…but as I got two other of my pieces framed, I was a little disenchanted with this piece.  I loved the piece.  I loved the saying.  I loved everything about it…except the framing.  It just didn’t look the quality as the other framed pieces I had.

I decided to break the bank and send it off to be framed professionally.  Many of the floss tube people recommend Total Framing.  They are states away from me so I didn’t know how that would work but they are ones that framed two other of my pieces so I thought I would go with them again.

I previously wrote how they work through the selection process but I’m repeating it all here again as it’s been some time since I talked about it.

They sent me these pictures with descriptions…

There are five options.  You can see them all in the photo above.

The laid my piece out with each of the frames.  This is option #1…
This is the description that came with it.
This one is a vintage-inspired black beeswax finish in a scoop shape with an antique silver lip. Clearly, our samples are a little beat up, but that warm brown edge is lovely with the brick house! ”

Here is #2
This is actually almost the same frame as the first one, but the line on the outer edge is a little bit thinner and redder, and it has a plain cooler silver lip.

Here is #3
This one is slightly less antique feeling, but a gorgeous brown and black patriotic frame with stars and a greenish-gray wash over the design.”

Numbers 4 and 5 are combined in one picture.  4 is the plain frame.  5 is the frame with the light green inlay.
“4- It’s kind of hard to see in the photo, but the top of this molding scoops in just a little bit and it has a slightly hammered finish that gives it a more vintage feel. Also a beeswax finish.”

5- this is the same frame as #4, but with a glossy green liner that has a slender black edge on the inside of the lip that sets the needlework off beautifully. I know this is kind of a wild card since it’s glossy, but it’s so beautiful on it I had to send it. ”

All of them were in the same price range.  The only difference would be #5.  Adding that inlay would be much more.

I originally sent my piece to them in June.  They called me when it arrived.  Then in September, they sent me these frame options…then the wait was on…

Last Friday as I was in my hospital room waiting for the treatment dose of RadioActive Iodine to show up, my phone rang.  I wasn’t treated yet.  No one was in the room so I answered the phone.  My nurse had just been in and said they were coming but they weren’t there so I figured it was okay to answer my phone.  I ran to the closet where my phone was hidden away and answered.  It was Total Framing.  AH!!  They asked how I was I was and I said actually, I’m in the hospital.  I told him I was fine and could take the call.  He started to insist that he’d call back later and I said NO!!

I got my credit card out of my purse and made the arrangements to have my cross-stitch shipped trying to hurry in case the doctors showed up.  At this point, the doctor would have had to wait because TOTAL FRAMING HAD MY CROSS STITCH PIECE FINISHED AND MY WAIT WAS GOING TO BE OVER!!

So, I got confirmation from them that my piece would ship and should arrive on Tuesday.  I thought what a perfect surprise to come home to.

While I had my phone in my hand, I had heard it beep with a text message just seconds before my phone had rung.  I decided to read the message.  It was The Stitchery Nook.  My Anniversaries of the Heart was framed and I could pick it up.  WOW!

I was doing the happy dance!!  I was going to have TWO pieces framed and ready to hang.  I was so happy.  I quickly put my phone away and jumped into bed.

After waiting since June, now in January, it finally arrived.  What do you think??  Was it worth the updo in frames??

They do a great job with the packaging.

Here it is all finished.  Oh, I like it so much better.

The frame doesn’t look cheap.  I thought it did before.  I’m super excited to hang it on the wall but will wait until I have a little help.  Oh, I just love cross stitch.  Seeing finished pieces just makes me SMILE!!

I am so glad that I got back to cross-stitching.  It’s one of the best things I did for myself.

I love the work Total Framing does…I really love it.  But 6 months is a bit of a wait.

I’m off to get some more stitching done.  I want to get my Floral Motif Sampler finished so it can be on my wall too!!

36 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Seeking Refuge”

  1. Marybeth Richardson

    As per frames…. I like #1 or #3. I didn’t like the gold frame component….it didn’t look old or rustic.

  2. Kathryn Travers

    The end result was beautiful and it is really a perfect piece that sums up so much. I am interested in your thoughts on Total Framing vs. a local framer. I have quite a few unframed pieces and I find myself paralyzed over what to do with them. While I do think that professionally framing yields a beautiful result it is costly. Was there a dramatic difference in the pricing between your local framer and Total Framing that made you surrender your piece for 6 months?

  3. The framing is so beautiful and really highlights your stitching! Thank you for showing the Total Framing process with pictures and explanations. I have started cross stitching again after almost 20 years because of your inspiring work. Thank you for the inspiration and bringing us all along on your amazing journey.

  4. The framing is wonderful and it really makes your stitchery say Wow! Gorgeous piece and so glad that you like it.

  5. J’aime beaucoup cette broderie encadrée, le choix du cadre est parfait ! Voilà que ça me donne envie de reprendre le point de croix abandonné depuis 20 ans …

  6. There’s a product on Amazon called Rub and Buff. It’s only a couple bucks. It adds a something something to painted wood that gives it an aged look. You may want to give it a try since you refurbish so many things. I believe it would bring life to the first frame you used.

    I found it while following Coopcrafts on Instagram.

      1. Did you paint a sewing cabinet recently? Something you did a while ago made me think of it but I didn’t reply at that time. You’re so thrifty and creative.

    1. I was wondering if there was something out there like that. I have been buying frames at my local Habitat for humanity Restore for about $1 and then painting them. They look just ok. This might spruce them up a bit. Thanks for the info.

      1. Hope you like it on your old frames. If you paint something it just takes the new off of the paint and gives it a vintage look.

  7. Great choice! It sure turned out great and happy you like it! I wonder if their turn around time is always that long if they were super busy because people did more stitching during lockdown. I might consider using them with my stitching.

  8. I like the simplicity of your framing choice — it allows your beautiful workmanship to stand out. My eyesight does not allow me to do counted cross-stitch anymore, but I love it and truly enjoy seeing what you have done. Worth the wait, and you are definitely worth the money it took to make a showcase out of that creative masterpiece.

    Take care, Jo. You’re in my prayers.

  9. I love your sampler and the beautiful frame choice. I started this piece as my new year start. It is my first 40ct. piece and I was nervous about it. But thanks to a magnifying light, so far so good. i have already stitched the year so I have to finish it this year!!!!!! Thanks for your blog Jo. I really enjoy reading it everyday.

  10. Susan from Michigan

    Thank you for the laugh, “the doctor would have had to wait…” Glad that you are so happy with the piece. I enjoy hearing your thought process.

  11. What a beautiful choice of frame for your beautiful piece! I hope you are doing better after your treatment… Thank you for sharing your framing story… I like the care they took to help you pick the frame you wanted…that’s important!

  12. I have always had my pieces professionally framed..figured if I put that much work into it, it was going to get a nice frame job!! HA But I usually get them done at Joann’s, Hobby Lobby or Michaels and I’ve never had an issue with any of them. Given your choices, I would’ve picked #3 but your choice looks fabulous.

  13. LOUISE Chambers-Roebke

    Love your work and the inspiration!
    I cannot tell, is there glass over your piece?
    I am doing the series of Bridges of Madison County for my daughters, 8 pieces in all, who knows how many years, but it looks like Total Framing will be getting a new customer!

  14. Your Seeking Refuge looks so nice! I just started mine, DH got me the chart for Christmas. I was trying to decide between it and A Changed World and decided Seeking Refuge spoke to me more. I just have some of the green diamond shapes done right now. I can’t wait to start on some of the more fun parts. Yours is beautiful, I hope mine looks half as good!

  15. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I’m glad you had to choose and not me I’d still be dithering on the green inlay or the one with the green accent on the the design. Your choice really enhanced your lovely stitching. I to take to needle and thread and sew my worries away.

  16. Your cross stitch piece is beautiful and worth the money to have it professionally framed. With so many hours involved in making such a wonderful piece, it deserves to be put in a wonderful frame . Great choice!

  17. My picture-framer friend is having delay after delay in obtaining raw materials for frames, caught in the same shipping/delivery crunch as everyone else. So maybe six months isn’t really that bad. By the way, it’s gorgeous!

  18. Jo the cross stitch piece is so amazing and beautiful. So glad it finally came.
    You have inspired me. I am working on this piece right now. thanks so much for sharing your work with us.
    thinking of you and praying for you.

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