Cross Stitch Finish Redo: Thrift Store Find

Back when Christmas decorations were getting set out at the thrift store, I found a cross stitch piece that was Christmas-themed. It was finished nicely into a pillow with a big ruffle around the edge. It was pretty but looked a little dated. It was only $1 or less so I bought it with the intention of redoing it. I can’t find a picture of what it looked like originally. Bummer as I’d like you to see the before and after. I forgot all about it until I was putting Christmas decorations away at the end of December.

Here it is all finished. I put it away about two minutes after I snapped the photo.

Before I put the decorations away, I quickly went and found it and decided to quickly finish it so I’d have it for next year and not forget again.

I carefully cut fabric as I was using a directional fabric that needed to different directions on the sides so all the lines in the fabric were horizontal.

I put interfacing on the front and back pieces. I cut a slit in the backing. I sewed around the edges, clipped the corners and turned it right side out through the slit in the back.

I stuffed it with a combo of Poly-fil in the corners, then crushed walnut shells…then more Poly-fil.

I hand-stitched the opening shut and then cut a star from wool to cover the slit in the back. The last thing I did was put a button on the back too.

It was pretty good but I felt like something was missing…I ended up getting a rusty safety pin, button, and star charm. I really liked that little bit of extra.

I set it out with the remaining Christmas decor, snapped a picture, and then packed it all away for next year’s Christmas. I ended up liking it.

The green isn’t a traditional green but it was the color that looked best with the stitching.

I’m happy to call that one done…I wish I would have remembered it sooner. Sadly I have no idea who designed it so I can’t credit them. Otherwise I certainly would have because it is a cute design. Thanks to whoever originally stitched it. I’ll enjoy it for some time.

6 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish Redo: Thrift Store Find”

  1. I’m glad to know there’s someone else who “saves” cross stitch work. I “rescued” 2 last year – one was Christmas-y and I washed and t put it away for next year. The other was a framed “Footprints” project – not sure how I’ll work with that yet.
    Love and prayers

  2. I think the green you used is perfectly acceptable for Christmas decor. It certainly sets off the colors of the cross stitch and your add-ons finish it off. Great work!

  3. Cindy Wienstroer

    I have some winter cross stitch patterns – small, that i want to send to you. Once i find your address again.

  4. The redo is very clever. I really like the little charm and safety pin. You always have the perfect touch for your little pillows. I am quite fond of the non-traditional green for Christmas so I like this finish very much.

  5. Good save of the cross stitch project. But I would have cut two pieces for the back, machine stitching the seam, but leaving an opening to stuff through, then whipped stitch closed. Makes a much neater back and no applique is needed.

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