Cross Stitch Finish: Red Pears

I got brave and finished my Red Pears from Annie Beez Folk Art. This was one of our stitch along projects from the Fall of 2023. I’ve been slow to finish them as like many of you, finishing something like this is a little intimidating.

I have to say after finishing them, I’m a little embarrassed that I was “chickening out” of finishing them. It was actually rather easy. I started out by watching this video from Vonna Pfieffer.

I bought some clean template material from JoAnn Fabrics. I traced the shape and cut it out.

You can see how nice it is to have a clear template so positioning the pattern is easy.

I traced the patterns and then cut red fabric that matches for the sides of the pears. I put interfacing on the backs of all of the pieces.

I sewed one side and then the other leaving an opening at the top and the bottom.

I clipped the edges…

I turned it right side out and then stuffed it. I stuffed it from the bottom. I put polyfil in the top and then added the crushed walnut shells and then polyfil again.

The bottom looked like this…I stitched it up a bit. Then cut a piece of wool and covered it.

This is what they all looked like at this point.

Next I did the decorative stitching along the sides. I had been dreading that but I enjoyed it!

I used wool to make the stems and them put them in the top hole. I added a bit of glue to hold it all in place permanently.

Here they all are…Oh, I’m happy with them!!

I am so happy that we did this as a stitch along. The pressure of you all waiting for me to finish the pears put the right amount of pressure on me to finish them!! Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing!! HA!

So friends, those of you who stitched the pears…are your’s finished yet? Curious minds (mine) would love to know if I’m the only one that drug my feet and didn’t finish them right away.

24 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Red Pears”

  1. Yours pears are amazing, you are right to be pleased with them. I have always thought I would never be able to do the finishing, so I’ve never bought any charts, but maybe now I’ll have another look. You’re an inspiration!!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I really need to learn how to sew on my machine. I may rethink getting something like those to work on. ♥️

  3. Meredith in Cincinnati

    These look wonderful! You must be so proud of yourself! Thanks for showing us how to do it.

  4. My pears are stitched, but I am not good about finishing. I am able to stitch at work a good amount, then my days off are doing all the home stuff. I need to get disciplined. Your pears are beautiful.

  5. Oh Jo, these are just gorgeous! I always love your finished works but these just called my name! I just love red anything so these are just perfect to me. Hallelujah, they are done and displayed.

  6. Oh how beautiful! I started finishing this yesterday. Wish I had bought the clear plastic—it took longer but I muddled through.

  7. Susan from Michigan

    Before I even read the post, I knew yours would be finished with excellence. You are so good. I didn’t stitch this one. I bought Spring’s Messenger a year ago and haven’t started it. I mostly quilt.

  8. Barb F. Canandaigua, NY

    Jo, your pears are just beautiful. I am a cross stitcher- not a quilter but seeing both on your blog.I’ve mostly had things framed that I have cross stitched but am now trying to stretch a little and do some for paddle boards and finishing in hoops. Questions- what kind of interfacing do you use on the backs of your finished projects? It seems you use it on most things. And if I want to glue a circle of felt to the back of a hoop to finish off a stitching, what kind would you all recommend?

    Hope Spring days arrive for you soon, Jo.

  9. Those pears are darling!! The colors are so good – just perfect finishes. I didn’t make them, but seeing how you made the pears, makes think even I could do those. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. I buy template plastic at Dollar Tree. It’s the cutting boards. You get 2 that are 14” x 11” for $1.25. Much cheaper than joanns.
    Love your pears.

  11. Thank you so much for the clear directions and pictures… I have the pear patterns and I read the finishing direction several times but it wasn’t making sense to me… now that I see it I have no doubt I can finish my cross stitched one… and perhaps even make a couple out of fabric!

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