Cross Stitch Finish: Pins and Orts

I finally, after about four years, finished the first project I ever stitched on 40-count linen. The project is Pins and Orts from Heartstring Samplery.

I had stitched the outer wreath of flowers but had always thought I would put my initials in the center vs. the words Pins and Orts as it is charted. But, that would require me finding a charted alphabet and counting to make sure it would fit. So it sat.

So after my recent cancer event, my daughter said to me, “Mom, you can’t die because I don’t want to finish all your WIPS.” She was joking but it got me thinking…I should finish these so I can enjoy them. So…I stitched my initials and it was ready to finish.

I have been looking for the right piece to finish this on. I had bought the tin shown in the picture but I bought the wrong size. Then one day, before this was finished, I found a paper mache piece at the thrift store. I think it was only 25 cents. PERFECT.

Next, it was time to paint it…
On one of my recent trips to the doctor, I stopped at Micheals and got some paint. I picked the darkest blue paint I could find. I wanted something so dark blue it almost looked black but I couldn’t find anything. I ended up with this…

I ended up putting two coats of paint on and then a layer of dark wax.

I cut a stack of quilting batting like this…You can see they go from large to small.

I gave my piece a good ironing to get any wrinkles out. I cut out a piece of sticky board about 1/2″ smaller than the top of the container.

I ran thread through the center of the stack of batting circles and tied a knot to keep them all together. Then I pulled off the paper and stuck it to the sticky board circle. Next I put the batting over the top of the stitched area and cut around it as shown in the picture on the left. Then I took needle and thread and gathered it around the edges.

After it was gathered I stitched a spider web on the back cathing each of the sides and pulling them even tighter together. In the end I was pleased with it.

I had painted the inside but wanted to dress it up. I ended up cutting a circle that would fit in the bottom from a cracker box and covered it with fabric.

I forgot to take pictures of me adhering the stitched piece to the top. I was so excited to have this finished I just plum forgot. I found a matching red rick rack. I glued that around the edge. Then I glued the stitched piece on top of it.

I ended up really liking it!!

I love that I used so many layers of batting and made it poofy.

I don’t have a “home” for it yet at my house. The grandkids showed up just as I was finishing it so I have had a chance to rearrange and move stuff.

I’m VERY pleased with it.

I am taking the finishing of this as something good that came of my cancer return. I finally got this completely finished!!

26 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Pins and Orts”

  1. I really like this one! Very creative…and it looks so cute in so many different places. Congrats for finishing your first cross-stitch UFO!

  2. WOW! That turned out so pretty!! The only thing I’ve ever done with my cross-stitching is have them framed. I think I’d be really afraid to try to do my own but that little box had LOTS of steps and I just know it’d get messed up somewhere along the line if I tried it. I’m just in awe of how you frame your own pieces, cutting down the frames, lacing the stitched piece and all.

  3. It turned out fantastic! You are very creative, I don’t think I would have thought of having different sizes of batting for the top. You showed us all how to do it!

  4. That is so pretty!!! I am so glad you have that finished now. The blue turned out great, the trim is the perfect accent color, and the batting is the perfect touch. Yay You !

  5. I LOVE IT!!! I am fairly new to crossstitch and so far the smallest weave I’ve done is 32, so I appreciate the work of doing 40 count. I really like how you used it on the painted box. I’m inspired

  6. Another beautiful and perfect finish! It looks great and I am sure it makes you feel so good to have it totally completed. You are so good knowing what is the best way to finish a project.

  7. It’s such a treat to read your cross stitch posts! This one is simply gorgeous, Jo! I am always inspired by the ways you finish off your pieces, whether you’re fixing up a thrifted frame or doing some other clever idea! Congratulations on another beautifully completed project.

  8. Beautiful cross stitch and fabulous box! Congratulations! Now, do you have a post on how you make frames to fit your stitching? Do you resize throwing frames? I’ve got several pieces that are just stuck on a drawer because prof framing is SO expensive! Can you help? Thanks! Jane

  9. Before I read about the stacked batting, I thought it was flour tortilla’s…haha :) Beautiful finish and so clever you use what you have.

  10. I just ordered this same pattern from 123 Stitch and am hoping to put it on a round bread board. Love how you finished yours with the extra padding and ric rack. Making notes to myself for doing this also. Thanks Jo!

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