Cross Stitch Finish: Pet All the Dogs

I am tickled pink to be writing this blog post today. Absolutely tickled! The photos don’t do it justice. In person, it is even better.

I’m so happy I tackled this one. This is a Teresa Kogut design called Pet All The Dogs.

I stitched this on a linen called Boston from Seraphim. It’s 40 count and I used all the called-for colors. This uses a lot of DMC and some fancy floss.

The piece isn’t huge. It’s 15 3/8″ x 8 3/8″. But…don’t think it’s a quick stitch. The house is formidable and there is a lot of dense stitching throughout. It is also classic Teresa Kogut with lots of color changes.

Sorry about the reflection in the photo below. I use AR glass for my pieces. It’s what my framer recommends. It’s not the highest for UV protection but it’s good and it is so clear, in person you can’t tell there is glass on the piece.

I think I am going to be hanging it here…

I bought the primitive shelf thing some time ago, hung it and have been slowly looking for things to put in it. I’m not settled with what is in it but for now, it’s good enough until I find the perfect things.

For now, all I know is that it’s the right size to go above here and isn’t in direct sunlight so that’s good too.

I think I am going to start collecting vintage dog figurines and put them in the cubbies. Wouldn’t that be cute? You all know I love hunting for stuff at thrift and antique stores…hunting for dogs would be perfect!

About the stitching…a blog reader had messaged me while I was stitching this and was concerned about the slight difference in shades of floss while stitching the trees. That initially had me concerned as well…then I decided to just go for it. The pattern in the trees did show up even though there is only a shall difference in the colors. Another hint when stitching the trees. Stitch the light pattern first. Then outline the tree. After that, the rest is easy.

Initially, I started with the dark color, ran out of thread and started stitching the light color right next to it. I was so confused. Then I tried it with the stitching all the light first…so much better!!

Stitching the house took a long time. I took this with whenever I was going somewhere and needed fill in work. It was perfect for that! It went to MANY doctors appointments with me.

About my frame…
It is perfect for it. The brown you see really has tones of red that the camera did not pick up. Then the gold around the outside and side highlights the piece so much. The angel stands out because of it as does the roof of the house. I just love the frame.

The frame was an old antique one I found. I’ve had the frame and almost used it for several other pieces but never did. I put it next to this piece, immediately loved it and didn’t even look at other frames I have. Honestly, I picked out the frame in less than a minute. Normally I’m terrible about picking a frame.

I took it to the framers and just had them do it all. They cut the frame to size, cut the glass, and put it together. It was a total of $67 being I provided the frame. Although I can cut down a frame, for $67 I love having the shop do the work. I can finish small stuff easily but I don’t like finishing the big stuff and messing with getting the piece laced right. $67 is worth the headache.

I do want to show you the back. The depth of the antique frames don’t allow for the piece to sit in the frame flush. I have the glass, the piece, batting, spacers, and backing all in there. It’s thick and sticks out. I’ve told the framer I don’t care if the backing needs to look like this. I want batting behind my stitched piece and the mat board it is laced to.

The back is neat even if it isn’t conventional.

I’m so happy with the piece. Head over heals happy. I still need to put the information on the back. I’m doing that as soon as I sign off from this post. This piece will go to my granddaughter Lucy if she wants it. She put in quite a few stitches on the house. I’m so happy she did!! Those are my favorite stitches in the whole piece!!

20 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Pet All the Dogs”

  1. Do you use a thimble when you see? If so, what kind and how do you wear it? I sew with a leather thimble that has a metal coin embedded. I wear it on the middle finger of my dominant hand with the coin covering the corner of my nail.

  2. Wow Jo…that’s beautiful!
    I think the idea of collecting dogs to put with it is going to be cute.
    I’m sure your granddaughter would love to have this.

  3. I love this and you did a magnificent job! It will look wonderful if you put dogs below in the cubbies. Good work! I’ve been anxiously waiting for you to show this finished piece.

  4. Jo, is their a reason why you wanted batting behind the picture? Is this something you do for all your cross stitch pictures? Love where you have hung it in your house.

  5. I started making this one once I saw you started it ages ago. It’s been sitting for a while but this is so beautiful – I will need to get it back out and push ahead.

  6. It is absolutely beautiful!! The stitching is perfect and the frame is perfect and it looks perfect where you have it hanging. I hope Lucy will want this when she is older. I am sure she remembers stitching it with you.

  7. I understand how you are head over heels with this. You did a phenomenal job. This was not on my to do list, however, after seeing yours, I just might have to do this one after all. Well done!

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Oh, I so love this!! Such a beautiful piece wrapped with the memories of Lucy helping you with the stitching!! What a special piece with the perfect frame and place to put it!! Hunting for vintage dogs for the cubbies will make a perfect wall. I’m sure Lucy will cherish it all her life, but we hope she has to wait many years to get it!

  9. The cross stitch is beautiful! I think what you have in your primitive shelf underneath looks lovely, why change it ? But it’s got nothing to do with me anyway, just my opinion. Ignore.

  10. A beautiful piece, made even more special, thanks to Lucy! I totally agree with you about the frame, it’s just perfect.

  11. Your finished work is beautiful. I really love that feeling when you find the perfect frame for a piece!

  12. What a beautiful piece and wonderful finish! So great that Lucy actually help put stitches in this piece, what a wonderful memory for you and her!

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