Cross Stitch Finish: PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep

I have a finish…well, I think I’m calling it a finish. This is my PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep from With Thy Needle and Thread.

I really liked it…the top that makes it look like a tomato was a little cutesy for my decorating but other than that, I loved it.

I have had it stitched now for quite a while but I just never finished it. I will admit, I’ve never done a drum before and was a little afraid. I watch a video on Youtube from Vonna Pfeiffer the Twisted Stitcher on how to finish a drum. ALL of her videos are awesome. She shows how to finish all sorts of cross-stitch pieces. She’s a master. If you are thinking about finishing your own cross stitch pieces, I highly recommend watching her videos.

One day last week I told myself…it’s time to just get it made into a drum and to quit being afraid of trying. I had bought the velvet for the top that was called for but then set the things out together and I didn’t like it.

The called for is the pinky color at the bottom of the photo. I had picked up some red at the thrift store and I liked that much better. It’s a velveteen and not quite as plus.h..but the color matched much better so I went with it.

I started out by cutting circles. I cut two from sticky board and one from cardboard that was slightly smaller. The circle pattern came in the pattern. If a person stitches the piece on the called-for size of linen, then they can use the pattern for the circle that is provided. If the count of a fabric is changed, the circle that is provided will not work. You can see I also cut a stack of batting circles in graduated layers. I put one giant stitch through them to hold them together.

I pulled the tape off the sticky board and attached the small cardboard piece. This is going to be the bottom and I wanted it sturdy. I cut a circle of fabric, gathered the edges, pulled it tight, and tied a knot. I didn’t for the top piece too only I used the velveteen and put the stack of batting circles on the sticky board.

I folded the edges over, ironed them, and then put in some interfacing. Now I was coming to the part that I felt less confident about.

I stitched up the side. This was harder than most drums because the stitching is designed in a way that it HAS to match up stitch by stitch. You can see in the above picture on the right.

I got that done, took a deep breath, and stitched on the bottom piece. I used that ladder stitch that I told you about in a previous blog post.

Then it was time to fill the drum. I put some poly-fil in the bottom, then some crushed walnuts, and then more poly-fil.

I packed it as tight as I could. Then I started stitching the top down. I would put in a few stitches and then add more poly-fil. More stitches and more poly-fil. It wasn’t hard, I was just new at it and nervous. I had put all the time into the stitching, I didn’t want to do a bad job.

After I had it closed up I took it downstairs and started trying to figure out how to finish the top. I ended up taking the strawberry I made taking it down, adding a gourd pin and three vintage buttons. It isn’t fancy but I’m content with it.

As you can see from the photo, my stitching isn’t perfect at the top. When Kelli is over one day I think I’ll have her help me make some cording and I’ll add some cording around the top. If I never do it, that’s okay but if I do, I might like it just a tad better.

For now, I’m content and SUPER happy with myself for finishing this. Trying something new isn’t the easiest for me so I’m taking it as a victory!!

I won’t be afraid to do one again but I will know to schedule two-three hours of time to finish it. I do think when I do the next one it will go faster as I’ll have a bit more confidence.

I’m so happy, one of the things on my list of cross-stitch goals for 2023 was to learn to finish a drum…DID IT!! I can check that off my list.

Many thanks to Brenda Gervais for the great chart!!

10 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: PA Dutch Tomato Pinkeep”

  1. I think you’ve done a first class job on something that is really pretty! It was tricky and you did an outstanding job of matching the long seam on the side! You should be really proud of yourself!

  2. I love this! At the beginning of your drum stitching I thought “No, I’ll never make a drum.” Seeing how yours finished made me change my mind—it’s really special!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your drum pincushion!! I have always been afraid to make one for the same reasons you had. Also, I love the look of cross stitch but don’t have the patience or the eyesight anymore to do it so mine would need to be miniature patchwork. Kathy Schmidt has some cute ones too that I love. Thanks for the tutorial and you did a great job on matching up the design, which was the most important part.

  4. The drum looks fantastic. It is scary to do something new but worth it to try. I am doing that with my quilting this year. I have just started a quilt project that has been sitting here for a number of years because I was afraid to start as it is very different from my usual projects.

  5. Another project of yours that turned out to be very beautiful! I was surprised to hear that you were nervous about finishing it since you are so good making all the frames and other things you do. Very nice job!

    1. YES…I’m always nervous about and finishing I do that is cross stitch related. I don’t want to ruin my piece and thought of restitching something is no fun!

  6. I agree with the others, Jo, it looks great! I prefer your finish to the tomato finish. Your stitching is really neat.

  7. Gayle in Tennessee

    What a great job! Your stitching looks fine but I think the cording would add something special.

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