Cross Stitch Finish: Little Bird

I finished my Little Bird Stitch along piece!! Happy Dance for me! The piece is called Chubby Bird by Jeannette Douglas. You can find the pattern HERE.

The original was finished as a circle finish in a tart pan, which I did for the companion piece Chubby Bunny but I stitched a little too close to the edge of the fabric and had to come up with something different. I ended up going to my “frame shop” down in the basement.

When I go thrifting I look for frames for finishing cross stitch pieces. This one happened to be 25 cents. I really liked it as it had a way for the piece to stand. After I took the picture and glass out, I threw them away and kept the cardboard. I’d use that for finishing.

I know some people will gasp at the idea of finishing something with products that aren’t acid free. Me, I don’t care if they are small pieces like this. For my big pieces, I care.

I got the ruler out and had to do some careful measuring. The opening of this frame was 3.5″. My stitched piece was about 3 1/8″.

Yes, what I had in mind would work. I ironed my piece. Then I prepped the cardboard backing and a piece of quilt batting by cutting them to size and hot gluing them together.

Then I laced the piece and tested it for size. Yep. It was what I had in mind.

I went to my sewing room and found a piece of fabric that looked good with the browns/greens in the stitched piece. I hot glued it around a piece of cardboard that was cut to size.

I like the fabric…the frame…well, it needed some roughing up for my primitive taste. I sanded it so some of the raw wood would show.

I assembled it and put the glazier points in on the back to hold it all together.

Then I hot glued the stitched piece in place. Oh, it was just what I had imagined. PERFECT!!

I really like how it stands.

Here it is in my living room with two of the stitch-along pieces from last year. So cute.

I enjoy having stitched pieces out and especially enjoy versatile pieces like this one. It can be out all year long. I’m guessing it will move and rotate where it’s displayed. For now, it’s here but I’m thinking it’s going to move to the dough bowl the next time I change it out.

I’ve done Chubby Bunny and now Chubby Bird. I still need to do Chubby Fox. I can’t decide if I want to do that one right now or wait until Fall. We’ll see. I do know I’ll get him stitched though. Like these, they are too cute not to.

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Little Bird”

  1. Kathy Henderson

    I love how you finished this!! I completed the stitching on Chubby Fox, but I haven’t framed it yet. I was thinking of doing it in a round frame, but now I might do a square one seeing how yours turned out so nicely! Would you be able to show how you deal with the fabric bulk in the corners when you wrap the linen around the cardboard? I’ve only framed one and I had a terrible time with the corners – I ended up cutting out some of the bulk so I could get the back of the frame on. Thanks!!

  2. Barbara Firesheets

    Another great finish! Enjoyed seeing how this piece came together. It looks like it has always been part of your collection. LOVE the green fabric background. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your process.

  3. I really like your finish of this piece – really cute! Such a clever idea of gluing it onto a covered piece of cardboard. Thanks again for sharing your creativity!

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