Cross Stitch Finish: Kind Words Never Die

I finished our stitch along piece and I’m in love with it. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that initially Liz suggested this piece and it wasn’t at the top of my list…but it was okay. Now I’m in love. I think my initial thoughts were due to the poor photography on the front cover of the chart.

Once stitched up I really liked it.

Once finished…I was in love.

I love the variety the circle piece provides and I love the look and colors. There is nothing I don’t like about this piece!

I bought this framed piece from Dollar General for $3 to finish it with. I plan to go back and try to get a few more. It worked so well and I think our next stitch along might fit nicely in one of the frames as well.

I started out by scoring the inside of the frame and pulling out the inner design.

I have all dark wood in my house so I took some Restor a Finish and rubbed it on the frame to darken it up.

While that was drying I started prepping my piece.

At the iron I put interfacing on the back of my stitched piece. Then I roughly rounded the corners.

I took my Bigger Perfect Circles pack and found a circle that would fit into my frame. I traced it onto sticky board and cut it out.

I recently bought a Bigger Perfect Circles pack. I have been enjoying them a lot. I thought they would be great for finishing cross stitch projects like this or for making drums. So far, they have been great! You can find them HERE on Amazon. I ended up buying the smaller pack too. You can find them HERE. Many thanks to the blog reader who sent me a gift card. This is what I purchased!! THANKS!!

I took batting my Bigger Perfect Circle pack and traced and cut out graduating circles from batting. Then I did one big stitch with needle and thread to hold them all together and to make the stack easier to work with. I pulled off the paper from the sticky board and adhered the stack of circles.

Then I did a gathering stitch around the edge and started pulling it up.

Before it was closed, I popped in the sticky board with batting. I pulled that up tight and worked to ease any lumps and bumps. I forgot to take another picture but I spider web stitched the back up so everything was tight and smooth.

Next up, I carefully hot-glued some pompom trim to the edge.

Oh…I was so pleased with this. Then I went to put it into the frame. (*bad word*) The piece didn’t fit. AHHHHHHH~~~~

I forgot to test and see if the STICKY BOARD, after it was cut, would fit in the frame. AHHHH!!!!! I tried to wedge it in. NO LUCK. It was so close to fitting. I think I cut on the outside of the line I traced on the sticky board and not the inside. Just the fraction of an inch and it wouldn’t fit. Oh, I was frustrated. I would have to rip it all apart. But that would be a mess. I already put hot glue on the piece.

Wait. I think it would be okay if I just mounted it on the piece on the outside. Yep. That’s what I was going to do.

It’s just fine. No problem. I like it. Whew. Disaster averted.

YEP…not a problem at all. I like it. I like it a lot!

The pompom trim is perfect.

Mark this piece as a success. I really hope there are more of these frames at Dollar General the next time I go. They make a really cute finish and the size is perfect. I’m doing the happy dance for this finish…and I’m off to go find some more of this pompom. I sure wish I could remember where I got it..and what company made it.

The next stitch-along will start on March 1st. I can’t wait…It will be more fun pieces.

13 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Kind Words Never Die”

  1. As always, a lovely finished project. I’ve found with the stacked wadding circles putting another largest circle on the top will gives a smoother finish, or stacking them smallest at the bottom to biggest at the top works too.

  2. Beautiful!! The frame was perfect even if you didn’t put it inside. It looks so nice especially seeing it among your other pieces.

  3. Cindy Wienstroer

    Very nice – guess I need t0 buy the pattern. I also really like the small wool basket piece with flower buttons.

  4. Hi Jo, the trim is probably made by Lady Dot Creates. It comes in so many different colors and different types of trim. It’s where I order mine from, most cross stitch shops carry these trims too. Your cross stitch project is precious. Hugs,

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