Cross Stitch Finish: Joy to the World

I have a cross stitch finish! I’m so happy. I’ve had this chart since 2016 or so…I just never stitched it. I always wanted to but something else jumped in line before it. Then I started doing the “stitch a Christmas or Winter piece on the 25th of each month” commitment and since then, I have been able to stitch it and now fully finish it! YAHOO!! I love the 25th of the month stitching so much!

This piece is from Lizzie Kate. Here is the original picture from the chart. The piece comes as a kit. You can find it HERE. I didn’t use the linen that came with it. Instead, I used a piece of leftover 40-count Shrekie’s Tan from Needlebling Designs. I like the linen.

I did change up the two green colors…for the goldy green I used Bullfrog and for the dark green I used Cucumber. I also changed the peach-colored snowflakes to the color Chablis.

I had a thrift store frame…I think I paid $2 for it. When I originally bought it my plan was to paint it. That didn’t happen. I ended up liking the gold frame for a Christmas piece.

My least favorite part of framing things from thrifted frames is taking it all apart. I highly recommend a needle-nosed plier for it.

Oh…Yes, I really liked this frame. I decided that I liked the width so that meant I’d only have to do two cuts with the chop saw.

Here the frame is all together. YES. That’s a great look for a Christmas piece.

I had a blog reader ask if I finish off the backs of my projects nicely. I do. I typically use brown paper. I’ve learned that I apply the glue (Elmer’s) to the back of frame and flip it over onto a piece I roughly but larger than the frame.

Then I take my rotary cutter and cut the excess off. This works for me. I always put a hanger on the back too. That needle nose plier comes in handy again as I use it to hold the tiny nails.

Sadly my piece is all packed away in the Christmas box. You can bet I’m going to have a HUGE smile on my face this year when I open the box and start decorating for Christmas. At my house that happens the weekend after Thanksgiving. I don’t do a lot of decorating but these two pieces will surely be welcomed!!

I’ve gotten, now that I can frame things myself, to really like little pieces like these framed vs being made into pillows. That’s just me. If that changes, I can always take them apart and make them into pillows. For now, this suits me. I still put small frames in my displays vs hanging them on the wall. It’s all a matter of preference. Nothing is right or wrong.

I still haven’t pulled out my next Christmas stitch. The 25th is tomorrow so I better get at it!!

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Joy to the World”

  1. I always love your framing. I especially admire your bravery in repurposing and cutting down old frames. One tip I picked up along the way is to spritz your kraft paper backing lightly with water after it is glued on your piece. When it dries it really tightens up and looks really nice. I’ve only framed a few pieces myself, but this has worked well. Thanks for your blog and sharing your talent with us!

    1. Yes – dampening the kraft paper backing makes all the difference for a professional finish. If spritzing makes you nervous, just a wipe over the paper with a damp cloth will work also. After everything is dry and tight the sawtooth hanger is applied over the paper – no need to trim the paper to fit around the hanger.

  2. Love this cross stitch! Haven’t heard much about your puppies and fosters lately. I am a dog mom wanna be….we had an Aussie and hubby says no more dogs. . So I have to get my puppy fix reading about yours or at my daughters house. Ha!
    I know you bloggers don’t like it when we don’t comment so. I was able to have coffee with my only daughter last Friday! Such a treat! She had the day off! We were so stupid….we could have even gone out for lunch! And spent the afternoon together bumming. Boohoo. They Guys are were finishing up the corn harvest and didn’t need me except for a sandwich .
    Well, have a good day! Love your blog and read it everyday!

  3. Would love for you to do a YouTube video on how you cut down the frames to fit your pieces. I’d love to learn!

  4. This piece turned out very nicely. I like how the frame accents the zig-zag line one the bottom. A tip I picked up with framing is to flip the frame over and gently buff along the edge with a piece of sand paper. Gives a nice clean finish. But I’ll have to try your method next time.

  5. Dear Jo, I love this piece and the gold frame really sets its off. I may have to try it, although I don’t usually like pieces with writing in them. I think I would hang it up and leave it all year long. You always have such great pieces. Stitching it on the 25th would be a great idea to finish it also. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  6. Great finish, Jo….the gold frame looks great, and was the perfect choice. When I first did cross stitch back in the early 80’s, there was a little frame shop near our house where you could go and make your own frames. There was someone to cut the selected frame strips, and take that to a workstation that had everything you needed to complete the frame, including the foam core for mounting. It was so much fun, and substantially less expensive than having them frame it for you (which they would do if that was your preference). Now that I am getting back into cross stitch, I wish that little shop was still around!!!

  7. Did anyone else start singing “Joy to the World” while reading about Jo’s project? 78* and breezy here and I’m singing Christmas carols! Why not? Thanks for lifting my spirits, Jo. Kris
    PS: The gold frame is perfect for this piece. I’m just about ready to try some framing myself. No chop saw here, but I think there is a miter box in the shop!

  8. Jo I love your finish, you do such a great job. And thanks for sharing.
    My brother called me to see if I wanted any peony plants, of course I said yes. As it turns out it was plants from over 25 years ago that he got from my neighbor when we lived in town. I took enough to plant 4 hills as I didn’t want to get carried away they are the large double red flowers.
    Today I had my second cataract surgery and taking it somewhat easy.
    Need to get the windows washed after such a dry and dirty summer. Change is a coming!

  9. Another great finish! The frame is perfect for it. You do a great job of cutting frames to work for you. You will certainly enjoy getting that decoration out in another month to enjoy. I’m a believer in having some Christmas around all year.

  10. Yes – another GREAT finish!!! If you can’t find the brown paper your local butcher shop might be a good place to start. Also, look forward to a ‘cut down the frame’ you tube — esp after spending a HUGE amt of $ at a frame shop…………..UGH.

  11. They came out so Awesome! Love these two pieces! You always do a great job framing! It should make you feel good when you do and you save a ton of money! Can’t wait to see them in your dough bowl or wherever you decide to put them!

  12. Jo, that looks really good! I stitched that one and the companion piece a couple of years ago but haven’t been able to decide how to FFO them. So, they’re just sitting in my big box of finishes to do.

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