Cross Stitch Finish: Home Sweet Home

I finished up my stitch-along piece Home Sweet Home by Little House Needleworks. This was a stitch along many of us have been working on over the last month and a half.

I’ve really been into finishing many of my things in small frames vs pillows. It’s just a thing I have. I always figure I could easily add a small frame to a dough bowl OR I can hang it OR I can set it out like I am in the photo above. I feel like framing gives me more options.

I take old frames and cut them down to fit my pieces. That was my plan on this day too. I had the worst luck.

I started out with ironing and measuring the size of frame I wanted.

I made a frame and had a miscut and then the frame ended up too small…UGH

I ended up pulling a really beat-up old frame from my basement. I paid $1 for it. My original thought was that I would have to paint it but then realized that the size I needed was small enough that I could avoid the places where the finish had come off the frame.

I made the frame but drat. It was too tall. I went back to the chop saw with new measurements and tried again. I’m new at this and they don’t turn out perfect every time.

I put on some Restor a Finish in Dark Oak color way.

Awe…much better! I LOVED it. The blackish color in the frame looked great with that basket.

Next up, measure the size and cut a piece of sticky board.

I cut a piece of batting the same size and then adhered it to the sticky board.

Next, time to trim my stitched piece. I trimmed it to 1 1/2″ from the stitching.

Then I laced it.

Next, I cut down a piece of glass. I didn’t use a special glass on this. It’s a small piece and not a family heirloom so I wasn’t picky. I was just going the frugal route. Then I put Glaser points in.

Then I put the nail holder on…

Then it was time for brown paper to give the back a cleaned-up look…and the index card with the info about the stitching.

I flipped it over to check it out…AH, I liked it.

This is the finished piece. I was happy with it. The funny coloring in the right upper corner is just my camera. It’s all good.

For the record, if you want to stitch this, the colors have changed since the chart was published. I used Moss for the green and I used Manor Red for the red part of the flowers. Everything else was the called for colors.

I’m very happy with this piece. I’m sorry the green and red colors were frustrating for a few of you. It’s hard with older charts. I’ve gotten so I buy the threads when a pattern comes out and put the floss with the chart if I know I am absolutely sure I am going to stitch the pieces to try it avoid some of these troubles if I stitch a few years down the road.

I love this piece because it’s so classic. It looks great in my house the way I framed it. It fits in with all of my antiques and older stuff. I’ve been moving it all around the house trying to find the perfect place. To be honest, there hasn’t been a place that it didn’t look pretty. I’m so glad I stitched this one!

These are all of the things I used to put my cross-stitch piece together. If links to find them are available I have added them.

Chop saw
Frame Clamp
Wood Glue
Sticky Board
Glass Cutter
Glaser Point Tool
Sawtooth Picture Hangers
Brown Paper
Index Card Holder
Restor a Finish

32 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Home Sweet Home”

  1. Your collection of cross stitch pieces are beautiful. I love that you cut down frames that you find thrifting. Awesome job!

  2. You are an amazing craft person. I really admire your work and skills in all that you do.
    Did you get my box?

  3. Beautiful job, Jo. I admire someone who take an old frame and make something new out of it! I was going to mention putting the date on the back but it was already mentioned. Great minds.
    Love and prayers

  4. Jo, thank you for this great information for framing your picture! I’m planning to use a stock 5”x7” frame for a simple wedding name, date, etc pic, but I may need to get some glazing pieces.

  5. I love this piece and it will go anywhere in your home.
    Jo, I have looked everywhere on your blog for the names and addresses of quilters who finish quilts. Please show me where to go via a short email. Thanks

  6. Ginny Andersen

    Beautiful finish! Could you give a pattern source for the “When we do what we can…” stitch. I really like that. Love your style!

    1. That is a Lizzy Kate pattern. 123 Stitch online would be the only place to get it unless you find it on a secondary market. It was billed as an “Inspirational Boxer”.

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I love that your put the info on the back of the frames! What about adding the year you finished the piece to that info? I have a dickens of a time remembering what year I finished a quilt if I don’t put that information on the label! Love your cross stitching!

  8. I am a newer cross stitcher. Just curious, do you put some kind of spacers between the frame’s glass and your stitched piece so the stitches don’t get smooshed against the glass? Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi Jo, great finish! I so admire how you are able to cut down old frames. Any thoughts of a video tutorial of you doing a frame finish? I bought a frame at the thrift store but it’s too big for my More Chocolate Bunnies by HOD but I have no idea how to make it work.

  10. The stitched piece looks beautiful in the frame. When you frame your cross stitch and put in glass, do you put a spacer between the glass and the stitching?

  11. Is there a way to post a screen shot in the comments. It seems like I get a garbled mess when I try to open about half of your posts. Today I got an email with three different posts. This was the only one that opened properly. I’ve gone directly to your website and have the same problem.

    1. I’m so sorry this is happening Kathy. We had it fixed and now it’s back. We’re muddling along and trying. I’m hoping it’s fixed next week. Of course tech support isn’t open on the weekends.

    1. Nope…I never do. I use fancy variegated floss and it isn’t color fast. I also have seen no need. My pieces aren’t “dirty”.

  12. You did an amazing job on both the frame and the crossstitch! My only suggestion is that you should date it on the back with at least the year noted. Your finishes deserve to be passed down to many future generations and it’s always fun to see when they were created!

  13. The mombo jumbo is back. I’m on the website and this is the only readable post for the 30th. Your “Help Me” one and the “Family Friday” are all coded again. I’m glad uou shoulder how you finished this piece. I’ve never tried lacing my pieces but I think I could do it now.

  14. Jo this is a lovely finish framed piece. I have so many pieces that need framed, I need to get the supplies and give it a try. I love little framed pieces. I think that the patterns are more dominant being more simple, a larger samplers there are so many objects to focus on. I would love a tutorial on how you measure and cut a recycled frame. Pamela A/PA

  15. Elizabeth Sawyer

    Jo do you wash or rinse your cross stitch pieces before you frame them? Also, what are the spacers you put between the piece and the glass. Craft store or Hardware store?

    1. I NEVER wash or rinse my projects. I make sure my hands are clean when I stitch and I never use pure white linen so I have no problems.

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