Cross Stitch Finish: Goodness and Plenty

Back in July Sherri of the flosstube channel Colorado Cross Stitcher hosted a Summer Cross Stitch Camp. It’s an informal stitch along with no real rules except that you had to stitch a project that had something living on it. I had it in my mind to stitch something Fallish so that would give me a jumpstart on having some new fall decorations.

I had a great Fall pattern called Goodness and Plenty. It’s a pattern by Plum Street Samplers. All three pieces come in one pattern. For a couple of years, I had seen cross-stitchers show off their finished versions on Instagram and I really wanted to have a set for my own.

Well, the only way to get a set is to stitch and finish a set.

So when July rolled around I decided to start stitching the piece with the crow. After all a crow is a living thing and would meet the requirement for the stitch along. I finished that one in July and later in the following months, I finished the other two pieces. I believe I stitched all of mine on a leftover piece of Heartland by Picture This Plus.

All of these stitched up fairly quickly. I worked on many of them on nights I didn’t have a lot of time to stitch during or on days when I had grandkids here.

Here the pieces are on display in the living room…cute, right!! I love it and am so glad I stitched them.

I did take some photos along the way as I was stitching them.

I used an interfacing for making my cross stitch pillows. I put it on the back side of the front and back pieces. I never remember the number or name of the interfacing so I just go to the store and ask for the kind of interfacing that is used to make T-shirt quilts.

After the pieces are trimmed and have interfacing, I put them right sides together and sew around the edge. If you notice, I did not sew in straight lines. This is on purpose. This will prevent the pillow from having pointy “batman ear” corners. At the corners I just curve in a little bit. It might sound scary to do but trust me. It’s all good.

After the corners are clipped, I turn the piece right side out. I use the tool you see to press out the seams. HERE is the link for the one I use. I put just a tiny bit of poly-fil stuffing in the corners and the rest I fill with crushed walnut shells. I get mine HERE. (I’ve yet to find a place that consistently handles these so I always order them.

I used a ladder stitch to close up the pillows. You can see how I do that in THIS blog post.

I typically don’t use a lot of trim on my pillows. I typically prefer them plain but for some reason, these seemed really plain so I dug through my trims to see if I could find something I liked. I get my trim from Purple Paper Mountain on Etsy. You can find her HERE. The trim is only $1.50 per card. If you order $30 I think it’s 20% off and if you order over $35, I think it’s free shipping. Don’t quote me on all that. All I really know is that she has some really good deals.

I ended up finding a dark red trim the same color as the outline on the piece. It was perfect. I found a matching thread and hand-sewed it on.

I was very happy with the look..not gaudy but just a little extra dressing up. PERFECT. I did that with all three pillows.

I had found a wooden bowl some time ago and restained it. I didn’t have a specific purpose for it and now, it finally has one…to hold these. This is my coffee table/blanket box in the living room. SO CUTE!! I’ve always wanted something like this. Fingers crossed my dog Izzy will leave it alone.

Here each piece is individually.

I tallied up the Fall stitching I did this year of small pieces. I have these three…

I also have the piece you see below.

I also finished the Alphabet Sampler you see in the picture below. I’m so pleased with my Fall decor and the cross stitch that is in it.

I already have a goal for my next year Fall stitching. I want to do the Blackbird Designs Fall drums. It’s the three in this picture from the Stitchery Nook. These will be great to add!! I love all three of them and can’t wait to stitch them up. I’ll likely work them into Colorado Cross Stitcher’s Summer Camp for 2024!! So fun!!

I’m so happy to have these three done!! I just love having little small finishes all around the house. It’s a little thing that makes my heart happy.

12 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: Goodness and Plenty”

  1. Love your decorations and I thoroughly enjoy seeing the linens peeking out underneath as well! Thanks for the tips for making the little pillows, especially the corners.

  2. I would love to try to make pillows sometime for decorations for seasons! And that little hedgehog – oh my gosh – it is so cute! Do you remember where you got it?
    Love and prayers

  3. Dear Jo, I have a greater appreciation of Deborah Harry and her bags. I finally finished the Blessings stitch along we did last summer by putting it on the front of a messenger bag and making the bag. It turned out real nice, but was a lot of work. I always enjoy all your stitches and finishes. Blessings, Helen Hewell

  4. Jo… thanks so much for your way of doing the corners on these little pillows. I now do mine this way and they turn out SO MUCH BETTER!!

  5. Again, great finishes!! I really like them in that bowl and I really love your display in the long dough bowl – very lovely!!

  6. Jo, I love how you decorate with your little finishes. Thanks for the curved stitching idea on the pillows. I’ve got several little pillows to make but have put it off because mine always had ears. Such a simple idea but a great finish.

  7. Years ago I watched Kaye Woods (remember her?) sew up some pillows. She would stop sewing just before the corner, turn on the diagonal, make a stitch or two across the corner, turn, continue on with the seam. Similar to your corner curve. If her pillow form was say 4” x 4” she would cut her fabric exactly that size. No added in seam allowance. The pillowcase was then firm and tight to the form.

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