Cross Stitch Finish: God Shed His Grace

I have another cross stitch finish and most exciting, it’s a patriotic piece. I am so lacking patriotic and Spring small cross stitch pieces. SO LACKING!! I like to have more than can fill a dough bowl and currently, I don’t have that so I better keep stitching.

In the meantime, I am going to celebrate this finish of God Shed His Grace by Asbury Echoes on Etsy. You can find the pattern HERE. They currently aren’t available in shops so if you want it, you have to buy it through Etsy.

It’s so perfectly prim and cute!! I like prim but not over-the-top prim. For me, this is perfect.

For some of you, the red color might be a little “tomatoey” or “orangie”. I thought about changing it but ended up really liking it in the end.

Here’s how I put the piece together…

I started out by picking some fabric. I had decided that after previewing some other options, I wanted to make a pillow. I thought about doing a simple pillow, extra fabric, or trim but in the end, trim and fabric won out.

The rick rack is from Lady Dot Creates. When I add fabric to cross-stitch pieces when making a pillow, I always cut the fabric wider than I initially think I want it.

I sandwiched the rick rack between the stitched piece and the fabric then sewed the seam. That way it doesn’t look like rick rack and instead looks more like a decorative scallop. I roughly started the rick rack on the same spot on each side so that the scallops would be lined up on each side. I pressed the seam towards the stiched piece so that the scallops would lay towards the fabric.

Then I trimmed the piece to the size I wanted and put interfacing on the back of both pieces.

Before I sewed the seam around the outside of the pillow, I put a slit in the backing so that I could use that to turn the piece right side out later on.

I always cut the backing piece a little bigger than the stitched piece. I sewed all the around the outside, clipped the corners and turned the piece right side out using the slit I previously cut.

I stuffed it using a tiny bit of fiberfill and then used crushed walnut shells for the rest. Then I whip-stitched the opening closed. I put some fusible behind two small scrap of fabric, ironed them to the pillow and then whip-stitched them down.

Here is how the back ended up looking.

Cute…but I felt like it needed some decor.

This is what I came up with…some buttons on a string, a rusty safety pin, and a star charm. Perfect!!

Sadly I am not displaying it yet. May is just around the corner and I’ll decorate with patriotic when Memorial Day get closer. Owww…do you think I have time to get another patriotic piece stitched? I hope so.

In the meantime, this went in the box with the other patriotic goodies.

These four things were all made in the last nine months so. Last year I had ZERO patriotic things. I guess I just need to keep stitching and maybe I’ll have another to add to the bunch before Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the 4th of July get here!!

I’m off to pick a patriotic chart!!

14 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Finish: God Shed His Grace”

  1. Very pretty! I also spied one with an eagle…could you remind us where you got that one? Thanks!
    Love and prayers

  2. Pat in Michigan

    Such a cute finish on the patriotic pillow. I love the collection of pieces you are making for the holidays. Is there a pattern for the small flag pillow?

  3. That’s a really cute finish! It will look terrific in the dough bowl along with the others. You are so creative!

  4. Another very cute finish! I always like all the cute embellishments you seem to have to give the finishes the perfect touch.

  5. I love how you explained how you made the pillow and your thinking as you were doing it. I find that very helpful. Gorgeous work all around.

  6. Love your growing collection of patriotic. I am confident you can get another one done quickly to display this year!

  7. I keep my patriotic things out May-Labor Day. I’m almost a 4th of July birthday so I’m crazy for red white and blue !

  8. I am so TEMPTED to follow your lead to do counted cross stitch! I embroider for the pure escape that following a stamped pattern provides. But Jo, you really do inspire! Lovely finish and awesome directions!

  9. Kathryn Loncle

    Hi Jo, I love how this design turned out, especially your finish. I did one of her Valentine’s Day designs after seeing it in your blog, the ” Please Be Mine Sweet Valentine” one. Lots of fun.

  10. You will be set for celebrating the 4th of July with such pretty things for your bowl. You finish your pieces in such nice ways!

  11. That’s really nice and I think the brighter colors and rick rack add a needed brightness to the collection of more antique looking patriotic pieces.

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